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Painters do more than just apply wall color. Depending on the role, painters might be charged with painting anything to infrastructure, like a bridge, to the exterior of a building to creating custom decorative finishes in private homes.

Painters typically do not require any formal education; they learn their trade on the job. To be shortlisted for the role you want, it’s critical to create a strong resume that will grab the attention of recruiters. Our painter resume example will show you how to highlight your strongest skills and accomplishments to land the job you want.


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What is a Painter ?

Painters commonly prepare, protect and decorate surfaces, both interior and exterior, and apply paint and coating systems to them. They prep surfaces for paint by scraping or removing wallpaper, and determine what materials have to be used for the process. They are commonly employed by building-finishing contractors, construction managers, residential building construction companies, and by departments of buildings and other establishments.

There are trades and skills that painters may choose to learn, like safety training, registering for a fully accredited apprenticeship program and similar courses.

What Makes This a Great
Painter Resume Example?

Our resume examples are written by a team of certified resume writers, who are proficient in crafting strong resumes that grab a recruiter’s attention. Our painter resume examples shows you how to write a compelling document that will help get you noticed. Here’s how:

  • Well-written content: Hiring managers often get dozens of resumes for a single role, which leaves them only moments to scan your resume for keywords specific to the job description. The resume example above utilizes relevant keywords like “historic residences,” “color matching” and “paint restoration” to show off her specialized skills and experience. The document also highlights the applicant’s soft skills, including team building and communication to show she is a well-rounded candidate. For even more assistance, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest pre-written content for your painter resume to help save you time.
  • Appropriate format choice: Choosing the right resume format is crucial to highlighting your strengths and capabilities. For highly experienced applicants, employers will give more consideration to your work history and skills as a painter over your formal education. The resume example mentioned above uses a chronological resume format that lists the work experience first, followed by skills and education, to emphasize the applicant’s strong work history. However, for a first-time job applicant, the functional resume format can compensate for the lack of experience by focusing on transferable skills from school or previous jobs.
  • Selecting the right template: Even with the right skills and vast experience as a painter, your chances of being selected for a role may be reduced if you choose the wrong resume template. Our painter Resume Examples, like the one above, show you the right templates to select. The ample white space and muted colors show a hint of personality, while keeping it easy to read.

3 Painter Professional Summary Examples

Painters must write a professional summary that highlights their skills, training and experience for recruiters to shortlist them. You can refer to our painter resume example, which will show you the right way to write a professional summary for your painter resume. Here are three examples of professional summaries to consider:

  1. Passionate painter with a keen eye for detail. More than five years of experience in painting private homes. Adept at handling jobs of all sizes on time and on budget.
  2. Detail-oriented painter with three years of work experience in residential and corporate environments. Strong collaboration, customer service and communication skills ensure client input is received and incorporated. Conduct timely follow-ups with customers to ensure 100% satisfaction with the job execution.
  3. Professional painter with a reputation for executing high-quality work. Received the highest possible customer satisfaction rating in a company survey. Four years of experience in painting residential and commercial buildings using a variety of materials and techniques.

3 Painter Work Experience Examples

When writing your work experience section, use our examples as a blueprint for how to convey your talent and experience effectively. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest pre-written bullet points to help you fill out this critical section. Here are three examples of strong bullet points you might use in the work experience section of your painter resume:

  1. Worked closely with customers and advised them on the selection of color schemes and choice of wall coverings as needed.
  2. Scrutinized the interior and exterior building surfaces to pick the right procedure and technique to be used to achieve the client’s desired outcome.
  3. Worked under strict deadlines. Successfully completed projects on schedule through the use of production schedules and regular check-ins with the painting team.

Top Skills for Your Painter Resume

When applying for the job of a painter, it is vital to include your core strength, skills and experience. With our painter resume example, you’ll see which critical credentials are most sought after by recruiters. Here are some skills you might consider:

Hard Skills

  • Expertise with a variety of paints, tools and types of equipment 
  • Knowledge of safety measures
  • Physical strength and dexterity
  • Assists in layout and measurement of installation materials

Soft Skills

  • Attention-to-detail
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Time management
  • Cost control

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Painter FAQs

How do you become a house painter?

There are no specific educational qualifications for a painter. A house painter should be a minimum of 18-years of age with good physical stamina. You can start as a helper for a house painter and gradually hone your skills. Also, enrolling in a technical school will help you get acquainted with the usage of tools and equipment, different types of paints, reading a blueprint, and preparation with safety measures. Technical schools offer apprenticeships that span across three to four years.

How do you include work experience on a painter resume?

Read our painter resume example to learn how to best highlight your achievements on a resume. In addition to your training and work experience, be sure to mention your client list and positive reviews. Include your experience with enforcing safety measures, performing worksite management and facilitating smooth communication with clients. It helps if you have data and figures to prove your experience and achievements. For instance, you can mention how the company benefited from your efforts to minimize project costs.

Does a house painter require licensing and certifications?

You can choose to be a contractor through apprenticeships or become a licensed house painter. The licensing guidelines vary across the state. You can enhance your industry knowledge and skills through certifications offered by the Society for Protective Coatings or the NACE International Institute. There’s a lead-safety certification offered by the Environmental Protection Agency for painters and contractors for houses, preschool and childcare facilities. This certification is essential, especially when renovating older structures that once used lead paint.