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If you are looking for a resume layout that gets the point across in an efficient manner and focuses on your highlights, the following generic resume template may be the perfect one for your needs. As the example demonstrates, this format is a no-frills way to show the hiring manager you are a highly qualified candidate.

This style allows you to include your professional summary, skills and qualifications, work experience, and education without having to add any fluff. Use the generic resume template as a guide to creating your own customized document.

Tips for Personalizing Your Generic Resume Template

In this job market, it is important you stand out to hiring managers. They want to know that not only do you have the skills the position calls for, but that you would also be able to add value to the company. Using the tips in the generic resume template, create a document that is sure to woo and impress.

  1. Start your resume with an effective professional summary. This is a concise statement of three to four lines. Make sure you address a few major skills, your functional or professional title, your overall contribution, and some valuable soft skills.
  2. Use specific keywords found in the job description. The majority of Fortune 500 companies, and many smaller-sized organizations, employ applicant tracking systems (ATS), which screen resumes for keywords. If your document does not contain these words or phrases, you will more than likely be screened out before an actual person looks at your resume.
  3. In the work experience section, make sure to list accomplishments in an engaging way. These statements should start with a strong action verb, such as “directed,” “managed,” or “monitored.” Then, describe the action and the results using quantifiable metrics when possible.
  4. Make the education section easy and quick to read. If your education experience was a while ago, you do not need to include graduation dates, just the degree and school. This is also the section to include professional certifications and trainings.
  5. Use bullet points to focus the reader’s attention. Bullets should be used in the skills and work experience sections. Listing in this form helps keep the information concise and easy to scan.
  6. Edit your document. You may be the most educated and accomplished applicant who crosses their desks, but if you have misspelled words, grammatical errors, or misused words, you will not be taken seriously. Spellcheck helps, but it is not foolproof. Carefully read through your completed resume before submitting it.
Generic Resume Template

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