Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -
Professional Summary
I am a the VP of Client Services in our travel nurse division. We are the largest travel nurse company in the nation providing expertise and trusted clinicians to over 6000 facilities nation wide. I have experience with extensive operations, sales and executive management within all levels of the staffing industry, currently managing a highly tenured and successful team in our AMN travel nurse group. "Jessica is a consummate professional in her sector and is known for exceeding customer expectations. She is very resourceful and highly networked." Slade Crabtree, Owner, Slade Crabtree & Associates, was with another company when working with Jessica at AMN Healthcare I've worked with Jessica for over 3 years and have always been impressed with her work and her leadership. From very small implementations to large complex engagements Jessica plays a critical role in listening to the client, designing a solution and working with the implementation team to roll out change management, training and education, business process improvement, and ensure overall client satisfactions. Jessica's calm professional demeanor endears her to the client and the teams she works with. Jessica's blend of business acumen, sales, business operations experience, and deep commitment to providing the highest level of quality to our clients make her a joy to work with. Jessica is an asset to any company and I am grateful she works with mine." A results driven manager that had the trust of her employees. Trust that was earned by being steadfast in who she is in her professional life as well as her personal life. Jessica leads by example, never compromising the values that she holds true to herself, with her staff, clients, friends, or family. Jessica is one of those outstanding people that makes you a better person having known her, as is the case for me." Don Volante, General Manager Digital People, Pro Staff, worked with Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica is an outstanding leader and colleague. While working with Jessica at Pro Staff, I was frequently impressed by her innate ability to build credibility with prospects, customers, and her staff quickly. She has a personable leadership style that enables her to solve challenges through strong collaboration with her peers and her direct reports. I only knew Jessica while she worked within the staffing environment however I believe Jessica would be highly effective in general business management for many industries. Jessica worked on some very large accounts which has afforded her a well rounded business acumen and market intelligence. Jamie Candee" Jamie Post Candee, HR Consulting Manager, Pro Staff, worked with Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica is a phenomenal manager who truly understands the importance of nurturing the career of her employees and how it creates a win/win situation for everyone. She's an excellent motivator and challenges you to use your strengths. Jessica is by far one of the top managers I've worked for." Cynthia Wilson, Account Executive, Robert Half International, reported to Jessica at Pro Staff There is not enough space to adequately explain what an extraordinary person and business woman Jessica is. I've had the blessing and pleasure of knowing Jessica for 12 years and was impressed with her from day one. She is extremely talented as a manager, a salesperson and a mentor while somehow finding a way to still be a great wife and mother. She doesn't leave a room without knowing somebody new and her performance is impeccable as can be seen by her history. Everyone wants to know her and everyone wants to learn from her because you know you will succeed if you have Jessica in your corner!" Melissa Simpkins, Unemployment Specialist, Pro Staff, worked with Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica is a dynamic, motivator of people. She is driven and is an awesome presenter. I reported to Jessica directly and indirectly for 2 yrs. During the 2 yrs of working with Jessica she would consistantly encourarged me to keep calling and knocking on doors and the results would come. New to the Staffing Industry, she was my mentor and would share with me her tried and try approaches to earning business. Under Jessica's leadership my first year in the field I was named DFW Rookie of the year. Jessica is a leader and is a valuable key player to any organization she partners with." Irene Hammond, Business Development Manager, ProStaff, reported to Jessica at Pro Staff I had the chance to work with Jessica for ~4 yrs, in both direct and indirect reporting capacities. Jessica is a phenomenal Leader that holds the ability to motivate and inspire her teams not only through her words, but more importantly through her actions. Her charismatic leadership style is infectious, and resonates throughout any environment she may be. Jessica played a significant part in inspiring my own personal growth at Pro Staff, and I would not be where I am today if it were not for her years of guidance and leadership. Jessica will be always be the expert at what she does, and she will always be someone that sets the bar for success. She is a great mentor, and friend." Joshua Smith, Managing Director, Pro Staff, reported to Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica Claire is a joy to work with. Her passion for what she does is amazing and she inspires all who work with her. She is also a book of knowledge when it comes to trends and best practices within the professional staffing industry. Her business acumen and professional demeanor mixed with her bright personality is a diamond in the rough!" Tricia Davis-Vogel, Field Marketing Coordinator, Pro Staff, worked indirectly for Jessica at Pro Staff I consulted with Jessica and her team over the past two years. She is an excellent leader who motivates by example. Intelligent, charming, and inspirational... Jessica brings out the best in her people and others with whom she comes in contact. It has been a true pleasure to work with her. John Knapp" John Knapp, Strategic Consultant, Pro Staff, worked with Jessica at Pro Staff I have worked with Jessica at Nursefinders and she is a very talented, go-getter that won't stop until the final objective is met. She listens to what clients want and work with them to achieve their goals. Jessica is a fantastic person to watch in action, and I truly admire her. Jessica is someone I can look up to and learn from, yet feel we are all on the same level working as a team. Jessica is very valuable to any company, I am just glad I have the opportunity to know and work with her. She inspires me to do better." Cary Morehouse, Branch Manager, Nursefinders, worked indirectly for Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica is a highly driven, results-oriented sales leader. I have had the priviledge of working with Jessica for many years at Pro Staff and consistently saw her achieve sales growth results from her direct efforts and from those of her teams. She is highly competitive and highly creative in her pursuit of her goals to win new business. She can create new opportunities within existing customers and is excellent at hunting new business opportunities. She has very high expectations of her own achievements which also help her achieve her results. Jessica is also very inspirational as a leader - she has a professional expectation of her teams to deliver exceptional service to clients, but also a heartfelt compassion about her teams' personal lives and achievements. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve growth results as a customer or employer." Stuart Sides, EVP, Pro Staff, managed Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica Claire is one of the most dedicated individuals that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Her leadership is that of a “can-do” attitude, and the enthusiasm, energy, and tenacity to get the job done, no matter what the obstacle. Jessica continually seeks to assistance and advice co-workers and listens to their ideas, no matter what their level in the organization. She is always willing to take time to help someone in need and treats all of her customers with the respect she has garnered. Jessica knows her business and loves to teach others how to get better results. She is very persuasive and understands her clients need throughly." Paula Bradshaw, PHR, Branch Operations Manager, Pro Staff, worked directly with Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica Claire does a fabulous job of building relationships with her clients first, and then delivering the results. She's a voice of reason when working with me, and helped me work through a very complex staffing situation at Michaels. She was responsive, kept her promises and I always knew that I could count on her word to be golden. I would absolutely recommend Jessica for any situation in which results, integrity and a great working relationship are needed!" Kara Morley, SPHR, was Jessica's client Jessica is an outstanding leader, who I have known for over 3 years. Within those years, I have been constantly impressed by both her positive attitude and outstanding rapport with co-workers and clients. Her honesty, integrity and pride has been an inspiration to me personally as well as professionally. She is genuinely direct and holds people accountable and in return is highly respected by the people who have worked under her supervision. Her dedication positively impacts the business and ensures growth among others. Her incredible experience and knowledge is invaluable. Count on Jessica to be an impactful contributor!" Gayln Taylor, Branch Operations Manager, Pro Staff Finance & Accounting, worked indirectly for Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica was an amazing leader, she had ways of getting everyone fired up and ready to go no matter how big or hard the challange was. She would always find time for you when you need her." Paige McClure, Talent Manager, Pro Staff, worked indirectly for Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica Claire has been a huge part of who I am as a sales leader and a person. Without her leadership, coaching and encouragement, I would not be where I am today in my career and in my life. I would work for her anywhere, follow her anywhere and still need her direction to this day. There has been no better leader and manager in my life than Jessica Claire." Lisa Cavet, Marketing Manager, Williams-Pyro, reported to Jessica at Pro Staff I had the pleasure of working closely with Jessica as we co-led the Texas Market for Pro Staff. While Jessica was in the General Manager role for DFW, I was her peer in Houston. There are so many things that I learned from Jessica. Jessica has many, many strengths - but her main strength is SALES. She is well-networked, intuitive, creative, business –savvy, aggressive, and an impressive presenter. She is truly one of the most talented people I have worked with. Under Jessica’s leadership, the DFW market experienced growth that outperformed the entire country. And, Jessica was right there in the middle of it - - rolling up her sleeves and doing what needed to be done to grow the business. On a personal note, Jessica is one of my favorite people. I am know I can count on her to be a life-long friend." Cathy Obermeier, General Manager - Houston, Pro Staff, worked with Jessica at Pro Staff Where to begin? Jessica is one of the best managers I have worked with. She has great ability to provide direction to her group while developing long term strategy's for continued improvement. She has always excelled at what she does and always exceeded any goals she set for herself or her team. She deals with people honestly and respectfully." Jody Fish, Business Development Director, Avizion Technologies Group, worked directly with Jessica at Robert Half International Contact Jessica on LinkedIn [Job Title] driven to lead sales teams to achieve record-setting revenue gains. Managed [Number] accounts, generating more than $[Number] in revenue per [TIme Period.] [Job Title] experienced in all facets of inside sales, outside sales, customer service and training. Customer-oriented with superior time management skills. Sales Manager successful in relationship and team building. Motivates sales teams to exceed sales goals. Motivated Sales Manager skilled in leading teams to set record-high sales figures, expand existing territories and develop new accounts. Results-oriented and energetic [Job Title] with expertise in lead qualification and closing strategies. Extensive sales training and presentation experience. [Job Title] with [Number] years in sales, customer service and personnel and payroll management. Driven to exceed goals and expectations. Talented sales professional effective at multi-tasking and reaching sales targets. Builds loyalty and long-term relationships with customers. Attentive Sales Manager with track record of consistently achieving employee retention and sales goals. Results-oriented Area Sales Manager excelling in identifying customer needs and providing solutions.
  • Strategic account development
  • Accomplished manager
  • Goal-oriented
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Empowers high-performing sales teams
  • B to B sales
  • Extensive personal network
  • Compelling sales proposal writer
  • Positive and upbeat
  • Analytical problem solver
  • Decisive
  • Trained in consumer marketing
Work History
03/2008 to Current
Vice President of Client Services Aimbridge Hospitality Olympia, WA,
  • Associate Vendor Management, AMN Healthcare, worked directly with Jessica at AMN Healthcare Jessica utilizes her superior communication skills to connect with C suite buyers and internal team members.
  • She is a full specturm sales professional specializing in MSP presentation, implemenatation and delivery.
  • She recieves high praise, endorsements and referrals from her clients." Joyce Robinson, A.V.P.
  • AMN Healthcare, Nursefinders LLC, Nursefinders, Inc., worked with Jessica at AMN Healthcare Jessica is the best of the best whether closing a multi-million dollar deal or simply obtaining a signature on a contract for several thousands of dollars because she has learned one key ingredient the Client already knows You are only as good as the service you are selling and she is great!! She is creative, inspiring, savvy, and really stays on top of trending in the marketplace.
  • She has been a mentor to me and inspired me to be the best in anything I achieve.
  • She is always willing to go the extra mile to share everything she has learned and help in any way." Jeanne Shank, Branch Manager, Nursefinders, Inc., worked indirectly for Jessica at AMN Healthcare Jessica is a great leader and a knowledgeable resource.
  • I know if I would need help with anything she would be right there to help in anyway she could.
  • I've learned so many great tools from Jessica.
  • She is very creative in sales and is always a deal closer.
  • With her positive attitude I truly enjoy being part of the team with her!" MaKenzie Welling, Staffing Manager, Nursefinders, worked directly with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica Claire has been a role model in my career from the very start.
  • I feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to learn from her over the past few years both at Nursefinders and Pro Staff.
  • Jessica’s relentless work ethic and can-do attitude is infectious and she is without a doubt, someone to look up to professionally.
  • I aspire to one day be able to attain Jessica’s level of business leadership and success." Amy Ellis, Staffing Manager, Nursefinders, worked indirectly for Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • I have worked with Jessica for the last year as a peer.
  • Jessica regularly brings new and inventive strategies to light and is always happy to share these best practices with her counter parts across the country.
  • A true team player and pleasure to interact with." Scott Shepherd, VP Sales, Nursefinders, worked directly with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica's range of experience in the staffing industry - coupled with her energy and focus on results - make her an invaluable business partner.
  • She is both strategic and tactical in her approach and fortunately she is happy to share her wealth of knowledge.
  • She is a pleasure to work with and is a wonderful resource to her clients and coworkers alike." Jay Sage, VP of Sales, Midwest Region, Nursefinders, worked directly with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica is the positive driving force who's true passion for staffing and really understanding the clients needs, places her among a very select few in our vertical.
  • We see each and everyday why we are all incredibly fortunate to have her on the team.
  • She is the polished focused professional that represents everything our culture strives to be and is hands down the best hire I've seen in all my tenure with Nursefinders." Sam Perry, Human Resource Internal Recruiter, Nursefinders, Inc., managed Jessica indirectly at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica in our partnership with Nursefinders.
  • Jessica has been one that has taken the new initiative and helped introduce it to clients and we have obtained positive results.
  • Jessica is a results oriented team player who has been nothing but a professional to work with." Randy Holloran, Founder/President, NurseTogether, was with another company when working with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica is the best of the best.
  • The title may be sales but her approach is consulting.
  • Her ability to listen to the client and hear what they need allows her team to design a program that works for everyone.
  • I have implemented several projects with Jessica and every one is still running successfully; she is truly an asset to our company." Jennifer Black, Corporate Project Manager SingleSource Solutions, Nursefinders, worked directly with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica Claire is a very hard working, detail oriented, educated, and leader in our Industry.
  • Jessica's knowledge in the industry is impecable, her drive is phenomenal and she can bring closes to sales at an unbelievable rate.
  • You can always rely on Jessica to follow thru with everything she is doing.
  • Thank you Jessica." Cary Morehouse, Branch Manager, Nursefinders, worked indirectly for Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Besides being a joy to work with, Jessica Claire is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.
  • She has successfully developed several marketing plans for our company that have resulted in increased revenue.
  • During her tenure, we have seen an increase in profits well in the multi - million range by account penetration and new sales.
  • The new revenue was a direct result of the plans implemented by Jessica.
  • Though she is an asset to our marketing efforts, Jessica was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.
  • In addition to writing effective presentations for sales representatives in the field, Jessica assumed a leadership role in meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees.
  • Jessica is a true assett to our company and I am very thankful that she honors us with her time and efforts.
  • I look forward to continued success with Jessica on our TEAM!" Brian Tankersley, Area Director, Nursefinders, worked directly with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica is a multi-talented professional who gives nothing less than 100% with any task she encounters.
  • Her passion, grace, and knowledge have enabled her to successfully develop and maintain the trusted partnerships Nursefinders was founded on.
  • She truly executes our Standards of Success and we are nothing but fortunate to have her on our team.
  • Thanks Jessica for all that you do!" Emilee Luzanilla, Allied Account Manager, Nursefinders, worked with Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica has been a huge asset to any market she comes in contact with.
  • Her drive and initiative to take us to the next level aspires everyone around her to go for the GOLD!" Jennifer Mayer, Branch Director, Nursefinders, worked indirectly for Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica has that very special gift that is very hard to find.
  • She owns everything she does and she knows that it is not about her and her success but the success of the people she works with.
  • I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her." Skip Lowe, Regional Vice President, Nursefinders, managed Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica has had a driven, dedicated to the cause, what's best for the team type attitude since day 1 with Nursefinders.
  • Always very pleasant and willing to help out in way she can.
  • I'm glad Jessica works on my team and not our competitors." Mike Adams, Branch Director, Nursefinders, worked indirectly for Jessica at Nursefinders, Inc.
  • Jessica Claire knows her stuff!! She educates herself on the needs of the client inside and out so well, she could work at the client site herself! With that kind of business savvy and acumen, Jessica was able to not only meet, but exceed the needs of her customers." Carrie Walker [LION], Sr Staffing Specialists, Pro Staff, reported to Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica Claire is a true “leader”.
  • She leads by example and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares openly with her employees.
  • The thing that I respect, envy and admire the most about Jessica Claire is her ability to motivate, inspire and create a hunger for success in the people around her, and she can do so with just a few words.
  • Working for Jessica was an influential time in my career and I gained an extreme amount of confidence and skill during that period.
  • Jessica is a driving force to her team and I am thankful for the time that I had as a member of it!" Justin Barbee, Talent Manager, Pro Staff, worked indirectly for Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica is an amazing leader and expert in the staffing industry.
  • I worked on projects with Jessica both with Pro Staff and (most recently) with Nursefinders.
  • Business partners seek out her expertise in the staffing industry mainly because she will provide information needed but goes so far beyond a “staffing need” and truly understands the big picture of what they’re trying to accomplish as an organization.
  • She moves all resources internally and externally to help her business partners successfully reach their objectives, staffing and otherwise.
  • In one instance, she was instrumental in leveraging Pro Staff’s internal resources and networks to land her customer on the front page of the Business Journal as a featured employer moving to DFW– far beyond the scope of any vendor relationship.
  • Her leadership style is highly participative and she has an unwavering passion for her people, her customer's business, the expertise her team can provide an organization and ensuring everyone she reaches is successful.
  • People follow her because of her leadership but stay because she truly connects with them both professionally and personally." Liz (Hagestad) Fink, Field Marketing, Pro Staff, worked indirectly for Jessica at Pro Staff Jessica is an incredible leader and coach who expected the best from her people and got it.
  • Supervised a sales force of [number] sales associates.
  • Hired [number] sales representatives over a [Time-period]-long period.
  • Exceeded regional annual sales target by [number]%.
  • Supported the sales team in writing proposals and closing contracts.
  • Closed an average of [number] sales calls each quarter.
03/2008 to 10/2010
Vice President of Workforce Solutions 50 Floor Lauderdale Lakes, FL,
  • I am the VP of Sales for the Central and Southwest region with a focus on Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Iowa.
  • About Nursefinders Since Nursefinders’ founding in 1974, our vision has remained the same
  • Exceeded regional annual sales target by [number]%.
  • Supported the sales team in writing proposals and closing contracts.
  • Closed an average of [number] sales calls each quarter.
05/2000 to 05/2001
Area Manager Robert Half International City, STATE,
  • I was responsible for multiple lines of business to include clerical,.
  • accounting, IT, legal and specified perm divisions over the Downtown Dallas, Turtle Creek.
  • and Irving locations.
  • 1 recommendation available upon request.
  • Supervised a sales force of [number] sales associates.
  • Hired [number] sales representatives over a [Time-period]-long period.
  • Exceeded regional annual sales target by [number]%.
05/1995 to 02/2008
General Manager Pro Staff City, STATE,
  • 12 years 10 months) Management of DFW market with 11 office's and 75 recruiters, sales professionals and administrative support staff.
  • Focused sales and delivery for administrative, finance and accounting, technicial, mfg and IT.
  • 19 recommendations available upon request.
  • Supervised a sales force of [number] sales associates.
  • Hired [number] sales representatives over a [Time-period]-long period.
  • Exceeded regional annual sales target by [number]%.
  • Closed an average of [number] sales calls each quarter.
Expected in
Bachelor of Arts: Journalism/Business
Stephen F. Austin - Nacogdoches, TX
  • I have worked within a union negotiation format, staffed all levels of expertise to include clerical, engineering, financial, IT, and all health care modalities.
  • I have negotiated multi million $ contracts and developed case studies to deliver service, quality and example to potential clients.
  • I have experience in contract, contract to hire, direct hire and full MSP/VMS/RPO placement.
  • My clients currently are full health care systems, GPO partnerships, acute and sub acute health care settings as well as home care and ancillary partnerships.
  • Experience Vice President of Client Services at AMN Healthcare May 2012 - Present (2 years 1 month) With AMN you’ll find every kind of clinical staffing specialty you need.
  • We specialize in providing temporary or permanent staff to fill all your physician, nurse and allied healthcare professional needs.
  • We also provide workforce management solutions to simplify your staffing management function and reduce variable staffing and management costs.
  • With 25 years of experience and success stories in all of these areas, you’ll gain a partner you can trust and a company with the financial stability and know how to help you manage all your healthcare staffing and management needs.
  • Vice President of Business Development at AMN Healthcare.
accounting, administrative, administrative support, streamline, approach, benefits, Business Development, C, clerical, closing, coach, communication skills, consulting, Client, clients, delivery, detail oriented, driving, finance, focus, front page, Human Resource, innovation, leadership, legal, Director, mfg, marketing plans, marketing, market, meetings, mentor, office, works, network, networks, next, nursing, presentations, processes, quality, Recruiter, Sage, selling, Sales, Staffing, strategic, team player, type, Vendor Management, vision, VMS

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Stephen F. Austin

Job Titles Held:

  • Vice President of Client Services
  • Vice President of Workforce Solutions
  • Area Manager
  • General Manager


  • Bachelor of Arts

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