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Practiced Business Development Executive with [Number] years of experience strategizing on growth and development opportunities. Collaborated with [Type] professionals to understand client and broader market needs and trends, building procedures for sales associates and networking within industry to create avenues to increased business volume and company presence. Energetic executive expanding company horizons through accurate understanding and effective engagement of client and industry direction. Accomplished [Job Title] offering [Number] years of experience in [Type] product solutions. Polished and articulate professional adept at relating and engaging [Type] specialists, potential customers, and diverse levels of sales and administrative personnel. Highly knowledge in [Type] and [Type] products, spanning competitive offerings, cutting-edge developments, instructional training and on-site guided applications. Proven to excel at various sales approaches and techniques. Strategic-thinking Business Development professional with [Number] years of experience in building relationships, cultivating partnerships, retaining top accounts and growing profit channels by establishing trust. Persuasive and self-motivated with expertise in expanding network connections and persuasively introducing products. Well-versed in educating clients, implementing pricing strategies and driving territory development. Strategic business development leader with forward-thinking and creative approaches to developing revenue channels, capitalizing on market conditions and enhancing sales funnels. Consultative sales expert with proven expertise in supply chain logistics and after-sales support. Spearhead dramatic sales increases with robust customer acquisition strategies. Leverage advanced [Industry] expertise, [Number] years of experience and top-notch relationship-building abilities to connect with customers and build lasting partnerships. Skillfully navigate complex negotiations and close high-value deals. Business development expert with [Number]+ years as top sales performer in [Type] market. Comfortable with new ideas, innovative products and start-up environments. Proven track record of achievement in brand management, product launch and new territory penetration. Driven [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience in executive development position. Reviewed market data and client accounts to develop and implement sales strategies, consulting with current clients and directing expansion of market share in collaboration with managers and sales associates. Outgoing professional dedicated to exceeding growth objectives through exceptional initiative and analytical prowess. Ambitious Business Development Executive bringing proven ability to recruit, develop and retain top-performing teams. Well-versed in building strategic relationships to facilitate key business initiatives. Advanced knowledge of change management protocols and merger integration. Accomplished [Job Title] bringing [Number] years of experience and demonstrated successful history of leadership and [Industry] accomplishments. Experience managing and driving change to promote continuous operational improvement. Employed multi-prong strategy to streamline internal systems, enhance revenue and extend profits. Goal-driven Sales Management professional bringing [Number]-year career history and proven track record of strategic business growth. Skilled at aiding in product marketing efforts. Adept at cultivating productive client relationships through positive rapport, tailored solutions, and client engagement. Results-driven Sales Manager bringing [Number]+ years of experience in product development, promotion and optimization. Skilled in developing lasting client rapport based on knowledgeable support and consistent service. Proficient in developing and applying advanced marketing, prospecting and merchandising strategies to accomplish promotional goals. Demonstrated success in building networks and supporting branding objectives. Accomplished Sales Manager offering [Number] years of experience leading development and implementation of superior sales strategy. Proven track record of identifying and creating profitable business opportunities, qualifying authentic prospects and cultivating strong partnerships. Demonstrated expertise in team leadership and development. Inspiring manager with extensive experience in [Type] product industries and [Number] years of experience in leadership roles. Skilled at decreasing downtime and spending while increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Organized and dedicated to streamlining procedures. Focused Area Sales Manager offering over [Number] years of experience in relationship building, account retention and profit channel growth. Self-motivated leader with expertise in expanding network connections, introducing products and educating clients. Proficient in [Software] and [Software]. Precise [Job Title] with [Number] years of managerial experience. Expert in [Type] product sales and streamlining procedures for optimized sales and productivity. Fantastic attention to detail and ability to inspire employees for best-in-class service. Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering [Skill], [Skill] and [Skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality. Ambitious student pursuing [Area of study] degree eager to contribute developed knowledge in [Job Title] role. Skilled in [Skill] and [Skill] in [Type] settings. Adaptable and driven with strong work ethic and ability to thrive in team-based or individually motivated settings. [Area of study] student with background in [Area of expertise]. Strong technical proficiency with work history in [Area of expertise]. In-depth knowledge of [Software] coupled with [Task] and [Task] abilities. Proven history of [Skill] and [Skill]. Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.

  • Industry partnership development
  • Account management
  • Paid Performance Marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Event planning
  • Brand management
  • Business development
  • Program management
  • National account management
  • Contract review
  • Work force management
  • Contract negotiation expertise
  • Excellent communicator
  • Strong proposal writer
  • Analytical problem solver
  • Consultative sales techniques
  • Excellent sales techniques
  • Fortune 500 partner experience
  • Fluent in [Language]
  • Adept multi-tasker
  • Analytics
  • Performance goals
  • Proposal writing
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Training and mentoring
  • Cold calling
  • New program and promotion implementation
  • Guided surgical instruction
  • Top-ranked sales executive
  • Proficient in [Software]
  • Medical device products and services
  • [Software name] CRM system expert
  • Cost management
President of Business Development, 12/2020 to 05/2021
Harvard UniversityMenlo Park, CA,
  • Facilitated and managed business plan development based on market and industry research.
  • Researched economic processing factors to determine best marketing and sales strategies.
  • Prepared proposals, negotiated contracts and connected with clients to drive consistent sales.
  • Collaborated with account executives to penetrate new accounts, identify potential customers and coordinate product demonstrations.
  • Liaised with high-value accounts, fostering personal relationship and top-of-mind awareness to capture emerging business opportunities early.
  • Achieved ambitious sales goals with relationship-driven approaches, bringing in $[Amount] in revenue in [Year].
  • Exercised leadership of [Type] businesses dedicated to building and supporting [Action].
  • Developed growth plans by identifying key clients, key targets and priority service lines.
  • Cultivated international relationships with high-end dealers and original equipment manufacturers.
  • Identified institutions and market sectors with potential for expansion of operations, networking with key partners and individuals to build awareness of company within key demographics.
  • Marketed and developed key accounts by favorably representing company at membership and community functions.
  • Collaborated with sales agents and team leads to implement strategies for developing and maintaining sales funnel to meet or exceed expectations for business expansion.
  • Grew sales [Number]% YoY by developing robust marketing plans and cultivating long-lasting industry partnerships.
  • Cultivated and maintained industry relationships and customer partnerships to capitalize on opportunities and maximize business success.
  • Networked with potential customers at national conferences to identify business development techniques and new revenue streams.
  • Set up new distribution partners with [Company], resulting in $[Amount] in new sales for [Type] channel.
  • Hired talented, trainable team members and drove new business strategies to grow revenues from $[Amount] to $[Amount].
  • Coordinated with cross-functional teams to perform product testing and develop business plans.
  • Created value propositions, national programs and strategic plans while maintaining multi-location and national accounts averaging $[Amount] in total sales.
  • Maintained database of leads and interactions gathered on social media accounts, contacting parties indicating interest in company products and services or assigning to lower associates.
  • Handled client accounts through entire lifecycle, executing contracts, providing customer service and advising on methods for maximizing return from services provided.
  • Tracked RFPs and bids to maintain finger on pulse of industry and anticipate upcoming potential projects.
  • Partnered with regional corporations to establish direct marketing channels and streamline company operations.
  • Developed standard objection responses based on client feedback for use by sales associates in interactions with current and prospective clients.
  • Resolved process lags by effectively training [Number] business development representatives on best practices and protocol to optimize profitability.
  • Applied salesmanship to interactions with clients, analyzing client needs to help in accomplishing goals.
  • Developed and implemented contact quotas for cold calls, appointments and interviews based on company growth objectives and research on lead generation and prospect conversion.
  • Identified key business opportunities, created prospect pipeline and leveraged marketing and sales intelligence solution to generate targeted, monthly leads and close deals.
  • Expanded client base [Number]% in [Timeframe] by leveraging multifaceted growth strategies.
  • Generated new business through client consultation and subcontractor referrals for turn-key services.
  • Optimized profitability by developing pipeline of over [Number] prospects using multiple research, referral and sales strategies.
Program Director, 01/2019 to 12/2020
Engility CorporationFort Worth, TX,
  • Created comprehensive progress reports on all programs to show progress.
  • Oversaw completion of productivity goals and educated employees on established company processes.
  • Developed robust marketing plans to increase awareness of programs.
  • Liaised between organizations, partners, stakeholder, and members to promote and improve services and communication.
  • Increased business revenue through proactive management of relationships and sales strategies.
  • Managed program operations and provided strategic leadership for all workers.
  • Designed and implemented standard operating procedures in various departments for optimal efficiency.
  • Minimized financial risk by establishing and maintaining best financial practices.
  • Managed [Type] residency program operations while providing leadership to [Number] residents and [Number] faculty members.
  • Collaborated with various parties involved in program to evaluate successes and failures as well as develop new partnerships and make proactive changes.
  • Developed and managed budgets for academic and student affairs.
  • Coordinated planning and program development between news teams and other programming staff.
  • Engaged closely with program participants to uncover issues, determine appropriate solutions and offer assistance.
  • Recruited and hired top-level employees with expertise in [Area of expertise], adding depth and talent to highly skilled team.
  • Increased [Type] program effectiveness by implementing strategic operational improvements.
  • Oversaw daily operations of [Type] program functions.
  • Prepared and presented [Type] plan for [Type] degree program.
  • Verified accuracy of programming logs and conformance with FCC rules and regulations.
  • Promoted [Type] programs by establishing professional relationships with community members and leaders.
  • Kept programming on tight schedules, maintaining optimal quality standards to keep audiences informed or entertained.
  • Developed and monitored budgets for [Type] program.
  • Planned and conducted strategy meetings to brainstorm new ideas and deliver program and milestone updates.
  • Managed student health, counseling, and psychological services.
Electronic Assembler, 04/2017 to 12/2018
Thermo Fisher ScientificRemote / Field, FL,
  • Worked with assemblies of all skill levels, including both analog and digital designs.
  • Completed final installations by placing assemblies and subassemblies into cases.
  • Evaluated final products for compliance with specifications and tolerance guidelines.
  • Put components together in arrangements according to design drawings and manufacturing guidelines.
  • Interpreted schematic blueprints, wiring diagrams, performance specifications and service manuals.
  • Performed surface mount soldering to complete printed circuit board patterns.
  • Strategized with design engineers to construct fixtures, complete laboratory experiments and record results.
  • Evaluated and tested [Brand] products using measurement and diagnostic devices to adjust, test and repair equipment.
  • Prototyped circuits and rework soldering on various circuit boards and other components.
  • Maintained production rates by applying technical and electrical expertise to produce each piece.
  • Analyzed production drawings, interpreted schematics and followed detailed work instructions to accurately assemble [Type] equipment.
  • Distributed materials, supplies and subassemblies to work areas.
  • Tagged components and tracked usage to maintain accurate inventory records.
  • Assisted new employees with assembly tasks to maintain production levels.
  • Isolated and removed defects to maintain specification compliance for every part.
  • Assembled systems, support structures and connections to complete high-quality products.
  • Worked closely with supervisors and designers to understand and meet production specifications.
  • Inspected and diagnosed wiring installations and issues to maintain safety.
  • Measured voltages and adjusted setups to increase equipment longevity.
  • Read and interpreted blueprints to determine what materials and tools would be needed for assembly.
Warehouse Packer, 03/2016 to 03/2017
Metals UsaPhiladelphia, PA,
  • Utilized pallet jacks to move items to and from different warehouse locations.
  • Marked and labeled containers with accurate shipping information to prevent delays.
  • Used tools, sprayers and cleaning solutions to clean contaminants from work areas.
  • Volunteered for additional hours and shifts during peak periods to meet tight shipping deadlines.
  • Mentored new employees on daily warehouse procedures and answered task-related questions for quick job acclimation.
  • Assembled cartons, crates and containers.
  • Inspected outgoing shipments to maintain effective quality assurance standards.
  • Used RF scanner to pick items from bins and complete orders.
  • Stocked and rotated products, supplies and paper goods to optimize freshness.
  • Picked products from designated locations using various tools and transferred to appropriate areas for further processing.
  • Examined packages and goods for damage and notified vendors of specific issues requiring replacement.
  • Organized storage of articles in bins, floor, shelves and assigned areas according to product categories.
  • Received incoming product deliveries and relocated to storage shelves, coolers or bins.
  • Readied merchandise for sales floor by marking items with identifying codes and accurate pricing.
  • Packaged items with appropriate materials to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Palletized merchandise for easy movement to sales floor locations.
  • Demonstrated self-reliance by meeting and exceeding workflow needs.
Machine Operator, 02/2015 to 02/2016
Bj StaffingCity, STATE,
  • Read and understood blueprints, product specifications and tooling instructions to plan correct operational sequences and prevent materials waste.
  • Detected work-piece defects and machine malfunctions, maintaining apparatus to prevent future issues.
  • Selected proper cutting tools, calculating parameters to manufacture components and parts.
  • Executed bench, machine and hand tool work by shaping, fitting and assembling machine parts from metal stock.
  • Operated multiple fabricating machines, including cutoff saws, shears, rolls, brakes, presses and forming or spinning machines.
  • Painted and applied protective coatings to various parts to prevent water, oxygen and electrolytes from coming in contact with metal.
  • Set up machines for various jobs to maintain compliance with manufacturing thresholds and waste reduction initiatives.
  • Fastened and adjusted jigs and stops on machine tables to facilitate positioning of materials.
  • Lubricated parts and performed minor maintenance to improve machine function.
  • Rigged equipment, connected hoses and delivered product to various locations.
  • Established and adjusted feed rates and cutting parameters to keep operations in line with production demands.
  • Removed and replaced worn machine accessories to keep products within desired tolerances.
  • Operated various [Type] gauges to inspect pieces after production completion.
  • Obtained appropriate tooling and fixtures to revise setups on calibrated test strands.
  • Used bolts, shackles and clamps to connect pulleys and blocks to fixed overhead structures.
  • Recognized defective material and reported issues to management to facilitate prompt resolution.
  • Set up and operated production equipment according to daily work orders and safety procedures.
  • Built and packaged products to comply with multiple work orders and deadlines.
  • Used company tracking system to locate and pick merchandise to fulfill daily customer orders.
  • Calibrated and adjusted equipment using tools such as calipers, micrometers, height gauges, protractors and ring gauges.
Education and Training
High School Diploma: , Expected in 09/2005
Pro Bienestar - Comerio PR,
Associate of Arts: , Expected in 11/2007
Job Corps - Barranquitas PR,
Associate of Arts: , Expected in 11/2009
Universidad Central Del Caribe - Bayamon, PR

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School Attended

  • Pro Bienestar
  • Job Corps
  • Universidad Central Del Caribe

Job Titles Held:

  • President of Business Development
  • Program Director
  • Electronic Assembler
  • Warehouse Packer
  • Machine Operator


  • High School Diploma
  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Arts

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