Jessica Claire
  • Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Home: (555) 432-1000
  • Cell:
  • 18 yrs. as engineering cad designer/drafter, 21+yrs computers hands on, which includes hardware & software install experience, 6+yrs construction-(residential),
  • Proficient in SolidWorks, Design instruction creation, Highly skilled in 3D and 2D CAD
  • Self-motivating,
  • fast learner, multi-talented, and tasking.
  • Advanced computer skills,
  • Proficient in SolidWorks
  • Design instruction creation
  • Microsoft Word
  • Technical plan execution
  • Experience sourcing components and working with vendors for parts & services.
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Design reviews
  • Pump and piping systems
  • Reduced manufacturing cost from $70K down to $30K for a N.A.S.A/Analex project
  • Created CAD models and drawings.
  • Created, and compiled a help desk flow charting system for diagnosing problems.
Product Development Jr. Design Engineer/technical prototype hands on builder, 11/2013 to 01/2014
Butler Technical GroupPatuxent River, MD,
  • Project product #1 was Spray Tanning Booths with a air driven sprayer & a new type electric motor driven sprayer,
  • Project product #2 LED Light Therapy Chair with custom power supply's and Liquid cooling.
  • Recommended design modifications to eliminate machine and system malfunctions.
  • Work consisted of creating parts to be fabricated by a shop.
  • Worked with suppliers to fabricate both prototype and production parts.
  • Fabricated parts in a pinch for the builds,
  • Collaborated closely with procurement teams and suppliers on purchase and delivery of components and assemblies.
  • Used SolidWorks-2014 in this position.
Product Designer in Product development & mold designer (contract), 05/2011 to 08/2011
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.Cambridge, MA,
  • Worked as a product designer in Product development & mold designer on commercial Trench Drain systems.
  • The molds were designed around the products developed, and modeled, proto-typed for testing, and corrections to finish product.
  • Investigated project sites.
  • Conferred with engineers and other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information.
  • Used SolidWorks-2011.
Carpenter & House Renovator contractor, 10/2004 to 02/2010
Cb Richard EllisWalnut Creek, CA,
  • C.E.R certification in Level I and III, building construction.
  • Inspected, analyzed and planned estimated repair cost,
  • Compiled repair list for repairs,
  • Demoed, and installed new bathrooms, and kitchens, finished attic, and basement spaces, repaired foundation problems, etc.
  • Serviced customers,
  • Certified to install "Flex Gas line",
  • Certified as a lead safe renovator.
Mechanical Designer, 04/2008 to 07/2008
AecomPittsburgh, PA,
  • Worked as a mechanical designer on various group projects, like lightning protection, specialized commercial fastening systems, custom electrical bus-bar designs, and others,
  • Assisted engineers with product redesign,
  • Used reverse engineering/measurement techniques,
  • Used Solid Works 07/08, AutoCAD 02, and the Bengi cad system.
Mechanical Designer (contract), 2008 to 03/2008
Joslyn Hi-VoltageCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a mechanical designer on hi-voltage, interrupter switching products for power sub-stations,
  • Assisted engineers with new product development, and design,
  • Identified the most efficient and acceptable resolutions to complex engineering problems.
  • Applied best techniques, procedures and theories to researching, analyzing and designing mechanical equipment and components.
  • Used reverse engineering/measurement techniques,
  • Used Solid Works 07, and AutoCAD 2002 & Mechanical desktop a little.
Computer Tech/specialist., and help desk support (contract), 10/2002 to 03/2004
  • Built Dell computers with specialized paint mixing software and specialized computer hardware, such as weight scales, and touch screen configurations,
  • Maned phone calls to facilitate repairs that were software related to hardware.
  • OS platforms were (DOS, WIN95/98, WIN2K, AND WIN-XP), attached to the computers are and also network setup.
  • Experience utilizing Problem Management and Trouble Ticket reporting systems.
  • Created , and compiled a help desk flow charting system for diagnosing problems.
  • Contributed to management as a interim manager when head managers were out of the office.
Mechanical Designer (contract), 02/2001 to 07/2001
LubriquipCity, STATE,
  • Worked as Designer on pump lubrication project for CSX Railroad on the GE and GM locomotives.
  • Developed concepts, prototype, and end production design in the areas of reservoir tank design, sheet metal with welded joints.
  • Piping run layouts,
  • Fluid metering control box layout,
  • Fluid sensing controls,
  • Used PRO-E 2001 w/ ANSI Y14.5.
Designer / drafter, 07/2000 to 11/2000
NorthAmerican, Mfg.City, STATE,
  • Designer/drafter in the mechanical material guiding group, used PRO-E v.2001.
Mechanical Designer (contract), 10/1999 to 07/2000
AnalexCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a mechanical designer on the fluids and combustion facilities project for NASA's International Space Station,
  • Developed conceptual designs.
  • Recommended design modifications to eliminate component and system malfunctions.
  • Analyzed product design requirements and recommended solutions.
  • Prepared and participated in design reviews.
  • Designed using aluminum sheet metal, and aluminum stock.
  • Facilitated cost reduction designs that saved 40k in manufacturing, and prototyping cost.
  • The flight hardware designed using military specs.
  • Used PRO-E v.20 & 2001.
Mechanical /Electrical Designer /Drafter (contract), 02/1997 to 02/1998

SMVA-AMERICA, TWINSBURGH, OH. , Developed concepts, and designs, to finished product on imaging cameras for nuclear cardiology and general medicine and assisted with the designs of electrical wiring layout, used cadkey97 & AutoCAD.

(Contract), March 5, 97 _Oct. 20, 97_ (HIRED DIRECT) Oct. 21- 97 TO March, 25, 98

Mechanical Designer / Drafter, 03/1996 to 05/1996
Lucas AerospaceCity, STATE,
  • Designer on starter-generator redesign for military jet F117 with Lockheed-Martin
  • Conferred with engineers to implement operating procedures and resolve system malfunctions.
  • Drawings done in military specs: mil-std-100e & ANSI Y-14.5, GDT.
  • Used AutoCAD 2d & 3d
Mechanical Drafter/ Designer (contract), 09/1995 to 02/1996
  • worked as a Drafter/ Designer in packaging or power systems for uninterpretable power supply's, regulated rectifiers, inverter static switch's and static transfer switches,
  • Assisted drafters in developing the structural design of products.
  • Used AutoCAD 13 2d & 3d wireframe.
Piping Designer/Drafter (Contract), 07/1995 to 09/1995
NorthAmerican Mfg.City, STATE,
  • worked as a Designer/Drafter in mechanical flow diagrams, designer of combustion systems, used AutoCAD.
Electrical Drafter, 03/1995 to 07/1995
Automatic SprinklerCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a drafter in the electrical area for fire, smoke, and heat detection,
  • Drawings included field device location and wiring, electrical riser diagrams, and panel wiring terminations & assembly,
  • Used AutoCAD.
Designer/Drafter (contract), 10/1994 to 02/1995
OxytechCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a designer in areas of P&ID’s,
  • mechanical flow diagrams,
  • large & small plant-masters, layouts and piping,
  • Area of chemical is focused on chlor-alkali industry for which they make the M.G.C. mono-polar membrane electrolyzer cell,
  • Used Micro-Station Cad.
  • Created 2D drawings according to GD&T standards.
Mechanical Designer (contract), 07/1994 to 10/1994
Search Masters TempsCity, STATE,
  • ALLEN MEDICAL SYSTEMS, Aug-8, 94_Sept-2, 94.
  • Designer of a medical product (a surgical hand holding stirrup for operating room tables.
  • Researched and analyzed customer design proposals, specifications, manuals and other data.
  • ACTRON, Sept.7,94 TO Nov.18, 94, Cleveland, ohio.
  • Redesigned automotive timing lighting housing to have new tooling made to cast the housing,
  • Concept design on (voice projection units) for masks used for firefighters, and chemical applications.
  • Used AutoCAD.
Junior Design Engineer, 03/1994 to 06/1994
SGM Company IncCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a junior design engineer, designing heating and air-conditioning units for mobile applications from concept to market,
  • Testing of units consisted of cardboard mockups of concept plenum unit with actual internal blower parts. (the project a Fire Engine Cab).
  • Tested for f.p.m. and wind tunnel tested for c.f.m.,
  • Concept design was laid out for sheet metal design c.n.c. Programming
  • Tested and installed in product,
  • Used Cad/Cam Software by Radan-Computational
Lead Mechanical Designer, 02/1993 to 08/1993
Hupp CorporationCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a lead mechanical designer in the areas of heating and air-conditioning units for school buses, construction equipment, specialized trucks and military applications,
  • Aided and developed new parts and equipment from concept design to market, (Heater Cores)
  • Modified existing equipment .
  • Provided technical support for product assembly, assisted with the redesigned of new tooling fixtures.
  • Participated in cross-functional teams with manufacturing, quality, marketing and procurement departments.
  • Worked with suppliers to fabricate both prototype and production parts.
  • Created 2D drawings according to GD&T standards.
  • Used AutoCAD 11.
Cad Designer (contract), 07/1992 to 10/1992
Horseburg & ScottCity, STATE,
  • Worked as Cad Designer, designed gear-boxes and drives, translated specs, developed meeting notes and verbal instructions into detailed drawings,
  • Informed engineers of progress and problems regarding release dates,
  • Assisted in developing project reference file,
  • Provided support training for new employees as needed
  • Used (Micro-Station) cad.
P&ID's cad drafter/designer, 10/1989 to 11/1990
M.K. FurgusonCity, STATE,
  • Worked as a cad drafter/designer in structural process, and instrumentation, (P&ID's).\
  • Translated specs, meeting notes and verbal instructions into detailed drawings.
  • Kept engineers aware of problems, and progress of drawings relative to release dates.
  • performed departmental quality checking and consistency checks.
  • Assisted in developing a reference file for each project provided
  • Supported training for new employees after initial training,
  • Company trained on (Micro-Station Intergraph v-3.3).
Structural Drafter, 05/1988 to 09/1989
Spancrete Northeast, Inc.City, STATE,
  • Worked as a structural drafter
  • Pre-stressed pre-cast concrete,
  • Wet cast, cast in place concrete,
  • Structural steel and reinforcing.
  • Developed engineering plans, specifications and bid documents.
  • Researched and analyzed customer design proposals, specifications, manuals and other data.
  • used Versa cad 5.4.
Certificate of Completion: (HIT) Hospital Information Technology , Expected in 2012
Tri-C, Eastern-Corporate college - Highland Hts., Oh
  • Trained for the Role of (HIT) Hospital Information Technology (Technical/Software Support) certification.
  • This is a hybrid program.
  • Awarded 26 Continuing Education Units, 260 contact hours.
  • July to Dec 19, 2012

none- some classes: College Academic Classes, Expected in 2008
Tri-C Eastern Campus - HighLand Hts., Oh

Studied, and completed 2 Math and 1 English class.

working towards my Associates of Applied Science Degree.

Certificate: Computer Aided Design Software, Expected in 2007
Lorain County Community College - Lorain, Oh

Solid Works Cad-1 training

Certified: Building Construction Engineering, Expected in 2004
Associated Training Services - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
  • Training and certified in levels 1-&-3 rough framing, finish carpentry.
  • Subjects of Study: Orientation to trade, Materials, Basic Safety, OSHA, Construction Math, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Blue Prints, Rigging, Wall & Ceiling Framing, Roof Framing, Exterior Window & Door, Exterior Finish, Roofing, Metal Studs, DryWall, Interior Trim, and Cabinet Install.
  • N.C.C.E.R Certified Carpenter

Certification: Cisco Network Administrator , Expected in 2002
Master-pro Computer Learning Center - Sun Prairie, Oh
  • Trained on cisco routers, and switches, network design, setup, router configuration, and Topologies.
  • April, 2002 to Oct, 30, 2002.
  • Cisco CCNA Certified-10/11/2002 to 10/11/2005.
Select One: Network Engineering for Cisco CCNA, Expected in 2001
Lakeland Community College - Sun Prairie, Oh
  • Trained for CCNA certification in Cisco routers, & switches.
  • Network design planning and setup.
  • Router configuration, and making cables.
none-switched technical study to Cisco: MCSE Certification , Expected in 1999
New Horizons Learning Center - Sun Prairie, Oh

Trained for MCSE Certification in Windows NT 4.0 server, workstation, ISS, TCP/IP, networking essentials, and enterprise, but switched to Cisco instead. (April to Nov. 1999)

Certificate: Cad Engineering, Expected in 1995
Lorain County Community College - Sun Prairie, Oh

Trained in engineering 3D- modeling in plastic & steel parts design using Pro-E Cad.

Attended April to June-1995 and again in April to June 1998.

Certification: Computer Technology, Expected in 1993
Cleveland Institute Of Technology - Independance, Ohio
  • Graduated and received certificate in computer technology.
  • Trained in electronics, troubleshooting, and repair & computer technology.
  • Advanced working knowledge in dos, windows, and related software such as graphics, word processing, spread sheets, virus protection, diagnostic & repair utilities, memory and hard disk management,
  • (Certification here was more extensive than a+) plus there was no A+ then.
  • Nov.1991 to Jan.1993
Certification: Drafting and Computer Aided Design, Expected in 1988
Great Lakes Technical Institute - Sun Prairie, Ohio.
  • Graduated and received certification in drafting and cad operations and design,
  • Student instructor through the work study program teaching versa-cad, AutoCAD and drafting, this position gained me 250 more computer hrs.
  • Attended Oct, 1987 to June 1988.
none-incomplete: Drafting, Expected in 1984
Electronics Technical Institute - Cleveland, Ohio

Drafting Program

diploma: vocational electricity and electronics, Expected in 1980
East High School - Cleveland, Ohio

Trained in vocational electricity and electronics


SolidWorks, 2D-3D, Product Development, PRO-E, Carpentry, Computer hardware, Drafting, Electrical wiring, Light Electronics, Power Tools,

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Tri-C, Eastern-Corporate college
  • Tri-C Eastern Campus
  • Lorain County Community College
  • Associated Training Services
  • Master-pro Computer Learning Center
  • Lakeland Community College
  • New Horizons Learning Center
  • Lorain County Community College
  • Cleveland Institute Of Technology
  • Great Lakes Technical Institute
  • Electronics Technical Institute
  • East High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Product Development Jr. Design Engineer/technical prototype hands on builder
  • Product Designer in Product development & mold designer (contract)
  • Carpenter & House Renovator contractor
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Mechanical Designer (contract)
  • Computer Tech/specialist., and help desk support (contract)
  • Mechanical Designer (contract)
  • Designer / drafter
  • Mechanical Designer (contract)
  • Mechanical /Electrical Designer /Drafter (contract)
  • Mechanical Designer / Drafter
  • Mechanical Drafter/ Designer (contract)
  • Piping Designer/Drafter (Contract)
  • Electrical Drafter
  • Designer/Drafter (contract)
  • Mechanical Designer (contract)
  • Junior Design Engineer
  • Lead Mechanical Designer
  • Cad Designer (contract)
  • P&ID's cad drafter/designer
  • Structural Drafter


  • Certificate of Completion
  • none- some classes
  • Certificate
  • Certified
  • Certification
  • Select One
  • none-switched technical study to Cisco
  • Certificate
  • Certification
  • Certification
  • none-incomplete
  • diploma

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