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Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,

Focused Operations Manager adept at liaising with key clients, accounts and external business stakeholders to build rapport and drive retention. Focused on promoting safety and productivity across multiple business lines. Advanced knowledge of applying trend analysis to create value for customers and profitability for company.

Dedicated Operations Manager dedicated to employing proven methods and cutting-edge technology to meet business performance expectations. Recognized for successful implementation of measures to cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. Detailed approach to maintaining high threshold for business operations.

Seasoned [Job Title] with [Number] years of success in leading profitable, cost effective and productive operations. Focused on achieving consensus in production and revenue targets to drive performance. Proactive decision-maker possessing working knowledge of forecasting and metrics.

Self-motivated Operations Manager successful in collaborating with consultants, area leaders and employees to streamline and strengthen processes and control costs. Highly organized and detailed collaborator with solid record of accomplishment in meeting and exceeding business targets. In-depth knowledge of operational and budget management techniques.

Dedicated Operations Manager with over [Number] years of experience in bookkeeping, payroll and monthly reconciliation. Flexible and adaptive team builder with expertise in scheduling, customer relationship management and inventory control. Dependable and deadline-oriented self-starter familiar with business principles and practices.

Quality-driven [Job Title] focused on keeping business agile and efficient in changing market conditions. Offering [Number] years of vast experience hiring and training staff, optimizing workflows and increasing team productivity. Diplomatic and motivational leader with good relationship-building and decision-making abilities.

Seasoned [Job Title] offering [Number]-year career with progressive leadership responsibilities. Recognized for successfully coordinating work across departments to maximize resource utilization and business sustainability. Enterprising and well-grounded professional possessing strong oversight and budget development abilities.

Dedicated and organized Operations Manager with over [Number] years of experience using proven planning and support initiatives to cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. Decisive and resourceful team builder versed in sales, management and process improvement. Possesses in-depth industry trend knowledge and shifts to offer valuable insights on opportunities for new growth and business expansion.

Talented Operations Manager bringing [Number]+ years of experience and demonstrated record of accomplishment in [Area of expertise]. Proficient in operational enhancements, quality improvements and team leadership based on [Type] strategies. Cross-functional collaborator well-versed in developing successful teams and motivating employees to meet individual and team objectives.

Results-driven Management professional with [Number] years of experience in [Type] operations, production management, organizational development and team building within diverse industries. Highly adept in planning, coordinating and executing successful production strategies.

Results-oriented [Job Title] offering [Number]-year background paired with significant achievements. Polished in developing and implementing QA protocols and leading and motivating large team in time sensitive and demanding environment. Proficient in QuickBooks and NetSuite.

High-performing [Job Title] with over [Number] years of experience delivering successful improvements for business operations, profitability and team development. Resourceful project manager and compliance specialist to thrive in fast-paced and changing environments. Dedicated to sustaining operational accuracy and delivering results for optimal profitability.

Results-oriented Business Manager bringing expertise in accounting, supply chain management and marketing. Successful at overseeing all areas of daily operations and making effective policy decisions to positively impact business direction and bottom line profits.

Top producing professional with superior sales, [Skill] and [Skill] talents. Polished and poised and known for having exceptional drive. Determined [Job Title] with terrific customer service experience.

Drive company advancement by translating C-level directives into actionable initiatives to strategically impact [Type] operations. Expert in stakeholder relations, supply chain management and strategic planning across business levels and segments. Proven history of success in growing scalable, sustainable operations.

Goal-driven Operations Supervisor with more than [Number] years of progressive [Industry] experience. Exceptional business acumen, administrative strengths and program management abilities.

Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes.

Seasoned [Job Title] with exemplary skills in [Skill] and [Skill]. Energetic professional with engaging personality and service-driven background. Trained in operations management and [Area of expertise].

  • Workflow Optimization
  • Workforce Training
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Financial and Cash Flow Analyses
  • Problem-Solving
  • Customer Service
  • Team Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Staff Management
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Solutions Development
  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Planned Equipment Constraints
  • Inventory Management
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Staff Training
  • Multi-Unit Operations Management
  • Cost Reduction and Containment
  • Human Resources Oversight
  • Business Leadership
  • Performance Reporting
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Systems Implementation
  • Decision Making
05/2021 to Current Manager of Operations Sms Assist | San Francisco, CA,
  • Engaged with existing and potential clients to gain insight into needs.
  • Reviewed production costs and product quality and modified inventory control programs to maintain and enhance annual business plan.
  • Organized and facilitated budgets, product estimates, sales forecasts, and product allocations to maximize resource utilization and customer sales opportunities.
  • Integrated technology to increase efficiency and real-time accountability of operational tasks.
  • Hired and onboarded team members to meet immediate and expected demand.
  • Prepared financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions.
  • Established and maintained positive working relationships with community organizations, acting as corporate representative at meetings and events.
  • Created company handbook to document corporate policies and procedures.
  • Evaluated and enhanced workflow to implement best practices, reduce costs, and increase staff motivation and satisfaction.
  • Implemented policies and standard operating procedures and managed quality, customer service and logistics.
  • Managed company operations with responsibility for profit and loss, scheduling, training and inventory control.
  • Directed day-to-day operations by spearheading implementation of short-term and long-term strategies to achieve business plan and profitability goals.
  • Collaborated with staff to maximize customer satisfaction, streamline procedures, and improve bottom-line profitability.
  • Delivered positive customer experiences by implementing effective quality assurance practices.
  • Planned daily operational strategies, including delivery routing, team workflows and promotional initiatives.
  • Recruited, hired, and trained crew members on application of projects, customer relations, and customer service.
  • Improved morale and management communication by creating employee recognition and rewards practices.
  • Disseminated safety information and monitored employee compliance with regulatory and organizational policies.
  • Developed initiatives for process improvement and reviewed and assessed ongoing operations.
  • Oversaw financial management, budget management, accounting and payroll activities.
  • Reviewed daily financial reports and reconciled accounts to keep information current and accurate.
  • Connected with clients and developed strategies to achieve sales and customer service goals.
  • Aided senior leadership during executive decision-making process by generating daily reports to recommend corrective actions and improvements.
  • Evaluated invoices and shipping paperwork for accuracy and compliance.
  • Examined quantitative methods and techniques and approaches to optimize organizational operations and facilitate decision-making.
  • Tracked and replenished inventory to maintain par levels.
  • Performed staff management, task allocation, and materials coordination duties to surpass business goals.
  • Collaborated with subordinate managers to assess needs and optimize activities.
  • Cultivated and strengthened relationships with customers, vendors, and internal stakeholders.
  • Developed incident management strategies to promote troubleshooting, root cause analysis and timely resolution.
  • Resolved challenges associated with company websites, vendors, and telecoms.
  • Identified areas of deficiency and performed root-cause analysis to solve problems.
  • Secured revenue and accurately monitored cash intake.
  • Built strong operational teams to meet process and production demands.
  • Facilitated timely and comprehensive audit preparations or inspections, conducted root cause analysis and adhered to Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) system procedures.
  • Led cross-functional communication initiatives to meet account order timelines.
  • Devised business and technology strategies to create performance metrics, reporting and analysis systems in support of investigative operations.
  • Maximized transition efficiency and planned and executed physical relocation of furnishings and wiring placement.
  • Collected customer fees, managed refunds, and provided complete sales documentation.
  • Defined business requirements, data models, and report structures to enhance organizational efficiencies.
  • Liaised with buyers and sellers to coordinate statements, payment schedules and cost analyses.
  • Identified shared data elements and relationships between data elements and processes, people and systems.
  • Implemented security policies and procedures to protect company assets from theft, loss, or damage.
  • Implemented process innovations to improve overall performance and reduce labor costs.
03/2017 to Current Farm Worker Cobb-Vantress | Pineville, MO,
  • Cared for livestock by regularly feeding and watering animals.
  • Cleaned and maintained animal pens by raking up manure and putting down fresh straw and hay.
  • Handled planting, irrigation, fertilization and pest control.
  • Plowed and tilled fields to prepare soil for crop planting.
  • Maintained and repaired farming equipment to provide consistent usability, prime operational condition and alleviate downtime.
  • Operated pallet jacks, forklifts and farm boats.
  • Repaired boards, barbed wire and electrified fences to maintain safety and security
  • Refilled feed and water for livestock, adhering to feeding schedules.
  • Watered and fertilized crops to promote growth for harvests.
  • Applied troubleshooting methods to repair malfunctioning equipment.
  • Repaired buildings, fences and other pertinent structures to keep animals properly contained.
  • Cultivated soil to refine and prepare for planting.
  • Checked fields to prepare land for tilling and spring planting.
  • Swept and blew aisle ways and used pressure washer to maintain and clean barn.
  • Identified pests, weeds, and plants to select appropriate pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Assisted in breeding procedures for various farm animals.
  • Sprayed crops with pesticides to control insects and other pests.
  • Brought horses in and out to pasture at times assigned by farm manager.
  • Implemented irrigation systems to cultivate and support fruit trees and vegetable plants.
  • Constructed frames to grow berries, legumes, and vines.
02/2020 to 12/2020 Sales Representative Gohealth, Inc. | IL, State,
  • Placed orders and answered customer questions in-person, through email and over phone to maximize customer service.
  • Contacted new and existing customers to outline benefits of products.
  • Monitored customer order process and addressed customer issues.
  • Identified customer needs to deliver relevant product solutions and promotions and meet target budgets.
  • Improved overall customer purchasing experiences to promote steady revenue.
  • Followed-up with clients after installations to assess quality service and customer satisfaction.
  • Developed customized sales techniques to successfully sell and upsell services to new and existing clients.
  • Developed key customer relationships to increase sales.
  • Created successful strategies to develop and expand customer sales.
  • Engaged positively with each customer, providing professional and polite support for sales and service needs.
  • Answered customer questions and responded quickly to problems and complaints in person, on phone and by email.
  • Pursued and generated customer leads as well as engaged in follow up activities to gain new client accounts.
  • Completed daily recovery tasks to keep areas clean and neat for maximum productivity.
  • Helped customers find specific products, answered questions and offered product advice.
03/2010 to 03/2014 Manager Alliancebernstein Holding Lp | Chicago, IL,
  • Trained employees on additional job positions to maintain coverage of roles.
  • Assigned tasks to associates to fit skill levels and maximize team performance.
  • Recruited and hired qualified candidates to fill open positions.
  • Greeted and encouraged feedback from customers to implement in-store operational changes.
  • Conducted inventory counts by assessing current state of inventory integrity against target accuracy levels and tracking variances.
  • Collaborated with staff to maximize customer satisfaction, streamline procedures, and improve bottom-line profitability.
  • Established and created training programs to enhance employee knowledge of best practices, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluated store performance and incorporated feedback to implement improvement plans.
  • Oversaw storewide merchandising benchmarks to maintain operational excellence.
  • Developed and implemented appropriate plans to resolve unfavorable trends and enhance sales.
  • Conducted quality, timely performance feedback and performance appraisals.
  • Set sales and profit goals and implemented plans to correct performance deficiencies.
  • Maintained contact with clients and assisted in developing procedures to identify and track value-added services.
  • Reviewed monthly financial results with partners to identify opportunities to improve profitability.
  • Examined merchandise to correctly price and display products.
  • Managed shifts in absence of store manager to deliver excellent customer service while promoting sales.
  • Organized store and maintained high standards for cleanliness of parking lot, restroom and stockroom.
  • Delivered level of service to customers in effort to build upon relationships for future clients.
  • Supervised overnight team functions and services for youth and adult shelter, managed resident intake, assigned work, maintained security and delivered resident support and discipline.
  • Coordinated ordering, receiving merchandise, pricing and stocking to maintain appropriate product levels on shelves.
  • Assisted with training and onboarding of sales associates in store operations.
  • Interviewed, hired and trained new employees.
  • Upheld company's high standards for business via leading by example and encouraging team members to adhere to corporate policies.
  • Completed daily sales reports and analyzed metrics to identify trends.
  • Supervised staff performing daily activities.
  • Adhered to store policies and procedures to maintain regulatory and legal compliance.
  • Conducted regular evaluations and addressed performance concerns directly with employees.
  • Implemented and enforced policies and procedures by coordinating with company leaders, coaching employees and overseeing staff activity.
  • Investigated misconduct, mediated problems and determined appropriate discipline for staff.
  • Planned activities to support system changes to meet organizational needs and requirements.
  • Set challenging yet attainable goals to encourage continuous staff development.
  • Built relationships with internal team members and external partners to enhance effectiveness of team's work and boost [Result].
  • Drove quality assurance and effective evaluation, modification and improvement of services and developed work plans consistent with program goals and objectives.
  • Hired team members and trained in collaborative team environment.
  • Employed active listening abilities, interpersonal skills and policy knowledge to remedy employee conflicts.
  • Maintained team progress against performance targets by motivating staff and proactively resolving department-level issues.
  • Maintained safe work and collaboration spaces for night employees.
  • Managed communication within organization and to outside clients and partners and thoroughly documented and reported overnight activities to management.
  • Eliminated inefficiencies and process gaps to improve function of [Type] team.
  • Monitored compliance with federal and state laws associated with [Industry] daily functions.
  • Cooperated with project partners to develop system analysis and new system design based on client specifications.
  • Coordinated solutions and communicated with [Job title]s to direct daily operations.
  • Reviewed applications for open positions and made knowledgeable hiring recommendations.
  • Reviewed and analyzed financial reports to determine appropriate action.
  • Led [Type] organization through important transformative period focused on [Action] and resulting in substantial streamlining, process optimization and business profit improvements.
  • Assembled action item roadmaps to detail initiatives and provide insight into reporting for budgeting and planning specifics.
  • Assessed programs to identify risks or problems to determine appropriate responses.
  • Developed reports to outline project status, budget data and other information.
  • Worked closely with executives to guide budget planning.
  • Assigned [Area of expertise] case work to [Job title]s.
  • Led university overnight security and patrol operations and staff members, monitored building access, coordinated emergency response and assisted students and staff.
03/2001 to 03/2009 Shop Manager Heyday | Dallas, TX,
  • Connected with customers daily to understand needs, provide assistance and collect feedback to optimize operations.
  • Maintained inventory accuracy by counting stock-on-hand and reconciling discrepancies.
  • Mentored employees and instructed on management of complicated sales, complex issues and difficult customers.
  • Monitored cash drawers in multiple checkout stations to verify adequate cash supply.
  • Conducted job interviews, led employee performance evaluations and rewarded top performers to attract and retain quality personnel.
  • Taught junior employees how to meet operational and sales goals with proactive strategies.
  • Supervised receiving and stockroom activities to identify opportunities with inventory and prevent shrinkage.
  • Maintained detailed and accurate accounting records by overseeing documentation of sales, purchases and requisitions.
  • Organized inventory [Number] times per [Timeframe] to maintain product availability.
  • Scheduled, trained and coached [Number] employees to maximize performance in customer service, revenue generation and daily tasks such as [Action] and [Action].
  • Achieved sales goals and business objectives by motivating staff and promoting [Product or Service].
  • Raised profits by setting ambitious sales goals for employees, encouraging sales staff, prioritizing customer service and resolving customer issues.
  • Analyzed sales, labor and merchandise flow reports with [Software] and [Software].
  • Increased customer satisfaction rating [Number]% by expanding product lines, offering promotions and building loyalty club membership.
  • Sourced new products to diversify offerings through [Action] and [Action].
  • Consistently negotiated favorable vendor contracts, saving $[Number] on budget annually.
  • Implemented [Number] [Type] and [Type] innovative promotions to drive store revenue [Number]%.
  • Maintained retail store presentation by overseeing merchandise replenishment, customer courtesy and inquiry response.
  • Trained, managed and motivated employees to promote professional skill development.
  • Motivated employees to share ideas and feedback.
  • Recruited and hired individuals demonstrating passion, dedication and added value to team.
  • Hired, coached and mentored team of [Number] sales representatives.
  • Trained over [Number] employees on business principles, best practices, protocol and system usage.
  • Represented integrity and professionalism in business, serving as mentor and role model to staff.
  • Forecasted sales, allocated resources and managed labor to improve productivity metrics by [Number]%.
  • Conducted staff evaluations and determined promotions and realignments or reductions in workforce.
  • Identified client business and operational needs and introduced services to provide solutions.
  • Formed and sustained strategic relationships with clients.
  • Provided leadership to [Number] employees through coaching, feedback and performance management.
  • Directed all day-to-day operations of [Type] facility to provide safe and enjoyable guest experience.
  • Assessed team proficiencies, identifying and targeting areas for improvement.
  • Accurately managed shipment processing, providing direction to associates and overseeing inventory activities.
  • Assessed each employee's individual strengths and delivered mentoring to improve upon weak skill levels.
  • Organized and updated schedules to optimize coverage for expected customer demands.
  • Managed scheduling for [Number] employees to optimize productivity.
  • Devised and implemented strategies to promote organizational growth, penetrate new markets and improve patient care standards and initiatives.
  • Recruited, identified, and developed [Type] professionals and implemented training and development programs to successfully exceed retention targets.
  • Analyzed variable data for operations to determine areas for improvement, increased efficiency and potential cost savings.
  • Supported community outreach initiatives by partnering with local organizations.
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies by coordinating staff development and succession planning.
  • Contributed to organizational initiative to achieve weekly sales, budget and other targeted goals.
  • Generated reports detailing project information and predictions.
  • Initiated on-time, under-budget project management to optimize performance.
  • Negotiated contracts with leading clientele, encompassing industry-leading organizations and multitude of projects.
  • Implemented effective customer service surveys to encourage feedback.
  • Identified and solved complex strategy problems to drive organizational goals.
  • Engaged professionally with [Job title]s and customers to build rapport and nurture relationships.
  • Generated daily operational and sales reports for corrective action or continuous improvement.
  • Executed business strategies to boost revenue and penetrate new markets.
  • Promoted profitability of [Type] business by tracking performance indicators and driving corrective action.
  • Managed daily operations, client relations and IT.
  • Analyzed strategic, core and support processes and recommended improvements to streamline processes.
  • Monitored progress by establishing plans, budgets and measuring results.
  • Oversaw electrical updates, vehicle maintenance, client relations and IT procedures.
  • Evaluated development strategy effectiveness and prepared alternative approaches to exceed goals.
  • Improved productivity initiatives, managing budgets and accounts, coordinating itinerary and scheduling appointments.
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive preventive maintenance program that improved operational up-time by [Number]%.
  • Facilitated establishment and subsequent growth of [Type] company, focused on achieving [Result].
  • Oversaw company merger to drive seamless transition and integration of operations.
  • Spearheaded recruitment of top talent to fill vacancies.
  • Standardized operational frameworks and governance structures to facilitate [Result].
  • Ascertained total scope of projects to create and capitalize on effective, marketplace-specific product development plans.
  • Evaluated financial statements and [Type] reports to monitor [Type] performance to devise solutions for improvement and cost reduction.
  • Managed company budget in excess of $[Amount] through [Action] and [Action].
  • Reduced process lags by effectively managing [Number] employees for productivity, efficiency and improvement.
  • Reduced process lags by hiring top talent and managing staff to ensure optimal productivity.
  • Commanded successful management of acquisition project lifecycle phases.
  • Collaborated with [Number]-person team to proactively manage $[Amount] annual budget.
  • Represented organization in various [Type] and [Type] task forces.
  • Collaborated with [Type] department to craft organization's mission and vision statements.
  • Defined project roadmap to solidify project objectives and milestones.
  • Monitored metrics to verify asset stability and effectiveness in strategies designed to increase profit margin.
  • Accessed required resources to assist clients with complicated tax issues, complex business transactions, debt restructuring, bankruptcy and financial due diligence.
  • Achieved solid [Type] and [Type] results with forward-thinking leadership and effective management of organizational resources.
  • Boosted profit opportunities, conducting cost, schedule, contract performance, variance and risk analysis procedures for corrective action.
  • Managed [Number] departmental associates to provide optimal productivity for multi-building campus.
  • Elevated resource allocation, accurately controlling expenses.
  • Set sales budget for prime costs, loss of goods and controllable items to improve cash flow.
  • Managed and improved requirements, gaps analysis, training and development and new program rollout resulting in [Result].
  • Oversaw [Number] staff by training, mentoring, [Action] and [Action].
  • Met operational objectives by establishing qualified staff, promoting adherence to [Type] regulations and providing outstanding customer service.
  • Managed budget and payroll operations for [Number]-member organization.
  • Empowered staff members to contribute to continuous improvement, quality and growth of company.
  • Strengthened traceability, developing organization systems for contracts, records, reports and agendas.
  • Led team of [Number] in sales and service operations.
  • Managed special projects through effective emergency resolution.
  • Assisted clients in governance, oversight and consultation of compensation committees and programs.
  • Spearheaded cross-functional initiative to achieve business goals driving increased revenues and profits.
  • Limited financial discrepancies, reviewing and approving billing invoices and expense reports.
  • Spearheaded launch of [Product or Service] from concept to completion.
  • Adhered to operational schedules by monitoring performance indicators.
  • Capitalized on existing talent while facilitating recruitment and development of new talent.
  • Participated in networking events to establish and cement community ties, B2B relationships and industry connections.
  • Monitored inventory levels and placed new orders for merchandise to keep supply well-stocked.
  • Lead team of [Number] employees in all operations including sales, service, parts and office functions.
  • Managed business operations for [Number]-employee company generating $[Amount] in yearly revenue.
  • Fostered strong relationships with [Type] customers and suppliers by [Action] and maintaining communication.
  • Developed corporate objectives and strategies collaborating on quality metrics and key performance indicators (KPI), as well as strategizing with cross-functional teams on improvement measures related to quality.
  • Directly managed team of [Number] and oversaw [Number] staff total in [Type] and [Type] operations.
  • Coached and developed [Number] internal candidates for promotion to general management.
Education and Training
Expected in 06/1991 to to High School Diploma | Reese High School, Reese, MI GPA:

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Reese High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Manager of Operations
  • Farm Worker
  • Sales Representative
  • Manager
  • Shop Manager


  • High School Diploma

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