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Jessica Claire
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Professional Summary

Experienced [Job Title] with over [Number] years of experience in [Industry]. Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements. Consistently saved costs while increasing profits.

  • Wiring testing
  • Process improvement
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Safety management
  • Student motivation
  • Operating hydraulics
Work History
Lead Product Engineer, 09/2016 to 03/2018
Eaton CorporationAurora, CO,
  • Drafted clear technical documentation detailing product design specifications.
  • Managed project deliverables for customer orders.
  • Led continuous improvements in engineering, resulting in clearer product design standards, better manufacturability and reduced engineering cycle time.
  • Communicated with vendors and key suppliers to select project materials and meet customer needs.
  • Recommended software solutions, built custom software proposals and developed presentations.
  • Interpreted blueprints, technical drawings, schematics and computer-generated reports for product conformance with engineering design and performance specifications.
  • Prepared complete and accurate design documentation for [Type] products.
  • Created designs at minimal costs using high-volume manufacturing processes and careful material selection.
  • Devised new products and features to boost customer satisfaction, reduce costs and propel product line to industry forefront.
  • Optimized design by implementing effective stakeholder-driven design review process.
  • Directed, provided guidance, and monitored support engineers and in-house operational personnel.
  • Recommended solutions, built custom proposals, prepared supporting information and delivered presentations to boost sales.
  • Directed, mentored and monitored support engineers and [Type] personnel for improved deployment and operations.
  • Documented and updated build, quality and performance records.
  • Identified new ideas, products and/or features that improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs and kept product line in forefront of industry.
  • Applied comprehensive understanding of high-volume manufacturing processes and materials to optimize designs.
  • Collaborated with [Job title] to identify and manage project deliverables for customer orders.
  • Launched customer-driven design review process to enhance customer experiences and efficiency.
  • Provided clear and timely technical data required for design and specification of product.
  • Drove continuous improvement culture in engineering to provide clear product design standards, improve manufacturability through enhanced documentation, and reduce engineering cycle time.
  • Worked with product planners and industrial designers to conceptualize and refine product concepts.
  • Gathered documentation such as photographs and evidentiary reviews and generated detailed reports outlining findings.
  • Investigated requests for deviations from established materials or suppliers and made appropriate approval or denial judgments.
  • Documented physical and chemical properties of materials before, during and after completing standardized tests.
  • Sourced materials and supplies for [Type] projects from new suppliers to save $[Amount] in company costs.
  • Gathered and organized material samples to use in third-party testing, evaluated results and reported on findings to optimize materials choices.
  • Performed failure analysis on [Type], [Type] and [Type] problems and recommended corrective actions.
  • Evaluated field materials like [Type], [Type] and [Type] to assess compliance with established specifications.
  • Reviewed supplier proposals and materials and provided ongoing monitoring to maintain consistent supplies.
  • Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.
  • Monitored social media and online sources for industry trends.
  • Led [Type] team in delivery of [Type] project, resulting in [Result].
  • Handled [Number] calls per [Timeframe] to address customer inquiries and concerns.
  • Developed team communications and information for [Type] meetings.
  • Saved $[Amount] by implementing cost-saving initiatives that addressed long-standing problems.
  • Resolved conflicts and negotiated mutually beneficial agreements between parties.
  • Transported [Product or Service] to customer locations [Timeframe].
  • Drove operational improvements which resulted in savings and improved profit margins.
  • Worked with [Type] customers to understand needs and provide [Type] service.
  • Resolved [Type] problems, improved operations and provided exceptional client support.
  • Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by resolving [Product or Service] issues.
Project Engieneer, 03/1995 to 09/2016
SmuckersOxnard, CA,
  • Achieved [Type] target with well-planned and implemented civil engineering solutions.
  • Planned and implemented large-scale [Type] engineering changes to achieve team objectives.
  • Controlled engineering activities to maintain work standards, adhere to timelines and meet quality assurance targets.
  • Oversaw worksite construction to coordinate with supervisors and guide projects.
  • Evaluated sites to determine soil adequacy for handling loads imposed by building foundations and associated materials.
  • Spearheaded [Number] [Type] projects through project planning and design.
  • Educated general public through professional presentations and community discussions.
  • Calculated load levels and material stress factors using [Software] to identify design constraints.
  • Assessed scope and requirements to make accurate project design determinations for [Number] projects.
  • Developed accurate technical drawings to direct successful engineering projects.
  • Reduced project waste through efficient designs, resulting in [Number]% cost reduction.
  • Reviewed contractor proposals and sets of drawings prepared by [Type] firms to identify missing information, generate questions and align budgets.
  • Calculated risks during project development and managed risks throughout projects.
  • Managed projects effectively to deliver finished work on time.
  • Visited sites to plan equipment placement and interconnection to site's existing [Type] systems.
  • Prepared and reviewed engineering specifications, scopes of work, schedules of payments and other documents.
  • Liaised with company executives and project managers to acquire resources to move projects forward.
  • Performed constructability reviews consisting of independent, structured assessment of construction bid documents to promote coordination, eliminate ambiguity and minimize project issues.
  • Oversaw design and construction of plant site infrastructures, including process lined ponds, tailing ponds, railroads, underground utilities and site drainage structures.
  • Made recommendations to improve design, construction means and methods and materials based on field or changing conditions.
  • Evaluated change order requests in response to out-of-scope work activities and developing field conditions.
  • Completed daily construction tasks while providing safe working conditions, staying on budget and meeting project deadlines.
  • Determined and scheduled priorities as required to progress engineering work.
  • Assisted with quality inspections and document editing.
  • Planned and managed engineering projects and continuous improvement programs to reduce labor and costs.
  • Assisted in planning site layouts and blueprints.
  • Tracked equipment usage and updated quantities of [Name] products to equip team members to complete projects.
  • Designed, improved and implemented assembly lines using ergonomic and Lean manufacturing principles.
  • Supported project engineer on various tasks.
  • Assessed qualifications and experience of contractors and prepared RFP packages.
  • Mentored and trained junior engineers in workstation design, fixture design, layout, process, work methods and material handling.
  • Assessed and analyzed picking system and provided recommendations to eliminate all inspection stations by using pick-to-light concepts.
  • Administered both energized and de-energized testing on multi-design change packages.
  • Maintained records of cost and quantity information for each project and engineering discipline.
  • Reviewed progress controls for project quality assurance, health and safety.
  • Facilitated and promoted Lean manufacturing to improve assembly and manufacturing design.
  • Gave presentations of completed work to managers.
  • Monitored installation of materials and equipment for compliance with drawings and specifications.
  • Prepared for commissioning of [Type] equipment and systems.
  • Supervised construction and pre-commissioning of electrical rooms, substations, and service buildings for [Type] project.
  • Double-checked documentation and work orders.
  • Supported leaders throughout decision-making and launch by providing [Timeframe] compliance reports to drive process improvement and corrective measures.
  • Assessed and optimized design plans for construction for [Type] facilities.
  • Answered questions for customers about various aspects of [Equipment].
  • Communicated with industrial equipment installers to deliver technical support throughout project execution.
  • Analyzed blueprints and delivered concise instructions to technical team to maintain quality control.
  • Generated change orders for project using estimating [Software].
Process Engineer, 03/1995 to 09/2016
Air Products And Controls Inc.City, STATE,
  • Drafted project plans and reports to define requirements
  • Managed projects utilizing Agile methodology.
  • Optimized processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency.
  • Created series of process optimizations to reduce production errors and increase quality.
  • Modified production processes to reduce non-conforming material occurrences.
  • Developed documentation, including diagrams and specifications, to meet project requirements and regulatory standards.
  • Established project schedules and monitored tasks to meet milestones during each phase.
  • Maintained exemplary conduct at all times, whether onsite or at client's facility.
  • Reviewed processes, identifying areas that required improvement.
  • Met weekly with [Job Title] to discuss project implementations and alleviate any issues.
  • Developed manufacturing processes that were robust yet simple to perform.
  • Led team of [Number] [Job Title] on several complex projects.
  • Provided technical assistance to [Job Title] when issues arose.
  • Coached newly hired employees and interns while observing progress and delegating tasks.
  • Monitored design progress and estimated manufacturing feasibility.
  • Decreased labor hours by [Number]% over previous quarter by implementing improved training initiatives.
  • Developed and launched new product line, resulting in $[Number] increased revenue.
  • Increased product yield by implementing improved processes.
  • Led Six Sigma projects to streamline processes.
  • Created brand new, innovative production processes for cutting-edge [Type] products.
  • Balanced environmental responsibility and budget parameters in selection of production materials.
  • Changed materials and finishes throughout product line to improve performance and reduce corrosion.
  • Performed tolerance analysis to support success in high-volume [Type] product manufacturing.
  • Managed supplier development efforts through engineering design, technical producibility, manufacturing reviews and development of solutions.
  • Developed streamlined manufacturing process, which boosted productivity and saved $[Amount].
  • Slashed time required to bring products to market by [Number]% by performing concurrent design, manufacturing and engineering.
  • Swapped out materials and finishes in product line to alleviate performance issues and reduce corrosion.
  • Designed [Type] tests of finished product to check for quality.
  • Trained [Number] new technicians on production and company processes, which reduced onboarding from [Number] months to [Number].
  • Calculated overall production costs by evaluating material, labor and other expenditures.
  • Created tools required for injection molded plastic, compression molded elastomers and diecast metal parts.
  • Designed tooling for injection molded plastic, compression molded elastomers and diecast metal parts.
  • Performed concurrent design and manufacturing engineering and other functions to reduce time required to bring product to market.
  • Complied with suppliers' project schedule, specifications and quality by initiating [Timeframe] meetings and status updates.
  • Applied agile methodology to shorten cycle time and achieve target margins.
  • Designed and built process tooling including insert molds, arbor press tooling, soldering and welding.
  • Lead cross-functional teams to integrate suppliers with management technology tools and upgrades, leading to increase in global supply chain efficiency.
  • Drove reliability and profitability through introduction of [Type] system.
  • Used lean manufacturing principles to develop, evaluate and improve [Type] manufacturing methods.
  • Reviewed products for compliance with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) requirements.
  • Completed purchase analysis to analyze customer engineering drawings and specifications.
  • Created various authorizations to authorize exported data and defense services.
  • Developed solutions with challenging EMI, environmental, packaging and vibration requirements.
  • Reduced overall sector supplier submissions for request for change/information (RC/I) by [Number]%.
  • Completed technical estimates using cost models.
  • Decreased [Number]% of sector supply submissions for requesting change or information.
  • Coordinated all aspects of production, including selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication and operation of product designs.
  • Collaborated with suppliers and trade compliance groups to handle transfers of business and technical data, documents and licenses.
  • Identified problems and specific resolutions to fix defective, damaged or malfunctioning parts, assemblies, equipment and systems.
  • Resolved technical issues and provided approval recommendations effectively.
  • Supervised vendor development efforts through engineering design, technical producibility, manufacturing reviews and solutions creation.
  • Established and coordinated sub-contracting and outsourcing requirements for machining and processes to overcome in-house production issues.
  • Decreased in-house production issues by establishing and coordinating sub-contracting and outsourcing requirements and processes.
  • Developed and coordinated sourcing requirements for organization's supplier network to support procurement of critical [Type] parts and assemblies.
  • Managed supplier development efforts by creating statements of work and procedures, proposal preparation, projecting lead times, technical costs and budgets for engineering and parts production.
  • Created process improvements through implementation of secured web-based portal, resolving inefficiencies and lowering total costs.
  • Evaluated risks through investigating sources and source qualifications during on-site inspections or processes and supplier capacities.
  • Supervised product development and introduction of prototypes for [Type] designs.
  • Reviewed internal processes, procedures and policies using Internal Trade Compliance regulations to govern importing and exporting.
  • Worked with suppliers to manage schedules, specifications and quality compliance.
  • Procured critical parts and assemblies to develop and coordinate sourcing requirements.
  • Worked with engineers, designers, purchasers and suppliers on changes and adjustments to cost estimates.
  • Performed daily department Layered Process Audits to maintain proactive control over automobile manufacturing process.
  • Communicated changes in costs to engineers, designers, purchases and suppliers.
  • Collaborated with various departments such as engineering, management, procurement, sales, marketing, suppliers and quality assurance to provide technical support.
  • Applied project management metrics and tools in oversight of engineering and manufacturing projects and program services.
  • Resolved technical and quality issues by collaborating with customer, manufacturing, quality assurance, vendors and supplier personnel.
  • Applied mechanical troubleshooting skills to develop effective solutions for quality products.
  • Served as technical liaison, supporting engineering, management, procurement, sales and marketing, quality assurance and supply base.
  • Served as technical liaison between customer, manufacturing, quality assurance and vendor and supplier personnel to resolve technical and quality issues.
  • Provided recommendations for approval and delivered technical assistance for resolution.
  • Used various types of costing models to complete and document technical estimates.
  • Researched suppliers and conducted on-site supplier evaluations.
  • Saved over $[Number] by recommended different outsourcing and shielding gaskets.
  • Strategically selected methodology to reduce cycle time and meet target margins.
  • Eliminated ineffective product line materials to resolve performance challenges and mitigate corrosion.
  • Developed products and prototypes for various types of product designs.
  • Implemented secure web-based portal to improve processing and resolve inefficiencies and lower total costs.
  • Identified appropriate methodology to shorten cycle time and achieve target margins.
  • Investigated reports of defective, damaged or malfunctioning parts, assemblies, equipment and systems to identify problems and resolutions.
  • Analyzed customer engineering drawings, specifications and RFQ requirements to perform purchase analysis.
  • Assisted in development of [Type] testing systems, including automated [Type] equipment.
  • Developed methods to estimate efficiency of biomass pretreatment.
  • Identified and matched potential suppliers by applying automated enabling technologies tools for AdvancedLogistics and information processing to procure obsolete or hard to find parts.
  • Reduced product rollout time by [Number]% through effective multitasking on design, engineering and manufacturing.
  • Managed manufacturing projects and program services to handle engineering and project metrics.
  • Promoted Design for Manufacturability philosophy.
  • Served as technical liaison between multi-functional departments, suppliers and trade compliance groups for importing and exporting of business and technical data, classifications, licensing and controls.
  • Transferred data for engineering drawings, standards, specifications and manufacturing instructions and procedures to decrease administration time and hard copy resources.
  • Drafted [Type], [Type] and [Type] documents to support [Type] development initiatives.
  • Talked to vendors about [Product].
  • Inspected supplier sites and procedures to research suppliers and compliances.
  • Mitigated supplier risk through investigation and sourcing of qualified suppliers and on-site evaluations of processes and capacities.
  • Selected manufacturing methods, fabrication and operations to develop and coordinate production.
  • Applied statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing requirements.
  • Increased global supply chain efficiency and development by leading cross-functional teams and enabling supplier integration and management technology tools, upgrades.
  • Designed documents and statements of proposals, lead times, technical costs and budgets and statements of work to manage supplier development efforts.
  • Analyzed [Type] mechanical requirements to determine feasibility of design.
  • Generated Data and Services Export Authorization, ensuring that export of technical data and defense services are authorized under current Manufacturing and License Agreements and Technical Assistance Agreements.
  • Identified solutions which aligned with vibration, packaging and environmental requirements.
  • Oversaw development and implementation of [Type] testing system.
  • Fabricated tools needed to construct [Type], [Type] and [Type] components.
  • Automated enabling technologies to identify and match potential suppliers for procurement and processing of hard to find parts.
  • Researched and tested design feasibility and operation of equipment, components and systems.
  • Eliminated hard copy administrative production hours and shipping costs to suppliers through electronic transfer of engineering drawings, standards, specifications and manufacturing instruction and procedures.
  • Coordinated cost effective preproduction by coordinating with manufacturing and engineering departments.
  • Applied working knowledge of International Trade Compliance in reviews of internal processes, procedures and policies governing import and export rules and regulations.
Bachelor of Science: Chemical Engineer, Expected in 05/1992 to Lehigh University - Bethlehem,

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Lehigh University

Job Titles Held:

  • Lead Product Engineer
  • Project Engieneer
  • Process Engineer


  • Bachelor of Science

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