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Professional Summary
Strong authentic leader currently serving as the ATF Deputy Assistant Director of Field Operations. Reputation for solid foundation of leadership and organizational management expertise essential for leading complex organizations with critical missions. A leader with passion, diplomacy, vision, and openness to new ideas. Strong, high-energy, focused on risk mitigation with ability to think objectively and analyze all possible results of a given action. Takes on new challenges and not afraid to ask hard questions needed to make critical decisions, sound judgments and chart the right course. Well-known for quickly executing and producing actionable products, programs, and decisions. Strategic thinker with clear vision necessary for successful long-range planning and organizational transformation. Recognized for strong work ethic, willingness to take on challenges, and for successfully handling high profile critical incidents and managing crisis situations. Strength in building trusting relationships, and joining people from diverse backgrounds to create synergies and substantive change. Handles all relationships with firm belief that more is done when people work together. Skilled communicator with experience dealing with media, congress, and the public. Senior Executive Service. TS/SCI Clearance. 
  • Strategic Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Threat Assessment
  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Project Management                  
  • Strategic Transformations Lead
  • Transition/Change Management
  • National/Global Operations
  • Program Development Relations
  • Team Building & Training
  • Continuous Improvement 
University of South Florida Tampa, FL Expected in 1990 Bachelor of Arts : Criminal Justice - GPA :
  • 3.9 GPA
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives - ATF National Academy / Criminal Investigator Training
  • Top Secret / SCI Clearance
  • Graduate 3 Year Certified Course-Experiential Transpersonal Therapy Skills Training –Toronto, Canada
  • Leading the Intelligence Community (LIC) – CIA –ODNI-completion: 10/2015
  • US Army Senior Leaders Seminar-SLS2013-
  • International Association Chiefs of Police leadership course
  • Certified Steven Covey facilitator-Leadership Development Johns Hopkins University (Strategic Thinking/Battle of Gettysburg)
  • FBI Leadership Development program-Battle of Manassas
  • FBI Leadership Development Program-Leadership Seminar for Front line Supervisors-Langley VA
  • Three Day Leadership Development ,sponsored by Booze Allan
  • Certified Franklyn Covey facilitator-Seven Habits for Highly Effective Managers Covey Courses Successful completion: 4 Disciplines of Execution, 7 habits of Highly Effective People, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers Leadership-Great Talent-Great Team-Great Results  
Work History
State Of Oklahoma - Deputy Assistant Director
{"@Context":"Http://Schema.Org", "@Type":"Jobposting", 06/2016 - Current

A key leadership position that provides strategic and operational oversight to field enforcement professionals charged with ensuring public safety. Responsible for the overall leadership and direction of Enforcement Operations and compliance with Federal Law and regulations by the firearms and explosives industry in the Central Region of the United States. ·     

  • Implementation of ATF's business model, "Front Line" on Violent Crime strategy, a laser focused approach to reducing gun violence.
  • Oversight of ATF's Crime Gun Intelligence Centers and the implementation of a comprehensive NIBIN initiative for Field Divisions in Central US, partnering with U.S. Attorneys, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to expand the concept.  
  • Development of the "Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force ", from concept to execution.  
  • ATF's response to the rise in gun related homicides in the City of Chicago.
 ·      Chairman of ATF Executive Resource Board to establish a new promotional SES process. 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - Special Agent in Charge
City, STATE, Current - Current

Directed activities of more than 200 law enforcement personnel in criminal and regulatory investigative groups in the state of Florida, 58 of the 67 counties encompassing 12 million people. Engineered performance enhancements in Division operations. Enforced criminal laws and regulatory statutes pertaining to firearms, explosives and arson. Effectively worked to improve relationships with US Attorney’s office, as well as state and local police departments.

  • Direct operational matters, established goals, objectives, and means to achieve strategic success of over 1200 investigations, inspections cycles of over 2400 Federal firearms and explosives licensees and managed a 2 million-dollar budget.
  • Incident Commander for the "Pulse Nightclub shooting" in Orlando, FL., established ATF's mobile command post comprised of Intelligence analysts, Special Agents and command staff, conducted critical Intel briefings with state local and federal partners and the Department of Justice, public and governmental affairs, conducted press conferences both national and international print and social media.  
  • Developed and instituted the Executive Snapshot to manage performance, expenditures, risk and accomplishments across the different commodities. This worked to increase productivity, accountability, communication and enhance public safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Established external partnerships and information sharing with the local congressional representatives, corporate, academia and law enforcement sectors.
  • Developed and effectively implemented Violent Crime Initiative in Tampa Bay area, resulting in the 28% decrease in gun related violent crime in the city of Tampa in partnership with Tampa Police.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the Tampa Crime Gun Intelligence Unit, developed actionable results leveraging intelligence community and state fusion centers.
  •  Effectively handled Media and Congressional relations.  
  • Member of the Professional Review Board (Disciplinary Board).  
  • Create systems of internal control to ensure compliance with Federal regulations.
  • Made appearances on network news shows, interviewing with print, radio, and television outlets. 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - Assistant Agent in Charge
City, STATE, Current - Current

Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Division, a key management position responsible for the overall management and coordination of the enforcement programs and operations in the state of New York. Areas of responsibility encompass New York City and the entire state of New York along the US/Canadian International border. Oversees a 2-million-dollar budget to operate to include a large workforce of 200 employees of special agents, investigators, and clerical support, leading their work effectiveness while instilling purpose, mission, accountability and motivation. ·  

  • Realignment of field enforcement groups to enhance Front line focus on Crime Gun Intelligence Centers to partner with NYPD 's Social Media group and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to target firearms trafficking operations.
  • Instituted ATF’s getting SMART on crime initiative to outside police agencies, local, state and federal, Project Give-Gun initiative in partnership with NYPD and New York State Police.
  • Established strong external partnerships and information sharing with the corporate, academia and law enforcement sectors, (4) United States Attorney’s Offices, and local Judicial Districts of New York. Designed, developed and executed a Front Line on violent crime focus along the Northern Border of New York State, along the Canadian border to target gun trafficking, and tobacco trafficking on the Indian reserve.
  • Established ATF’s role with Department of Homeland Security on Border Enforcement Teams (BEST). 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - Chief - ATF Leadership Institute (Leadership and Professional Development)
City, STATE, Current - Current

Appointed Chief of the Leadership Institute, tasked with the critical mission to design, develop and execute a new leadership journey model for ATF’s total workforce. Created a new vision and cultural change for ATF, titled “Leadership Day One”.  Developed a strong integrated, holistic approach to Leadership development, Managed and directed a 6.2-million-dollar budget to execute ATF’s new Leadership Philosophy.

  • Maintain highly developed network of law enforcement professionals: International Association of Chiefs of Police, Major City Chiefs, United States Attorneys, Congressional Staffers, National District Attorney’s Office, National Crime Prevention Counsel, as well as other Federal and State law enforcement professionals and military units.
  • Oversaw a budget of approximately 6.2 million through various contracting mechanisms (sole source contracts, MIPRs, recurring requisitions). ·      Cultivated partnerships to assist with quality and quantity of training: Bureau of Justice Assistance, ATF National Academy, Department of State and US Military. Partnerships resulting in offerings of Master degree programs for future ATF leaders.
  • Development of a Master Strategic Plan – Redesigned a solid leadership development curriculum, encompassing an overall holistic approach to leadership development, conducting research, with outside organizations, Fortune 500 companies, other federal agencies, DOJ components, universities, and military with emphasis on self-awareness and self-development.  
  • Redesigned a relevant leadership skills course to align with ATF’s overall strategic plan and our Front-line mission on violent crime for total workforce, all job series, First line Supervisors, Managers and SES Executive level.
 ·      Designed and implemented a Leadership presentation to launch ATFs Leadership Philosophy statement.
  • Initiated a "take the lead "mindset and focus on "career empowerment”.
 ·      Developed a leadership journey model and training curriculum for all ATF employees.
  • Instituted a 2 year on- line Master’s Degree program for 24 ATF future leaders through partnership with George Washington University.  Twenty-four students graduated May 2016. 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - ATF - COUNTRY ATTACHÉ INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS DIVISION (Office of Strategic Intelligence)
City, STATE, Current - Current

Appointed the Country Attaché, US Embassy Ottawa Canada, tasked with establishing a strong US Department of Justice-ATF presence at the US Embassy in Canada. Diplomatic mission under Department of State representing ATF at cross border crime forums, high level bi-national meetings with DOJ-Office of International Affairs pertaining to international matters chaired by the US Ambassador to Canada. Administer of Mission Canada budget of 1.5-million-dollar allotment. Leadership role to develop and execute the Beyond the Border Initiative launched by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper, A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness. The initiative, proposed to
enhance Integrated Cross-border Law Enforcement operations, “Next Generation Border Enforcement Teams”. ·  

  • Implemented Beyond the Border Initiative, Next Generation of Border Enforcement.  
  • Negotiated ATF position to resolved difficult issues relevant to the utilization of US informants, facilitating cross border undercover operations and jurisdiction for cross border prosecutions.
  • Leadership role with the planning committee and key role in establishing our ATF presence and protocols as it relates to bi-national firearms trafficking operations.
  • Developed a Standard Operating Plan for the Investigative teams assigned to the task force to overcome political challenges of cross designation of the US and Canadian officers having US Title 18 Authority to enforce the laws in each country and carry firearms.
  • Designed and developed an innovative plan to implement 5 Regional Crime Gun Centers in Canada modelled after ATF -Gun Intelligence Center concept in partnership with the with RCMP-National Weapons Enforcement Units(NWEST) to increase overall case production, intelligence sharing and stem the illegal flow of weapons into Canada from the United States.
  • Established US/CN Standard Operating Procedure in partnership with Royal Canadian Mounted Police to facilitate the tracing of all US Sourced Crime Guns, facilitating all cross-border investigations, and provided guidance and consultation to RCMP to draft a new National Policy to build strong coalition and partnership.
  • Foster the partnership of the Canadian Integrated Ballistics Identification Network (CIBIN), a national network of Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) instruments that collect, analyze and correlate fired bullets and cartridge cases in a central database. 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - ATF - ASSISTANT COUNTRY ATTACHÉ INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS DIVISION (Office of Strategic Intelligence)
City, STATE, Current - Current

Appointed the position of Assistant Country Attaché – Toronto, Canada to establish ATF’s first office in Toronto, Canada under the United States Department of State. Designed, developed and executed ATF’s Crime Gun Center in Canada in partnership with Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Police, and Criminal Intelligence Services of Ontario (CISO). Held a diplomatic position in Canada as the ATF Liaison/representative for 7 years under two administrations and three US Ambassadors to Canada.

  • Designed, developed and executed ATF’ first office in Toronto, Canada. ·      Created a solid foundation and footprint for ATF in partnership with Department of State, Mission Canada, Toronto Police Services, Ontario Provincial Police and RCMP.  
  • Established the US Law Enforcement Office policy and Procedures inside the US Consulate-Toronto Canada in partnership with US Homeland Security agencies, FBI, and the US Secrete Service.
  • Designed, developed and implemented the first Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for ATF and Canadian law enforcement agencies to facilitate tracing of US sourced Crime Guns, cross border investigations, cross border undercover operations and sharing of intelligence between countries.
  • Designed, developed and implemented ATF’s Collateral Investigation Program., a process and system to target International weapon traffickers from both sides of the US/ CN border- resulted in an average of 60-75 investigations per year. ·      Designed, developed and deployed the “Crime Gun Analysis Team” (CGAT) in partnership with the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit, Toronto Police Services and the Criminal Intelligence Services of Ontario, Canada Border Services (CBSA) to focus on a comprehensive analysis of both domestic and international sources of crime guns seized in Ontario. An Integrated Cross Border Task Force approach.
  • Led the day to day operations of the Crime Gun Analysis Unit ensuring that all ATF investigations and foreign operations were conducted in accordance with foreign policy and procedures for DOJ/ATF and Canadian government.

  • Cultivated an excellent trusting relationship with our International partners at the highest levels of Canadian government, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ontario Government offering my expertise that successfully led to the implementation of various gun reduction strategies and initiatives.
  • Established a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding with Ontario Provincial Police for a full-time co located OPP detective assigned to work for ATF, cleared by both governments. Still in place today.
  • Established a new position to hire ATF’s first Foreign Service National in Canada: Position description, budget justification, hiring process, background clearance and implementation.
  • Established the initial agreement/partnership for the NIBIN/CIBIN project: US Based NIBIN, National Integrated Ballistics Information Network(NIBIN) and CIBIN, Canadian Integrated Ballistics Information Network. Allowing all police in Canada to have their evidence compared against any evidence from across the country, and against evidence entered the U.S. (NIBIN). Canada and the United States have been sharing ballistics information since 2006. (In 2014, the RCMP and ATF established a live connection between the two ballistics networks. This allows law enforcement in Canada and the United States to share information and compare ballistics data in a real-time environment.)
  • Made numerous appearances on network news shows, press conferences, interviewing with print, radio, and television outlets, featured in two documentary films, Fifth Estate, Missing the Target air on National TV.
  • Liaison for US Law Enforcement team and the head of operations and security for MLB (Toronto Blue Jays - Rogers Stadium Security) and NHL (Toronto Maple Leafs - Air Canada Centre). 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - GROUP SUPERVISOR / HIDTA TASK FORCE COMMANDER
City, STATE, Current - Current

Supervised, managed and led, the day to day operations of a highly proactive task force targeting police impersonation groups, home invasion robbery groups and armed narcotics trafficking organizations. Responsible for a 2.2 million-dollar budget allotment.

  • Conducted a full range of supervisory functions of a HIDTA task force, both administrative and operational, to include making critical decisions on high risk undercover operations.
  • Developed and executed a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding with state and local police agencies assigned to the Task Force, still stands today.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a clear set of task force guidelines, a Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) to establish a clear and concise method of operating.
  • Results driven - Led an average of 30-35 high risk operations per year, targeting armed career criminals, home invasion robbery groups and violent street offenders.
  • Awarded Dade Country, Florida, “Group Award” of the year, three (3) consecutive years while under my leadership. 

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives - Special Agent
City, STATE, Current - Current

Federal career began in 1992, assigned to the Miami Field Division. Developed solid reputation for high profile, complex investigations. Expert in conducting international firearms trafficking investigations, complex gang investigations, and RICO investigations.

  • Developed High quality complex investigations which resulted in recognition at the highest levels and the Attorney General’s Award by DOJ.
  • Awarded agent of the year for an international firearms trafficking investigation involving the Irish Republican Army (IRA) involving highly controversial issues, international media coverage Attorney General briefings: Testified in foreign court, Dublin and Belfast against IRA members.
  • Conducted complex, multi-defendant investigations to include, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, large scale explosives and bombing investigations, arsons, drug organizations, and International firearms traffickers.
  • Active participant in ATF undercover program, worked undercover in several investigations, including infiltration of a large-scale violent drug organization in South Miami.

  • Performed undercover work.
  • Participated in trials and made court appearances as expert witness.  

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Florida Sheriffs Association
  • Treasury Executive Institute
  • Women In Federal Law Enforcement
  • National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives 

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • University of South Florida

Job Titles Held:

  • Deputy Assistant Director
  • Special Agent in Charge
  • Assistant Agent in Charge
  • Chief - ATF Leadership Institute (Leadership and Professional Development)
  • Special Agent


  • Bachelor of Arts

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