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Objectives I am currently exploring employment opportunities as a full-time employee that will allow me to capitalize on my experience and expand my knowledge within the profession of nursing. Adaptable medical professional demonstrating expertise and knowledge through 18 years in healthcare roles. Committed to leading highly effective teams to delivering exceptional patient care. Eager to fulfill challenging new roles in case management and leadership capacity roles. Diligent in the nursing professional bringing strong foundation of medical knowledge and patient care expertise, honed over 18 years of industry experience. Trained in Medsurg, renal, infusions, and case management treatment and patient care with extensive knowledge of holistic care as well. Compassionate Nurse with 18 years of patient care and advocacy within Medsurgical units. Highly skilled in management, charting, managing patient intake and discharges and monitoring care plans. Well-versed in promoting policies and protocols to achieve core measures. Compassionate Clinical Case Manager accustomed to treating diverse patient needs while managing dynamic conditions. Offering excellent clinical knowledge and judgment combined with strong documentation, vitals monitoring and problem-solving abilities. Well-versed in managing emergent cases with poise. Skilled Case Manager experienced in coordinating care for vulnerable individuals. Proactive and resourceful professional makes appropriate decisions for high-quality and cost-effective care. Careful provider of preventive and proactive care for fragile patients. Accomplished Case Manager adept at handling high caseloads without sacrificing quality of care. Operates exceptionally well in high-pressure environments. Recommends best resources and courses of action to benefit patient needs and return each to optimal quality of life. Effective at improving revenue, team productivity and policies to keep the facility operating at a sustainable and profitable level. Well-versed in motivating and retaining employees, building relationships with residents and families and achieving the requirements for continued accreditation.

  • Instrument Sterilization
  • Medical Procedure Preparation
  • Patient Care Assessment
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Procedure Room Preparation
  • Equipment Sterilization
  • Critical Thinking
  • Patient Care Oversight
  • Nursing Consultation
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations
  • Progress evaluations understanding
  • Triage, Clinical care, and case management specialized care
  • Emotional awareness
  • Quality assurance controls
  • Cross-functional collaboration
04/2020 to Current
Clinical Case Manager Cvs Health Springfield, IL,

April 2019 – Present

Leveraged compassion in facilitating pain management, completing prescribed treatments, and reassessing effectiveness of therapy.

Decisively and confidently made judgments on patient conditions based on vital signs, patient presentation, and initial assessment; triaged to appropriate zone; activated specialized team when indicated (Cath lab, trauma team, rapid response stroke team, etc.)

Applied expertise in data analysis by monitoring laboratory results, blood work, urinalysis, and performed sterile procedures including catheterization, IV starts and dressing changes.

Collaborated with all members of interdisciplinary team, therapists, social workers, doctors and pharmacists.

  • Increased referral rates by providing excellent service and building meaningful relationships with patients and caregivers.
  • Identified care needs of individual patients and coordinated responses based on physician advice, insurance limitations and procedural costs.
  • Participated in professional growth programs to support special education improvement efforts.
  • Participated as member of multi-disciplinary team providing on-going case management services to adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses.
  • Provided crisis intervention and risk assessments.
  • Assisted with outreach and engagement services to engage clients and maintain working relationships.
  • Evaluated treatment plans against individual goals and healthcare standards.
  • Helped patients receive appropriate, high-quality care with reasonable results.
  • Consulted with clinicians to devise and manage ongoing care plans for at-risk patients.
  • Liaised with teachers to develop Individualized Education Programs to provide quality education for students with disabilities.
  • Educated patients and loved ones about different treatment options and outside care approaches to reduce burden on hospital resources.
  • Managed caseload of over 50 children in welfare system to provide comprehensive, community-based care.
  • Evaluated IEP for compliance with state and federal requirements regulations and rectified non-compliance issues immediately.
  • Developed and implemented transition services plan to facilitate movement from school to activities.
  • Addressed disruptions in patient care, including delays in discharge, postponed procedures and discharge equipment unavailability.
  • Conducted training for educational staff to properly identify learning disabilities and remediation strategies.
  • Facilitated special education placement process in partnership with parents to provide free appropriate public education for eligible referrals.
  • Developed positive relationships with parents to foster communication and encourage involvement for student growth.
  • Collaborated with external agencies to meet educational and transitional needs of students.
  • Managed support services and fostered communication among social workers, therapists, hospital staff and patients.
  • Monitored student progress and reviewed and revised IEP to meet emerging student needs.
  • Reduced care costs without sacrificing quality through service coordination and multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Partnered with physicians, social workers, activity therapists, nutritionists and case managers to develop and implement individualized care plans and documented all patient interactions and interventions in electronic charting systems.
  • Assisted personnel with assessments to identify student academic ability level and guide instruction.
  • Improved staff performance by recreating disciplinary procedures commensurate with level of infraction.
  • Collected special education enrollment data to generate statistic reporting in HMIS Coordinated Care access.
  • Collected special education enrollment data to generate statistic reporting in Red Carp Coordinated access.
08/2012 to 12/2020
Clinical Nurse Manager, Surgical Floor Washington Hospital Center City, STATE,
  • Medstar) DC, John Hopkins Baltimore, MD, and Howard County General Hospital Registered Acute Nurse, in in-patient setting, with effect from,.
  • Duties: Caring for patients (pediatrics and adults) challenged with both acute and chronic renal failure; executing and delivering hemodialysis modalities, Plasmapheresis, Red Blood Cell exchanges, white cell depletion treatments, assessing and talking to patients about their problems and discussing best ways to plan and deliver their care; building relationships with patients to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns; ensuring correct administration of medication, and monitoring results of treatment; responding to distressed patients in a non-threatening manner and attempting to understand their source of distress; applying 'de-escalation' techniques to help people manage their emotions and behavior, providing evidence-based individual therapy, such as cognitive behavior therapy for depression and anxiety; encouraging patients to take part in art, drama or occupational therapy where appropriate; organizing social events aimed at developing patients' social skills; preparing and maintaining patient records; producing care plans and risk assessments for individual patients; ensuring that legal requirements appropriate to a particular setting or group of patients are observed; working with patients' families and care givers, helping to educate them and patients about their renal and over all problems; promoting a 'recovery' based approach to care, and taking charge of 40- 60 in patients’ unit as well (responsible for coordination of more than 15 registered nurses and 5 dialysis technicians per day)., Running charge of a 25-chair unit clinic.
  • Coordinating, managing, and scheduling for both patients and staff members, patient admissions, emergency intervention, complete admission assessment, audit patients’ charts, medication administration, patient teaching, supervision of all staffs working under me, documentation of care given, and report handover.
  • Provided strong leadership and guidance to nurses.
  • Administered medications and treatments to patients as ordered by physician, maintaining accountability for accurate narcotic count at end of each shift.
  • Cared for patients' wounds and changed dressings.
  • Documented medications administered, treatments and patient procedures performed in appropriate records according to privacy requirements.
  • Worked with patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, congestive heart failure (CHF), cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), diabetes or sepsis to asses needs and determine best options for care.
  • Maximized team performance by monitoring nursing care, including patient assessment processes and treatment implementations.
  • Implemented quality patient care techniques to align with safety, health and organizational regulations.
  • Managed JP drains and chest, nasogastric, G and peg tubes.
  • Coordinated nursing care on unit through staff assignments, assisting and rounding with physicians, monitoring patient orders and communicating with ancillary departments.
  • Documented information in patients' electronic medical record, relaying information to clinicians and care providers to facilitate continuity of care.
  • Interacted smoothly with patients and loved ones, updated on care plans and advocated for needs.
  • Trained new nurses in proper techniques, care standards, operational procedures and safety protocols.
  • Directed patient care activities, guided and trained RNs, LPNs and residential advisors during shift.
  • Supervised patient admissions and discharges from hospital to various settings, including home care, rehabilitative facility or self-care.
  • Managed various medications and treatments such as peritoneal dialysis, IV push, oral, subcutaneous, IV infusion and and intramuscular injections.
  • Collaborated with various healthcare professionals to determine specific and individualized care plan based on goals and long-term health.
  • Educated patients and caregivers of various available external resources to support wound management, disease management and medication administration.
  • Identified unit areas of inadequacy and adjusted procedures to close gaps and improve policies.
  • Triaged incoming phone calls from emergency rooms and inpatient units to determine needs and prioritize care.
  • Supervised and managed functions for unit, including daily scheduling, tasking and administration.
  • Performed various nursing interventions such as wound dressing, vital sign monitoring and specimen collection.
  • Monitored patients' conditions and reported changes in physical ability, appearance and behavior to discuss treatment with physicians.
  • Built rapport with patients and family members to deliver exceptional care.
  • Collaborated with physicians to quickly assess patients and deliver appropriate treatment while managing rapidly changing conditions.
  • Performed patient assessments and adjusted care plans accordingly.
  • Identified patient care requirements by establishing personal rapport with patients and families.
  • Administered medications via oral, IV and intramuscular injections and monitored responses.
  • Assigned patient care to over 30 nurses based on skills and experience, contributing to higher standards of patient care and staff retention.
  • Teamed on trauma and emergency interventions involving serious head injuries, gunshot wounds and thoracic trauma.
  • Assigned patient care to above 30 nurses based on skills and experience, contributing to higher standards of patient care and staff retention.
  • Educated patients and answered questions about health condition, prognosis and treatment.
  • Assigned patient care to 30 nurses nurses based on skills and experience, contributing to higher standards of patient care and staff retention.
  • Monitored patient status and treatment progress, reporting observations to physicians.
  • Mentored and coached nursing staff, listening to concerns and providing counsel.
  • Established and maintained positive relationships with residents, physicians, hospital staff, patients and families.
  • Documented and evaluated successes and failures of care plans and interventions.
  • Evaluated performance of staff nurses, contributing to professional development.
  • Supervised daily nursing activities and general operations while delivering exceptional care and building solid nursing teams for a MedStar Hospital, facility with more than 900 beds.
  • Supervised hiring, training and development of nursing and clinical specialists' staff.
02/2011 to 11/2012
Registered Chronic Dialysis Nurse Davita Harbor Park Chronic Unit City, STATE,
  • Analyzed emergency situations and took prompt action to save lives.
  • Utilized Cerner automated healthcare database to perform duties, maintain records and prepare reports.
  • Oversaw performance of peritoneal dialysis in addition to administering renal and diabetes, hypertension, and other medications.
  • Utilized Cerner automated healthcare database to perform duties, maintain records and prepare reports.
  • Oversaw performance of several dialysis modalities inclusive of peritoneal and hemodialysis .
  • Administered medications and treatment to patients and monitored responses while working with healthcare teams to adjust care plans.
  • Accurately documented all elements of nursing assessment, including treatment, medications and IVs administered, discharge instructions and follow-up care.
  • Advocated for and strived to protect health, safety and rights of patient.
  • Educated family members and caregivers on patient care instructions.
  • Communicated with healthcare team members to plan, implement and enhance treatment strategies.
  • Managed patients recovering from medical or surgical procedures, including facilitating wound care, ostomy care, pressure ulcer prevention and pain management.
  • Administered medications to 20 -30 patients per shift and monitored response to medications.
  • Followed all personal and health data procedures to effectively comply with HIPAA laws and prevent information breaches.
  • Administered different therapies and medications in line with physician orders and treatment plan.
  • Monitored patient condition, including interpreting and tracking EKG readings, identifying irregular telemetry readings and updating team members on changes in stability or acuity.
  • Provided skilled, timely and level-headed emergency response to critically-ill patients.
  • Explained course of care and medications, including side effects to patients and caregivers in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Monitored patient reactions after administering medications and IV therapies.
  • Quickly responded to situations impacting safety and security to unit, actualizing crisis prevention interventions to control and de-escalate situations.
  • Evaluated patient histories, complaints and current symptoms.
  • Offered exceptional care and support to individuals recovering from acute incidents and dealing with chronic conditions.
  • Facilitated therapeutic communication, conflict resolution and crisis intervention by redirecting negative behaviors and helping patients regain or improve coping abilities.
  • Assessed and evaluated mental health needs, working with multidisciplinary team to initiate, manage and modify individualized care plans.
  • Adhered to strict safety measures by carefully determining proper dosages before administering medications.
  • Participated in education activities, including evidence-based practice project implementation, nursing competency development and nursing simulation activities.
  • Used first-hand knowledge and clinical expertise to advocate for patients under care and enacted prescribed treatment strategies.
  • Equipped patients with tools and knowledge needed for speedy and sustained recovery.
  • Cared for out-patients unit (20-60) per day, supporting fellow nurses in delivering outstanding treatment to patients.
  • Performed triage on all incoming patients and determined severity of injuries and illnesses.
  • Delivered high level of quality care to diverse populations while overseeing patient admission and triaging based on acuity and appropriate department admission.
  • Promoted patient and family comfort during challenging recoveries to enhance healing and eliminate non-compliance problems.
  • Observed and documented patient factors such as diets, physical activity levels and behaviors to understand conditions and effectively modify treatment plans.
  • Conducted ongoing monitoring and evaluations of behaviors and conditions, and updated clinical supervisors with current information.
  • Strengthened training and nursing knowledge by taking part in continuing education programs and In-Service workshops.
  • Collaborated with leadership to devise initiatives for improving nursing satisfaction, retention and morale.
  • Implemented care plans for patient treatment after assessing physician medical regimens.
  • Provided exceptional care to high-acute patients needing complex care such as ventilator management, extensive wound care and rehabilitation.
  • Led teams in driving successful patient outcomes by prioritizing standard of care and best practices.
  • Conveyed treatment options, diagnosis information and home care techniques to patients and caregivers to continue care consistency.
  • Applied nursing expertise to meet needs of renal patients in a challenging chronic environment.
  • Performed frequent checks on life support equipment and made necessary adjustments to preserve optimal patient conditions.
  • Leveraged feedback and process improvement opportunities to create safer and healthier environment and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Sustained quality standards by performing routine medication audits and upholding internal and industry best practices.
  • Participated in Davita Nursing policy committee to discuss policies, propose revisions and implement changes.
  • Maintained highest levels of patient satisfaction, generating referrals to maintain productivity levels for renal transplant
  • Recorded details regarding all therapies, including care plans and monthly nursing notes to keep patient charts updated.
  • Reported findings to quality departments after conducting routine restraint audits and worked with team to devise corrective actions for deficiencies.
  • Investigated and resolved issues affecting hospital operations and patient care, including power or system outages, patient or family grievances, security issues and employee issues.
  • Worked with healthcare team to develop new dialysis treatment flow sheet and other log forms, improving clinical documentation and accountability.
  • Identified Critical and Chronic conditions by conducting health screenings and reviewing patient histories.
Education and Training
Expected in 09/2019
Master of Science: Nursing and informatics
Grand Canyon University - Arizona City, AZ,
Expected in 04/2016
Bachelor of Science: Nursing
Grand Canyon University - Grand Canyon, AZ,
Expected in 05/2011
Associate of Science: Nursing
Howard Community College - Columbia, MD,
Expected in 12/1997
Associate of Science: Nursing
School of Midwifery Makerere - Kampala, Uganda,
Expected in 09/2003
Associate of Applied Science:
Health Management Institute (HMI) - Takoma Park, MD,
Additional Information
  • Awards / Certifications: , Academic excellence (Dean’s list awards) in 2008, 2010, and 2016. American Nephrology Scholar 2014. Apheresis, hemodialysis, Home Health Care and CPR certifications. Sigma Theta Tau International (Kappa Chapter). Student Leader Internship Award (2009).

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School Attended

  • Grand Canyon University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Howard Community College
  • School of Midwifery Makerere
  • Health Management Institute (HMI)

Job Titles Held:

  • Clinical Case Manager
  • Clinical Nurse Manager, Surgical Floor
  • Registered Chronic Dialysis Nurse


  • Master of Science
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Associate of Science
  • Associate of Science
  • Associate of Applied Science

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