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Jessica Claire
  • , , 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor
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Cleaning Company Owner, 03/2000 - 12/2013
Nook & Cranny Cleaning Services City, STATE,
  • I think my strongest ability is to manage and operate multiple companies as well in growing them. Also i have a very strong work ethic and motivation to make progress in companies where others could not. Also the strongest part of my company was communication with my clients and catering to there needs as much as possible to an extent without charging them a lot more than there regular payment.
  • I started a cleaning company IN 2001 with 2 employees and about 15 clients. I quickly rose to one of the primary cleaning company,s within my area with about 85 mixed clientell with 75% residential and 25%commercial accounts within6 months to a year.
  • So as I added clients I added employees. I ended up with about 6 -8 employees and i kept between 75 and 85 accounts on a regular schedule.
  • Identified potential solutions to issues and implemented tactics to promptly resolve.
  • Interviewed, trained and supervised employees.
  • Supported employee development of skills and abilities, enabling personnel to effectively fulfill current or future job roles and responsibilities.
  • Sanitized frequented areas and equipment using approved supplies.
  • Collected trash from floors within hallways, bathrooms and work areas.
  • Vacuumed carpeted areas and mopped solid surfaces with proper chemical solutions.
  • Removed trash bags, broke down boxes and placed recyclable materials in designated disposal areas.
  • I also dealt with the estimates and meeting new clients at there homes or business to get a feel for them and for what they were looking for in my service and how i could help them out to the best of my ability,s
  • I also identified potential problems pretty quickly if they arose and stayed on top of things so it would not escalate into anything.
  • Mentored newly hired employees to take on responsibilities and tasks with solid understanding of requirements.
  • I promoted my business through social media to identify who we were as a company and how i could accelerate my business platform to its full potential. i also kept a dress code which was tan pants and printed tshirts with the employees name on it, name of company. residential and commercial as well as contact info. and my company name on it as well as
  • I hired employees that had strong leadership skills, good work ethic and provided consistent work skills that could provide building a strong management team if needed.
  • Kept records for production, inventory, income and expenses of company.
  • Managed organizational budget and finances.
  • Developed marketing strategies for products and services to boost sales and brand awareness.
  • Devised business and marketing plans and prepared monthly goals.
  • Set pricing structures according to market analytics and emerging trends.
  • Reconciled daily sales, prepared bank deposits and assessed financial transactions.
  • Established favorable relationships with clients and company's and negotiated the best pricing plans they were looking for and what i could accommodate them with.
  • Took care of escalated customer concerns to increase satisfaction.
  • Created and implemented marketing and advertising strategies to support revenue goals and promote strategic growth
  • I directed implementation of strategic business plans to achieve goals and objectives.
  • I achieved most of my goals within my 1st year and the business really took off as soon as i started it.
  • Determined pricing for products or services based on costs and competition.
  • Created and implemented marketing and advertising strategies to support revenue goals and promote strategic growth.

  • Mentored newly hired employees to take on responsibilities and tasks with solid understanding of what each customer expected
  • Determined pricing and estimates or services based on how clean or kept up the residences were and the commercial buildings were and I could get an answer right away and could put them in my calender right then there
  • Scrubbed bathrooms, removing soap scum, mold and excess dirt from sinks and shower area.
  • Restocked supplies, replacing toiletries, liners and soaps.
  • Replenished supply of hand soap, paper towels and other consumables.
  • Transported trash and hazardous waste to appropriate disposal area.
  • Dusted ceiling air conditioning diffusers and ventilation systems to improve airflow.
  • Handled, labeled and safely stored various hazardous chemicals and solutions to prevent injuries.
  • Maintained safety protocols through safe handling of equipment and chemicals.
  • Developed estimates for services based on in-depth knowledge of labor and material expenses.
  • Reported maintenance concerns or repairs to appropriate supervisor for prompt remediation.
  • Emptied wastebaskets to transport trash and waste to proper disposal areas.
  • Mixed water and detergents in containers to prepare chemical cleaning solutions.
  • Cleaned windows, glass partitions and mirrors with cleaners and sponges.
  • Performed daily dusting, leather and wood surface polishing and wall washing.
  • Kept bathrooms in clean, functional condition by scrubbing stalls, sanitizing sinks and tidying storage shelves.
T2GREEN Landscaping and Construction, 02/2009 - 01/2017
Owner City, STATE,
  • I tried promoting my business on social media platforms as well as newspapers, tshirts a truck and trailer with my companies name on it.
  • I also oversaw hiring, letting people go scheduling and training.
  • my business structure was similar to my cleaning company but this time i had a business partner
  • unfortunately my business partner was not into growing the company like me he just wanted to get paid at the end of the week and not pay any bills so i just ended ties with him finished up the year and went back to overseeing my cleaning company.
  • I tried getting him on board but it just was not going to work. I considered hiring someone else but there was quite a bit of overhead with a landscaping and construction company.
  • Operated landscaping equipment to maintain grounds and remove trees.
  • Maintained garden areas and landscaping greenery to enhance property appearance and plant health.
  • Pruned trees and bushes to improve visibility and shape.
  • Trimmed shrubbery and trees to help plants produce more flowers and fruit to benefit wildlife.
  • Pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs with shears and pruning saws.
  • Applied mulch and burlap coverings to bushes and trees for winter.
  • Picked and chose new shrubs and plants according to bedding and sunlight.
  • Picked new shrubs and plants according to bedding and sunlight.
  • Utilized automatic sprayers to mix and spray fertilizers and herbicides onto grass and trees.
  • Troubleshot mechanical issues and completed basic repairs to keep equipment working at peak levels.
  • Recorded services rendered, materials used and charges assessed on specified forms.
  • Built pergolas, retaining walls, decks and large and small scale water features to enhance grounds.
  • Answered customer questions regarding care and general knowledge of landscape.
  • Planted trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers in decorative planters and displays.
  • Advised customers on plant, flower or shrubbery care.
  • Set support stakes and attached wires from planted trees.
  • Maintained or repaired tools or equipment for safety and longevity.
  • Adjusted amount of water consumption using irrigation methods to prevent waste.
  • Trimmed or edged around flower beds, walks, or walls.
  • Built or maintained greenhouses, fences or benches,
  • Cared for lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding or grubbing.
  • Winterized irrigation systems and restarted systems in spring.
  • Followed landscaping designs to determine placement of sod, flowers or foliage.
  • Trimmed flowers and cleaned flower beds.
  • Raked, mulched and composted leaves.
  • Watered lawns, plants, or trees, using sprinkler systems or watering cans as part of overall maintenance plan.
  • Decorated gardens, paths and beds with stones or plants.
  • Pruned and trimmed trees and hedges with shears, pruners, or chain saws.
  • Shoveled snow and spread salt on walkways and parking lots.
Restuarant Manager, 03/1995 - 04/1999
Buddy's Restuarant City, STATE,
  • Buddy's Restaurant
  • Manager
  • I cooked for about a year but my employer knew i had a lot more potential so he promoted me as manager of the entire restaurant.
  • I oversaw the kitchen, dining room and bar. The owner was never there so everything really fell on me to open and close. I helped out with recipes in the kitchen as well as helped out in the dining room and finally the bar and that i really had to watch and pay attention to everyone.
  • I also hired employees as well as let go employees but tried to keep it consistent with the same ones so there was not so much turnover.
  • I also tried to keep a good staff but there was always a big turnover rate in that business
  • I did Payroll as well as collecting deposits from each waiter and waitress, and then the bartender at the end of the night. I left there to start my cleaning company
  • Communicated well and used strong interpersonal skills to establish positive relationships with guests and employees.
  • Scheduled and directed staff in daily work assignments to maximize productivity.
  • Trained workers in food preparation, money handling and cleaning roles to facilitate restaurant operations.
  • Coached team members on food safety and sanitation processes, customer service, menu education and up-selling techniques to drive revenue.
  • Optimized profits by controlling food, beverage and labor costs.
  • Completed thorough opening, closing and shift change functions to maintain operational standards each day.
  • Counseled and disciplined staff to address issues promptly and provide constructive feedback.
  • Managed accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.
  • Maintained safe working and guest environment to reduce risk of injury and accidents.
  • Created detailed reports on weekly and monthly revenues and expenses.
  • Complied with health, sanitation and liquor regulations by clearly communicating and reinforcing standards and procedures to employees.
  • Resolved and investigated complaints regarding service, food quality and accommodations.
  • Directed and coordinated restaurant activities to obtain optimum customer service and strong employee development.
  • Prepared employee schedules to maintain appropriate staffing levels during peak periods.
  • Enforced sanitary practices for food handling, general cleanliness and maintenance of dining and kitchen areas.
  • Oversaw training of supervisors to develop leadership and customer service skills.
  • Performed opening and closing procedures each day.
  • Managed daily operations and processes for reservations, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Delegated work to staff, setting priorities and goals.
  • Worked in close collaboration with team members to ensure customers received high-quality service.
  • Consistently maintained high levels of cleanliness, organization, storage and sanitation of food and beverage products to ensure quality.
  • Trained front-of-house staff on restaurant policies and procedures, guest service techniques and communication skills to promote positive experiences.
  • Resolved problems or concerns to satisfaction of involved parties.
  • Oversaw food preparation, production and presentation according to quality standards.
  • Checked with guests to get feedback on food served, resolve issues, bring additional items and refill beverages.
  • Provided leadership, insight and mentoring to newly hired employees to supply knowledge of various company programs.
  • Reconciled daily transactions, balanced cash registers and deposited restaurant's earnings at bank.
  • Oversaw inventory and ordered ingredients to restock freezers, fridges and pantry.
  • Trained new employees to perform duties.
  • Assisted staff by serving food and beverages or bussing tables.
  • Promoted safe working conditions by monitoring safety procedures and equipment.
  • Inspected dining and serving areas for cleanliness and proper setup.
  • Distributed food to service staff for prompt delivery to customers.
  • Inspected restrooms and dining and serving areas to foster cleanliness and proper setup.
  • Circulated within assigned areas to assess and address customer needs, effectively prioritizing tasks during peak hours.
  • Supervised activities of dining room staff to maintain service levels and support guest needs.
  • Explained goals and expectations required of trainees.
  • Multitasking and Prioritization
  • Quality Control
  • Facilities Inspection
  • Maintaining Building Security
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Safety Standards and Protocols
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Exceptional Time Management
  • Facility and site cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Polishing
  • Supply Inventory Management
  • Buffing and Waxing
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Cleaning solution preparation
  • Trash collection and removal
  • Cleaning solution preparation
  • Checklists and Recordkeeping
  • Daily Facilities Cleaning
  • Vehicle Operation
  • Valid State License
  • Furniture Moving
  • Painting and Plastering
  • Floor Polishing and Buffing
  • Routine Plumbing Repair
  • Basic Carpentry
  • Snow Removal
  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Gardening knowledge
  • Landscape Equipment Knowledge
  • Decorative rock and planting
  • Gardening knowledge
  • Hedge design
  • Basic stonework design
  • Work Site Cleaning and Organization
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Sprinkler system maintenance
  • weeding and edging
  • Trimming and edging flower beds
  • plant knowledge
  • Lawncare and Landscaping
  • flower bed cleaning
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Mulching gardens
  • Maintaining equipment
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Surface Sanitizing
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Scaffolding Erection and Removal
  • Policy and Procedure Implementation
  • Staff Development
  • Employee Motivation
  • Budget Control
  • Assignment Delegation
  • Team Leadership
  • Customer Service Management
  • Human Resources Oversight
  • Business Leadership
  • Performance Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Finance and Accounting Oversight
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Records Organization and Management
  • Management Team Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Process Improvements
  • Operations Oversight
  • Problem Anticipation and Resolution
  • Training Management
  • Financial Statement Review
  • Administrative Management
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Financial Administration
  • Managing Operations and Efficient
  • Industrial Equipment Operation

My strongest ability is leadership., managerial skills, team collaboration, knowledge and expertise in all areas mentioned plus etc. top communication skills with clients and what they were looking to have done., patience with new employees as well as nee customers and to know that the customer is always right even if you think there not. So to operate and manage individual companies as well as bringing leadership, knowledge, success and at the same time taking time to influence each person i hired and try to improve each individual as well as I learned when i started out. As an owner i think you are always trying to improve your company and seeing what else you can do to accomplish that, as a cleaning company owner and also a landscape and construction company owner. They were both different companies to manage but in the end each company had its similarities because i was always striving for success. Like I said each company is very different and as a landscaper i could be a very creative and willing to handle various landscaping operations while while using a high degree of dexterity when handling tools and equipment and always paying attention to detail work as i go.

I was a punctual landscaper with 15+ years of hands-on experience cultivating and caring for landscapes and grounds, expertise in fertilizer application, introducing new plants , ground cover, mulching, mowing and flower plants. I was always following through with what the customer expects and doing a bit extra so the customer was impressed.

Completing efficient, high-quality landscaping work for business, residential and institutional customers. Always maintainIng cost-effective operations and achievements at a high satisfaction rate.

Background includes working alone or working with different crews to perform numerous jobs per week depending on how detail orientated the jobs are.

Strong technical skills with work history and expertise,In-depth knowledge of horticulture and coupled with abilities in proven history of performance in landscaping and horticulturl.

Performance in residential and commercial landscaping frequently liftsing and carrying objects weighing up to 25-50 pounds. Improving functional or aesthetic value of property by creating gardens, decks, patios and other landscape features.

Hardworking Landscaping over the years of industry conducting daily rounds of planters, shrubs, bushes, plants and flowers to maintain weed-free and neatly trimmed grounds. Safely operating commercial grade landscaping equipment to upkeep plant material and other landscaping elements.

Completing efficient, high-quality landscaping work for residential and commercial customers. Maintaining cost-effective operations and achieving high satisfaction ratings. Our company completed as many jobs as possible during each season depending on the size of each residential or commercial design and operation. Customer-driven and highly coordinated managerial staff with a collaborative mindset and team orientation. flexible and organized owner with 15+ years of experience facilitating a busy environment operation. Customer-driven and highly coordinated managerial staff with collaborative mindset and team orientation. I was a conscious innovator with a consistent focus on enhancing employee workplace satisfaction, customer satisfaction and to be a punctual landscaper with 10 years of1 hands-on experience cultivating and caring for landscapes and ground maintenance. Expertise in fertilizer application, bug and pest prevention and flower planting. Resourceful and productive individual recognized for consistently following through with orders and instructions. Punctual Landscaper with 15+ years of hands-on experience cultivating and caring for landscapes and grounds. Expertise in fertilizer application, bug and pest prevention and flower planting. Resourceful and productive individual recognized for consistently following through with orders and instructions. . landscape expert with developed aptitude for Multilingual and fluent in english , offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity. Punctual Cleaner with 15+ years of hands-on experience facilitating cleaning and maintenance job duties in various environments. Meticulous and systematic professional with expertise in carrying out heavy cleaning tasks. Well-versed in sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Hardworking Commercial Cleaner with 15+ years of experience maintaining sanitary environment in commercial workplaces. Well-versed in sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning glass and maintaining restrooms. Attentive to detail in achieving clean, professional atmosphere. Competent knowledge with experience providing excellent housekeeping services in hotel and private residence settings. Accustomed to quickly handling work in fast-paced environment. Successful at meeting quality goals and client preferences. Organized Cleaner successful at providing efficient and quality cleaning services. Offering dedicated work history and success in fostering long-term relationships. Reliable Commercial Cleaner thrives in fast-paced, challenging environments and ambitiously works under pressure. Consistently strives for excellence to maximize customer satisfaction. Adept at handling commercial cleaning needs independently or with team members. Experienced professional with good time management and multitasking abilities as well as flexibility to handle customer requirements. Meticulous Cleaner - Housekeeper with good performance record maintaining clean, sanitized and tidy environments for guests and clients. Skilled at deep cleaning, dusting and polishing. Proven history of performing with excellent work ethic and dependability. Experienced facilities cleaning professional with solid history working at residential and commercial buildings. Diligent about carrying out tasks with care and attention to detail. Focused on keeping areas tidy, clean, sanitized, free of trash and protected against infestations. Dependable and hardworking individual skilled in keeping interior and exterior spaces clean and well-maintained. Accustomed to sweeping, mopping, vacuuming floors, restocking bathrooms, removing trash, cleaning windows and completing all other types of routine and deep cleaning. Seasoned cleaner with 15+ years of experience. Cleaned floors of hallways and rooms, wiped glass and surfaces, dusted, removed trash and maintained building entrances and walkways. Dedicated to procuring clean, sanitary work environments. Meticulous cleaning skilled in handling multiple cleaning and repair projects simultaneously. Efficiently cleans, sanitizes, dusts and vacuums rooms and halls, restrooms, offices and other work areas. Possesses familiarity with vacuums, floor polisher and associated cleaning products. Organized owner offering 15+ years of experience performing custodial duties. Self-motivated, reliable and trustworthy with eye for detail and knowledge of machines used for heavy cleaning. Detail-oriented Janitor committed to working hard and handling various tasks, including supervision and managing. Experience working in large facilities with multiple areas. Organized individual handling snow removal, heavy cleaning and professional duties. Results-focused cleaning professional with strength in numbers. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging a strong background knowledge to promote successful business. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes. Motivated student seeking internship to gain hands-on experience. Outgoing and friendly with strong drive to succeed. Hardworking and reliable cleaner with strong ability in success. Offering professionalism and skilled. Highly organized, and punctual with team-oriented mentality. Proven history of fostering new ideas to meet team, individual and management objectives. cleaning expert with developed aptitude for advancement. Multilingual and fluent in spanish and english, offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity. A student with background in leadership skills. Strong technical proficiency with work history in every aspect of the cleaning industry. In-depth knowledge of new cleaning equipment coupled with strong leadership abilities. Proven history of performance in advancement. Organized and motivated employee eager to apply time management and organizational skills in various environments. Seeking entry-level opportunities to expand skills while facilitating company growth.

Education and Training
High School Diploma: , Expected in 04/1994
Pentucket High School - West Newbury, MA,

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Pentucket High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Cleaning Company Owner
  • T2GREEN Landscaping and Construction
  • Restuarant Manager


  • High School Diploma

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