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Tutor resume
summary examples

A professional summary is two or three sentences that describe your most effective qualities, test scores or tutor accomplishments. It lives right under your contact information.

Recruiters only look at a resume for an average of seven seconds. If your professional summary is not appealing, they’ll skip to the next one. So, get it right!

A good professional summary lists your top three or four special talents or achievements. Make your points clear and convincing.

Tutors with more than three years of work experience should use a professional summary.

However, if you’re new to the world of tutoring — with fewer than three years of experience — use an objective statement instead. It may help you cover up your lack of work history by focusing on your skills and goals rather than a depth of experience.

Now, we’ll review some tutor professional summary examples — one lacking and one passing — to give you tips on how to nail yours:

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Good example:

“Effective tutor has 3+ years experience and knows how to explain abstract concepts in concrete ways. My SAT students improved an average of ~120 points from their practice test scores on the exam. Positivity, reliability and clear communication are the foundations of my tutoring success.”

Why this example passes:

  • Uses numbers to detail how big the results you deliver are, e.g., 120-point test-improvement average.
  • Shows career length, three years.
  • Mentions employer-desired skills: positivity and reliability.
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Bad example:

“Smart student has solid test scores and experience helping in after-school math tutoring sessions. I’m good at explaining mathematical concepts and helping others improve their knowledge and academic performance.”

Why this example fails:

  • Doesn’t back up the claim of “solid test scores” with numbers. Even the number of students tutored would help.
  • Only vaguely discusses results.
  • Omits length of time spent as a tutor.

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professional summary

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Tutor resume work
experience examples

For any tutoring role, you must write a compelling work experience section. It’s where you list details about past jobs and the results or achievements you’ve made. Employers want to know where you’ve tutored and what you’ve helped people accomplish. This section is where you get down to the specifics of what you’ve done. Take a lesson from these two examples. One passes and one needs help:

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Good example:

Tutor | Jung Test Prep | Amelia Island, FL | 11/2020-current

  • Lead SAT prep classes for group sizes ranging from 5-10 students.
  • Achieve overall 18% test score improvement from practice to actual exam scores.
  • Help some students increase test scores by 200+ points per subject.
  • Most positive by-name Yelp-review mentions of any Jung tutor.

Why this example passes:

  • Numbers and statistics make clear the results this tutor delivers, 18% improvement and 200-point increase for some.
  • Strong verbs and active language.
  • References achievements, not just day-to-day tasks like “assigning homework.”
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Bad example:

Tutor | Varsity Tutors | Bellingham, WA | 3/2022-present

  • Hold chemical engineering tutoring sessions with struggling students.
  • Help students prepare for tests and improve grades.
  • Assign helpful homework to strengthen areas of weakness.
  • Explain complex chemical processes in an easy-to-understand way.

Why this example fails:

  • Fails to include numbers or statistics.
  • Describes general tasks, not tutoring results or achievements.
  • Doesn’t use strong, assertive verbs or language.

That’s just the beginning when it comes to resume-writing tips and strategies. For more advice, check out our complete guide on how to write a resume.

Tutor resume skills examples

Here are 18 sample skills for teachers:

  • Improving test scores
  • Verbal communication
  • Online tutoring
  • Explaining concepts
  • Test-taking strategies
  • 1-1 tutoring
  • Group tutoring
  • Practice testing
  • Adhering to curriculum
  • Assigning homework
  • Reliability
  • Positive attitude
  • Patience
  • Targeting needs
  • Active listening
  • Leadership
  • Accommodating learning styles
  • Empathy

Add skills and abilities throughout your resume. They belong in your professional summary, work experience blurbs and skills section.

Examples of additional
resume sections

Every resume should include a minimum of five sections: Your contact information, professional summary or objective statement, skills, work experience and education.

For tutors, it can help to add sections that mention advanced training or subject specialization that you may have.

Specialized tutoring roles, such as test prep for exams like AP, SAT and GRE may require a particular score to qualify for the job. For example, an employer may request that you score “higher than a 30 on your overall ACT.”

If you see a mention of test numbers, include your score(s) in a dedicated “Test Score” section or a Summary of Qualifications. It’s necessary! It shows that you can help others pass the test if you do well yourself.

Here are examples of optional sections that you could add to your tutor resume:

  • Computer expertise
  • Coaching experience
  • Academic distinctions
  • Publications
  • Computer skills
  • Languages
  • Coursework
  • Hobbies and interests

Only include an extra section if you feel like it fits the tutor role. Leave it out if it’s not valuable or useful to the job. Otherwise, it could detract from your meaningful tutoring experience and skills.

Examples of resume formats

A resume’s organization is called a resume format.

There are three main types of resume formats: chronological, functional and combination. You’ll choose one to create your resume based on your experience level and other factors.

Here are examples of each:

The main difference among formats is whether they give more focus to your work history or your skills section.

Choosing the best format for you depends on your level of tutoring experience. Check out our handy chart:

How to choose a resume format

Years of experience

Functional formats

  • Focus on skills.
  • Best for first-time tutors who lack work experience.
  • Good for people re-entering workforce.
  • May omit dates in the work history section.
  • Skills listed above work experience.

Years of experience

Combination formats

  • Balance skills and work history.
  • Ideal for mid-career tutors.
  • Suitable for career changers and people seeking promotion.
  • Skills next to or above work experience.

Years of experience

Chronological formats

  • Put the most focus on work history.
  • Best for tutors with a long, steady career.
  • Most popular format.
  • Preferred by recruiters.
  • Work experience listed above skills.

Once you know the best format for you, it’s easy to pick a tutor resume template.

Templates are designs created by graphic artists to ensure your resume looks fantastic!

Moreover, our builder features 30+ templates engineered to pass an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Many companies use ATS to filter out candidates without the desired skills or experience. It’s software that scans your resume looking for keywords and phrases.

If the ATS can’t read your resume because your formatting skills are lacking, you might miss out on your dream job.

That’s why you should leave the design to the professionals and use our Resume Builder.

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