Manager Resume Example

A manager at a salon, spa or gym performs the duties of an administrator, a boss, a custom service liaison, and more, so be sure to include any applicable professional experience. For this role, highlight your past management experience, including experience with hiring, training and coaching staff, or experience managing budgets and sales development. Be sure to mention your education as well as all of the current licenses you hold, such as an esthetician or spa license. See our manager resume example for more ideas on how to get your resume in top shape.

Manager Advice 

A manager at a massage clinic, gym or health spa needs to be an administrator, a boss, a custom service liason, and much more. You’ll also need a compelling resume that highlights your experience in the industry. The resume examples below should help show you what you might want to include. Click on any of these resume examples and take the next step toward a resume that will help land you the managerial position you want, faster.

Resume Tips for Manager 

Searching for jobs as a manager can be a bit stressful, just as job hunting anywhere else in the United States can be a bit of a challenge. However, by keeping a few key things in mind throughout various stages of the application process, anyone can work to make their search less stressful and more productive than ever.
1. Be sure to search for positions in every nook and cranny. Sometimes available jobs are overlooked due to lack of exposure or advertisement.
2. Make a plan. Knowing which options are viable for an applicant’s skillset can help to narrow the field drastically and produce better results.
3. Produce a clear and concise resume which correctly portrays experience and skills to potential employers.
4. Take advantage of classes which offer applicants the opportunity to sharpen their interviewing skills and improve resume writing.
5. Never hesitate to attend local job fairs. Taking this initiative can reveal a great deal about the local job market as well as open doors for employment opportunities.

Manager Job Seeking Tips 

Experience and education can make a great deal of difference when searching for jobs as a manager. However, the thing that can make the most difference is the creation of a professional and polished resume. When it comes to creating these documents, there are certain qualities which many employers seem to agree are necessary.
1. Always check for spelling mistakes, along with errors in other mechanics. Errors in these fields can oftentimes make an applicant seem lazy or generally sloppy.
2. Always list included work experience or education in reverse chronological order so that the most relevant information can be seen first.
3. Include appropriate and professional-sounding contact information, especially where email addresses and voicemails are concerned.
4. Do not include references directly on the resume, as it is usually unnecessary and takes up valuable space.
5. A resume should ideally be 1-2 pages long, with the 2 pages reserved for those with extensive experience in the relevant field.

Related Resumes:

Salon Manager Resume

Company: Regis Corporation
Date Range: 07/2012 to 03/2016

Worked closely with clients, team, and customers to produce positive resulsts.
Resolved guest complaints.
Created repeat business by developing long-term relationships with regular customers.
Enforced safety procedures in accordance with facility policies and government regulations.
Accountable for all staff development, budgeting and supply ordering.
Managed brand new store with a brand new concept that was unheard of.
Consistently met monthly sales goals and quotas.
Maintained professional relationships with staff continuously training them in what ever areas needed.
By the time I left I was managing two stores.
Also helped to train other managers as they became available due to my sales increases.

Salon Manager Resume

Company: The Hair Care Ex.
Date Range: Jul 2010 to Current

Informed guests of spa services, programs and activities over the phone and in person.
Addressed all guest complaints and managed any escalated situations.
Checked members and guests in promptly for their appointments.
Rotated between spa front desk management and monitoring the reservation room.
Meticulously entered client and service information when booking appointments.
Responded to customer inquiries in a friendly and professional manner.
Verified end-of-day reports against credit and cash profits.
Greeted all guests and assisted them with requests and special services.
Tracked and effectively managed client flow throughout the spa.

Spa Manager Resume

Company: Hand & Stone
Date Range: 12/2010 - Current

Works directly for Owner/Franchise Director
Increased in-spa sales 21% by creating professional marketing relationships with multiple local media organizations.
Sustained revenue growth through client retention, referral generation, and the leveraging of cross-sales opportunities.
Established and executed the training of multiple Front Desk Associates for 5 separate spa locations across North Carolina.
Identify and utilize talent among team members with focused training efforts, targeted professional recruitment, continued supervision of 14 staff, and the promotion of a performance-based environment leveraging individual talents for group benefit.
Developed and maintained spreadsheets using advanced Excel knowledge to generate a more functional weekly/monthly report list.
A liaison between clients, vendors, sales, and partners to facilitate information flow and drive operational efficiency.
Created a daily organization routine to maintain exceptional spa appearance.

Spa Manager Resume

Company: Fitness Usa
Date Range: 01/2006 to 04/2011

Consistently hit and exceeded sales goals by 20%.
Reinvented how team interacts with prospective clients by developing innovative and creative sales pitch that was implemented into sales team strategy in 2007.
Communicated regularly with territory, regional and strategic managers for daily support and strategic planning for accounts.
Planned client relationship cultivating events to promote growth, resulting in an expansion of clientele base by 60%.
Calculated sales commission for sales team of 20+ reps.

Fitness Manager Resume

Company: 24 Hour Fitness
Date Range: 06/2013 to Current

Managed and develop the fitness team.
Provided coaching for team members to meet and exceed personal business goals.
Promoted team members to management level.
Created business plan to achieve club fitness goals.
Exceeded revenue goals for fitness for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015.

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