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The property management industry brings in more than $76 billion a year. Assistant property managers provide essential services to millions of renters and property owners around the world. Writing a great resume is critical to landing a job in this competitive field and studying property manager resume examples can help. Use them for inspiration for writing, formatting and designing your own resume.


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What is a Property Manager Assistant?

A strong resume will help you find a satisfying job in real estate. By studying our assistant property manager resume examples, you have a blueprint for how to write a resume that will get you noticed. Our resume examples demonstrate critical elements of resume writing, including:

  • Unique job-specific content: Our resume examples feature strong resume content for property managers, written by certified resume writers. Review them for ideas about the best words and phrases to add to your document. Or, for more help, use our builder, which offers pre-written resume content for every section of your resume.
  • Resume format recommendations: The resume format you choose makes a difference in which parts of your background get the most attention. This resume example uses the chronological resume format, which gives a strong work history center stage. Applicants with less work experience should consider a functional or combination format.
  • Suitable resume templates: In the real estate industry, appearance is important. Make your document look professional and sleek with a professionally-designed resume template, like the example. The clean, simple design adds a small dash of color for impact. For other resume template options, use our Resume Builder.

What Makes This a Great
Property Manager Assistant Resume Example?

If you really want to make a memorable impression with an employer, write an unforgettable professional summary. The assistant property manager resume examples show you how to approach crafting a strong statement. Or, use on of these three assistant property manager professional summary statements for inspiration:

  • Passionate assistant property manager with three years of experience overseeing commercial retail buildings. Strong leadership ability when managing building maintenance staff. Excellent marketing skills that consistently attract new leads.
  • Dynamic assistant property manager with experience in apartment building management. Impressive record of less than 1% vacancy rate. Experience working with HUD and Section 8 procedures.
  • Adaptable assistant property manager with a background in vacation rental management. Talented liaison between property owners and staff members. Responsible for a 16% increase in off-season rentals for the past two years.

3 Property Manager Assistant Professional Summary Examples

Our illustrator resume example will help you write a professional summary that highlights both your skills and accomplishments. Here are three professional summaries to consider for your illustrator resume:

  1. Detail-oriented illustrator with eight years of experience in advertising. Skilled in delivering visually-appealing content to clients and for the in-house team. Creative mind with a strong background in print and production with the ability to collaborate with other artists to share ideas and meet deadlines.
  2. Effective medical illustrator with a B.S. in anatomy and seven years of experience with pharmaceutical companies. Designed various labels for packaging with constant briefing schedules and follow-ups.
  3. Motivated illustrator with six years of experience working at well-known fashion magazines, including Women’s Wear Daily and Elle. Exceptional skills creating images using Adobe Illustrator. Expertise in all aspects of Photoshop, Digital Flats, ePortfolio and CAD.

3 Property Manager Assistant Work Experience Examples

Without an impressive work history, your resume may fall flat with hiring managers. The assistant property manager resume examples give clear sample wording for relevant work details and shows you how to effectively add metrics for impact. Look at these assistant property manager work experience examples for more suggestions:

  1. Scheduled daily maintenance appointments and resident repairs in a 350-unit apartment building complex.
  2. Used social media and local print ads to publicize vacant apartments to the general public, resulting in a less than 1% vacancy rate
  3. Analyzed lease agreements for a 125-unit building each year to determine when it was appropriate to increase rents.

Top Skills for Your Property Manager Assistant Resume

Recruiters look at an applicant’s skills to make sure they meet the criteria required for the role. To write this section, study the job ad and our assistant property manager resume examples to determine which skills to list on your resume.

Here are some examples of assistant property manager hard and soft skills that hiring managers look for:

Hard Skills

  • Fair housing knowledge
  • Accounts payable
  • Market rate properties experience
  • Biometric reader software

Soft Skills

  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict resolution

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Property Manager Assistant FAQs

How do you become an assistant property manager?

Assistant property managers usually have a high school diploma and some college experience in business or property management. They often start out in the industry by working an entry-level position in the management office and work their way up to assistant property manager. They frequently learn the responsibilities of the position with training that happens on the job.

How much money do assistant property managers make?

Property managers make $58,760 per year on average as of May 2019. Assistant property managers may earn a little less than that as they continue to learn the trade. High-value properties may have staff members with higher salaries, especially in large cities with a high cost of living. Commercial property managers may also earn higher salaries than residential staff.

Do you need a broker’s license to be an assistant property manager?

If a property manager also buys and sells real estate, then a broker’s license may also be mandatory, but the standard assistant property manager doesn’t need one. However, some states may require property managers to have a professional license before working in the state. Individual companies may also have their own licensure and certification requirements for hiring new staff members.