Procurement Manager Resume Examples

Before stores can sell products to customers, they often first need to buy those products themselves so they have an inventory to sell. They may not be visible to most consumers, but procurement managers and other purchasing professionals are key players in the retail economy.

As of 2019, there were 526,200 purchasing managers, buyers and purchasing agents working in the United States. Our procurement manager resume example, written by certified resume writers, can help you join this large group of professionals essential to the operation of so many businesses. Below, we’ll break down how our examples and other services can help you get hired.


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What is a Procurement Manager?

Procurement managers make cost-effective deals to buy goods for their employers through planning, strategizing and negotiating with vendors. They lead the procurement teams who oversee the entire purchasing process, from choosing suppliers to stock optimization.

One of the main aspects of this role is ensuring these goods and services procured are within the parameters of a budget. Another is ensuring quality control and adherence to a company’s overall supply chain management policies. In 2019, those filling this crucial role earned a median annual salary of $121,110.

What Makes This a Great
Procurement Manager Resume Example?

Recruiters are most likely to shortlist candidates who present the precisely the right qualifications on their resume. Learn how to write resumes that appeal directly to hiring managers by referring to our resume examples, written by our team of certified resume writers.

Here are three ways our procurement manager resume example can help:

  • Relevant resume content: Great resumes are written to reflect the exact candidate a recruiter is looking for. Our examples use industry-relevant phrases, like “solicit bids from new vendors” or “SOP development” in the above resume, to show you how it’s done. Alternatively, you can use our Resume Builder to generate more pre-written, customizable text suggestions.
  • Shows smart format use: Choice in resume format has less to do with a job seeker’s preferences and more to do with what best suits their experience level. For example, the above resume uses a combination format to supplement the candidate’s mid-level experience with a greater emphasis on skills.
  • How to pick a resume template: Your main goal in choosing a resume template should be to complement your future employer’s company culture. Depending on where you wish to work as a procurement manager, any of our Resume Builder’s traditional, modern or creative templates might be the one that best fits that business’s style.

3 Procurement Manager Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should immediately sell you as the candidate perfectly qualified for the role at hand. Refer to our procurement manager resume example for help in drafting this section or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written text too, if you need extra help.

Here are three examples of professional summaries for a procurement manager:

  1. Committed procurement manager with over six years of experience in inventory and logistics management. Adept at quickly forming long-lasting vendor relations using excellent time-management and multitasking skills. Experienced using Oracle and SAP.
  2. Diligent procurement manager adept at locating and engaging reliable vendors and suppliers. Able to perform comprehensive risk assessment on prospective contracts and agreements. Skilled in overseeing and tracking over 10,000 orders daily through management software.
  3. Solutions-oriented procurement manager with over 10 years of providing cost-effective and customer-driven services. Adept at delivering individual solutions to specific problems with integrity and ingenuity. Expert in working with software such as BuyerQuest and Procurify.

3 Procurement Manager Work Experience Examples

The work experience section is the core of a well-written resume. It should simultaneously list past work responsibilities while demonstrating measurable accomplishments achieved in those roles. Study our resume examples or borrow customizable language from our builder to learn how to weave personalized metrics into your own page.

Here are three more work experience examples to use as reference:

  1. Developed mutually cost-effective vendor contracts that resulted in a near 40% annual cost reduction.
  2. Sourced over 60 new suppliers over 2.5 years; boosted overall profits by 32%.
  3. Approved all purchase orders, confirmed delivery of $50 million’s worth of goods to warehouses and retail storefronts.

Top Skills for Your Procurement Manager Resume

The skills on your resume tell recruiters whether or not you have the basic abilities needed to do a job. Once you narrow down this list of talents, it’s important to strike the right balance between hard and soft skills.

Here’s a handful of skills our experts might recommend for a procurement manager’s resume:

Hard Skills

  • Vendor sourcing
  • Budget management
  • Identifying suppliers
  • Supply chain management tools and software

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Negotiation

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Procurement Manager FAQs

How much do procurement managers earn annually?

The median annual salary for professionals in this field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $122,110 in 2019. The salary for a procurement manager depends on factors such as experience, location and more. A procurement manager with one to four years of experience might earn $70,520, while someone with more than 20 years of experience may earn around $93,135.

What is the difference between a procurement manager and a purchasing manager?

For the most part, the terms ‘procurement manager’ and ‘purchasing manager’ are used interchangeably and both the roles refer to the same profession. One may argue that procurement has more to do with the strategic process of sourcing goods and services, while purchasing focuses on acquiring and ordering goods and services themselves.

What qualifications are necessary for becoming a procurement manager?

Procurement managers are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree in business management, supply chain management or another business-related field. However, companies in manufacturing, engineering and construction may focus on candidates’ qualifications and hands-on experience. Additionally, some companies may prefer applicants who are members of recognized organizations like the Institute of Supply Management or American Purchasing Society.