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A news reporter gathers and reports current events to the public through television, radio, newspapers and the internet. This competitive job requires you to stay current on the events around you, meet contacts to gather data, collaborate with a team of reporters and the news producer, and write articles or report on-air. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35% of reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts are hired by newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers.

To learn how to write a resume that will help you secure a news reporter job, study our news reporter resume example to understand what recruiters are seeking in candidates.


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What is a News Reporter?

A news reporter’s role is to investigate and report the latest news to the public through television, radio, online and newspaper reports. The news reporter covers information on varied topics like politics, business, education, sports or entertainment. Depending on the role, the job may require news writing and editing skills, experience creating multimedia presentations, photography, video or on-camera experiences and more.

As a news reporter, you need to have critical-thinking skills, excellent presentation skills, the ability to handle pressure and think on your feet, and be intuitive. To begin a career as a news reporter, you usually need a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications or a related field.

What Makes This a Great
News Reporter Resume Example?

Reporters play a vital role in the news industry. The first step to landing one of these coveted roles is to create a strong resume. Our news reporter resume example was written by a certified resume writer who understands what recruiters look for in top candidates. Here’s how you can benefit from studying our resume examples:

  • Best-in-class professional content: Our news reporter resume examples include industry-relevant keywords such as ‘breaking news,’ ‘story development’ and ‘investigative journalism’ that will help you get noticed by recruiters. Other phrases, like ‘hosted live segments’ or ‘provided commentary,’ show hiring managers how you’ve used your most critical skills. Study the language to learn how to craft your own document. Or, for more help, use our Resume Builder which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Appropriate resume format: Our news reporter resume example is in a chronological format that focuses most on work experience. This format is best suited for experienced candidates to emphasize their career progression. Job seekers with other levels of experience should consider a functional or combination resume format.
  • The right resume template: Choose your resume design to match the company or the role you seek. News reporters have a serious job to do, which means a straightforward design, like the example above, is a great choice. For more casual work environments, like a magazine or website, it might be appropriate to use a more colorful resume template.

3 News Reporter Professional Summary Examples

As the first section of your resume, your professional summary needs to tell a story. It should be concise but entice recruiters to read more by highlighting your most impressive skills and achievements. Study our news reporter resume example to learn how to craft a professional summary or learn from these additional examples.

  1. A highly energetic and enthusiastic television news reporter with 10 years of experience. Expertise in covering stories live and on tape, building relationships with field experts, developing and writing news stories. Won several awards including the National Journalism Awards and the CPJ International Press Freedom Award.
  2. A talented and dedicated print news reporter with five years of newspaper reporting experience. Highly proficient in reporting human interest stories that create an impact on readers. Experience interviewing dignitaries, sports personalities and award-winning authors.
  3. A self-driven professional and a passionate storyteller with two years of experience in reporting for print and television. Proficient in writing and editing news for television and magazines, handling social media platforms, and finalizing content in collaboration with staff reporters and news producers. Conceptualized a successful talk show that led to my promotion to Senior News Reporter within a year.

3 News Reporter Work Experience Examples

The pre-written content in our Resume Builder will help you write your work history based on your experience level. You can also read these examples to understand how to add proven achievements that attract the recruiter’s attention:

  1. Anchored The Morning Show, an award-winning show based in Erie, Penn.
  2. Handled coverage of the magnitude 9.1 earthquake that struck Honshu, Japan, 2011. Coverage included a package of 3-7 stories per day for a week, plus coverage on thousands of the more than 18,000 people killed.
  3. Increased the number of followers to 1 million on the Prime News Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts thanks to increased audience engagement.

Top Skills for Your News Reporter Resume

Our Resume Builder offers recommendations on industry-relevant skills required for a news reporter job. Here’s a list of hard and soft skills that you could incorporate in your news reporter resume:

Hard Skills

  • Excellent writing, proofreading, and editing skills
  • Skilled in use of social media
  • Proficiency in live reporting
  • Expert use of Associated Press Style

Soft Skills

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong relationship building skills
  • Impressive on-camera presentation skills
  • Strong social media following

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News Reporter FAQs

What educational qualifications are required for a news reporter?

To become a news reporter, most employers require a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communications. A master’s degree in journalism will give you an edge in your news reporter career. Beginners can gain industry exposure through internships for college newspapers or radio stations, local newspapers and television stations. On-the-job experience will help you build relationships, adapt to stringent deadlines and develop problem-solving skills in stressful situations.

What is the ideal resume length for a news reporter resume?

If you have less than 10 years of experience your resume should be a single page. If you have more than a decade of experience, you may write a two-page resume.

How should you write work experience for a news reporter?

List your work experience in reverse chronological order with your current job at the top of the list. Quantify your experience with data and performance metrics to show recruiters that you are the ideal candidate. For example, “Co-anchored two live morning news shows” or “Trained 10 news reporters for the newscasts.”