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In the retail industry alone, inventory problems cost companies $46.8 billion in 2019. This situation creates a unique opportunity for skilled inventory managers to help prevent these issues. Here, you’ll get to see what it takes to write a stellar resume for this job. Our thorough, professionally written inventory manager resume examples can show how to impress hiring managers, down to how you should organize each individual section of the page.


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What Is an Inventory Manager?

Inventory managers work with a company’s supply chain and inventory management system. They may come to the job with a degree in supply management or business operations supervision. They work with suppliers and order raw materials or finished products for the company’s business operations plan. For the retail industry, they may develop strategies to prevent shrinkage and product loss as well as analyze different methods of stocking inventory while keeping costs down and profits up. They also may direct staff members in the warehouse or stockroom with storage and inventory tracking tasks.

What Makes This a Great
Inventory Manager Resume Example?

Achieving your career goals is a real possibility with a focused resume that proves your value in the inventory business. With our helpful inventory manager resume examples, you will be closer to success in this field. Here’s how our examples can inspire you to start crafting a stellar document:

  • Job-specific content: Without content that speaks to them and their needs, hiring managers won’t consider your resume. Our examples, like the one above, show applicants how to display industry-specific skills, qualifications and work details such as “offered expertise in inventory management” and “placed orders for new supplies.”
  • Recommended format options: Since applicants always need to emphasize their strengths, a resume’s format can directly dictate a resume’s effectiveness. This example from a mid-career applicant makes use of the combination format. Here, they showcase an impressive chronology of work history while still making room for prime skills like vendor relations and cost reduction.
  • Attractive templates: An attractive design makes a resume more noticeable, but it still needs to be appropriately chosen. Our examples exhibit how to properly match up your individual industry or role with the right template. This example demonstrates a minimal yet subtly striking look that’s perfectly appropriate for the targeted workplace.

3 Inventory Manager Professional Summaries Examples

Applicants who want a strong start for their resume should use their professional summary to attract immediate interest from hiring managers. With our inventory manager resume examples, job seekers get sample statements to use as models. Pairing these examples with the summaries recommended by the resume builder provides you with powerful tools for success. Here are three sample inventory manager professional summaries:

  1. Qualified inventory manager with eight years of experience in brick-and-mortar retail inventory management. Capable of supervising warehouse inventory staff and improving work practices. Expertise in reducing materials cost and logistics overages.
  2. Industrious inventory manager with a background in industrial manufacturing. Experience managing the supply chain for automobile manufacturing. Reduced inventory storage losses by 12% during the first three years of employment with a company.
  3. Accomplished inventory manager with 18 years of proven results in supply chain management. Highly skilled at creating partnerships with cost-effective vendors and business suppliers. Increased worker productivity with inventory supply management changes to procedures.

3 Inventory Manager Work Experience Section Examples

For applicants with even a moderate amount of work experience in their field, a strong work history is essential. The above inventory manager resume example shows how to utilize format to make the most of this section. And the resume builder can give even more assistance with content suggestions and possible ideas for responsibilities. Here are three inventory manager work experience section examples:

  1. Prepared and analyzed monthly benchmarks and reports for the company’s inventory costs and sales.
  2. Evaluated customer input about products to develop inventory and product purchasing strategies.
  3. Worked with vendors to contract supplies for the company’s in-store product offerings.


Top Skills for Your Inventory Manager Resume

Creating a standout resume also means including impressive skills. Our inventory manager resume examples provide a solid list of industry-specific skills, and the resume builder provides even more suggestions for this job title. Here are examples of inventory manager hard and soft skills that convey capability:

Hard Skills

  • Supply chain certification
  • Warehouse management system software 
  • Product procurement
  • Product recall experience

Soft Skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Eager to learn
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to collaborate

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Inventory Manager FAQs

How do you describe inventory on a resume?

When applicants describe their previous experience in inventory on their resumes, they should highlight their achievements. Hiring managers want to see value in a potential applicant, so job seekers should point out times when they saved a company money or improved a process. Showing the marketability of skills helps recruiters see the bigger picture.

What are the duties of an inventory manager?

Inventory managers are responsible for planning and procurement of various supplies for a company. These materials may be part of a manufacturing process or they may be actual finished goods for resale. They develop a system of organization for storage and tracking of supply levels. They supervise the shipping and receiving of items and manage the workers responsible for moving items around and stocking them.

What are some of the most important qualities for an inventory manager?

Inventory managers have many different tasks to handle, so they should be able to work on more than one project at a time. They manage other staff members, so they should also have excellent leadership skills. Inventory managers must also demonstrate above-average organizational skills to track products and other items on the supply chain for a business’s operations.