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In recent years, the number of art directors and other graduates with visual arts degrees in the workforce has only increased. Whether you’re ready to leap into your first art director role or your next one, LiveCareer can help you design the resume you need to land the job. Our expert-crafted art director resume examples can demonstrate precisely what a job-winning resume should look like before you take the next step to customize one of your own.


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What is a Art Director?

An art director creates and oversees the design of a wide variety of visual materials such as websites, product packaging and video games. It’s the art director’s job to communicate their vision to a design team and then shepherd that idea into existence. An art director might be responsible for the nuts and bolts of a graphic design project, including budget formation and time management. Technology plays a vital role in art direction, too: Knowledge of several types of desktop publishing, imaging and web platform development software is a must.

What Makes This a Great
Art Director Resume Example?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re switching industries or just looking for a change of scenery — utilizing our art director resume examples can help you improve your own document. Here’s how:

  • Content written by experts: Working with our example art director resumes presents the opportunity to examine professionally written content. This job seeker’s particularly strong resume employs text suggestions created by our team of professional resume writers. These targeted phrases enhance the document’s content from top to bottom.
  • Discovering the right resume format: Consulting example resumes helps you select the right resume format to match your experience level. In this example, the job seeker uses a chronological format to highlight their 10 years of experience. The work history section explains their past three positions in detailed terms that chart his evolution from graphic artist to art director.
  • Finding an appropriate template: Reviewing example resumes can help you determine which of our resume templates best fits your experience and the position sought. Here, the candidate uses a resume that establishes his experience and sophistication. Alternatively, a job seeker pursuing an entry-level position might choose a bolder style that suggests energy and an eagerness to begin.

3 Art Director Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first thing most recruiters read on your resume. Use our Resume Builder’s pre-written text suggestions and resume examples to help you create an informative, engaging art director professional summary that captures an employer’s interest. Here are three example summaries the builder might suggest:

  1. Art director with 28 years of experience managing visual design projects for film and television. Expert mentor with a proven track record in creative issue resolution. Two-time ADG Award nominee.
  2. Flexible art director who has overseen design work on more than a dozen F500 campaigns. Well-versed in evaluating marketing trends and developing brand strategies. Adept at matching talent with talent, building consensus and utilizing team cohesion to deliver cutting-edge materials.
  3. Results-oriented art director who blends cutting-edge design with rewarding user experiences. Managed a team of 11 video game artists, animators and designers. Monitored asset creation and delivered incisive feedback to ensure all budgets and deadlines were met. Expert in storyboarding, character design and environments.

3 Art Director Work Experience Examples

LiveCareer’s art director resume examples are just one source of inspiration for sharing your work experience. Our Resume Builder also offers text suggestions created by professional writers. Use this pre-written content as it is or adjust it to reflect your personal triumphs in measurable terms.

Here are three examples of art director work experience the builder might suggest:

  1. Led weekly meetings with clients and creative team members to discuss projects from concept to completion.
  2. Decreased multimedia project costs by 25% and increased brand awareness by 35%.
  3. Created and oversaw rebranding initiative that propelled client from No. 8 to No. 3 in nationwide market share.

Top Skills for Your Art Director Resume

A successful art director resume uses the right combination of hard and soft skills to capture a recruiter’s attention. Use our resume builder’s carefully chosen skills exactly as recommended, add your own, or include a mix of both.

Here are some hard and soft skills you might consider adding to your art director resume:

Hard Skills

  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Directing photo shoots
  • Sell sheets and advertorials
  • Screen printing

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Organization
  • Problem-solving

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Art Director FAQs

What are the responsibilities of an art director?

An art director oversees creative projects and the artists who work on them. They may create the initial layout for a design and then present the final product to clients. Art directors often manage project budgets and scheduling and are responsible for the team meeting all deadlines. An art director also typically reviews proofs and other art materials and provides detailed feedback to his or her design team.

What are the duties of an art director?

An art director’s duties vary by project. Typically, however, they will include meeting with clients and members of the creative team, so good communication skills are imperative. Art directors also have to make numerous decisions, both big and small, over the course of a project. Technology plays a huge role in design, so art directors need expertise in a variety of design, web and editing software.

What is the difference between art director and creative director?

If design-focused industries formed a colorful army, the creative director would be the general, and art directors would be their trusted lieutenants. Art directors spearhead the creation of a project’s visual elements. They make decisions about various components such as line art, colors or font styles and kerning. Creative directors, meanwhile, oversee the larger picture. Elements produced by art directors and their teams are part of that.