Format Tips: Writing A Canadian Resume Objective

A resume objective is a short explanation at the beginning of the resume that states what you want out of the job or what skills you want to improve while in the position. Resume objectives were useful in demonstrating an applicant’s motivation for the position but did not offer enough information to differentiate candidates overall.

A resume summary, on the other hand, shows how your skills and traits can ultimately benefit the employer’s business. This summary statement is a short explanation that appears at the beginning of your resume, and it is now preferred by employers because it lets them know almost immediately if you have the proper background for the job. Having knowledge on writing a Canadian resume objective, however, can still benefit you as it serves as a foundation when you are ready to write a resume summary.

How You Used to Write a Canadian Resume Objective

If you are moving to Canada from the United States, it is crucial that you learn that writing a Canadian resume is different from that of an American resume. Canadian resumes, including the objective, focus on how valuable of an asset you potentially are to the company. When writing a resume objective, mention the skills you want to use to help improve both the company and yourself. The following is an example of a straightforward resume objective for a management position:

Seeking a professional management position that allows me to use my skills of time management, problem-solving and organization to help improve the company.

When writing a resume objective, its length is usually a sentence long. The first piece of information mentioned is the occupation or position for which you are applying. The skills are mentioned afterward. Writing a resume objective is still useful in certain situations, such as someone changing careers and who would not like to highlight his or her lack of work experience, but a summary statement is still the preferred method for most hiring managers.

How to Write a Canadian Resume Summary Statement

When creating a summary statement, state the skills you have that are needed for the occupation. Employers in Canada expect that you want to help improve their company, but they want to know how you can specifically better their business. Include measurable achievements and balance them with appropriate personality traits or soft skills that make you a unique fit for the job. One similarity between writing a resume objective and summary statement is that both are written in the first person.

A resume summary, however, does not include any pronouns. The next example shows how an experienced management candidate chose to format his or her summary statement:

Project manager with over 10 years’ experience in customer service and team building. Organized, works well under pressure with a deadline. Friendly, team player, perseverant, helps maintain the flow of communication between coworkers. Ability to increase sales in the company using proven revenue-generating methods and techniques.

A summary statement is about four to six lines long and constructed in paragraph form. Include the occupation you want to apply to, but also mention the amount of years of experience you have with a few of your most relevant skills. Instead of saying that you want to help improve the company, emphasize skills that align with the position’s description and consider giving them higher priority. Sentence fragments are allowed in the summary statement.

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