3 Dos and Don’ts to Writing Your Entry-Level Project Manager Resume

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An entry-level project manager needs to be an impressive document because you are applying for a position that takes on a great deal of responsibility.

As you sit down to put together your qualifications to enter the world of professional project management, there are a few rules you should remember to help make your resume stand out.

Do Emphasize Your Educational Background

In the project management world, your educational background is extremely important. That is why your entry-level project manager resume should highlight all of the educational qualifications you have to be a project manager.

If you started your educational career for project management in high school, then your resume should start at that point as well.

Do Highlight Any Organizational Affiliations You Have

Even at the college level, young project managers have the option of joining professional organizations and getting certifications that will enhance their careers.

If you took full advantage of the different affiliation and certification opportunities available to you, then display them prominently in your entry-level project manager resume.

Do Include Any Personal Projects You Have Done

Project managers tend to take on personal projects that can require their management skills to complete. As your career advances, you won’t need to rely on these personal projects to enhance your resume. But for your entry-level project manager resume, you should include and personal projects of interest that you started and completed using your various project management skills.

Don’t Forget Your Software Background

There are several software titles in the project management world that are considered mandatory for successful managers and you cannot forget to include your experience with these programs on your entry-level project manager resume. If you are currently in the process of learning a particular software title, then include that in your resume as well.

Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

Hiring managers prefer their project managers to plan for the future, but live in the here and now. As you put your entry-level project manager resume together, always include information pertinent to the company’s needs but do not assume that you know what the company will need in the future. Hopefully, you will land a job that deals with planning and guiding the company’s future. But for your entry-level project manager resume, you should stay with the qualifications you have and the present-day needs of the company.

Don’t Forget To Include Any Team Work You Have Done

Many new project managers leave past jobs such as fast food crew member off of their entry-level project manager resume because they think it may not be appropriate to include those jobs. Any job that had you as the part of a crew or team pertains to your project management career and should be included in your resume.

An entry-level project manager resume should show organizational skills and confidence. It should also display an ability to work in a variety of situations and be part of a successful team. By creating the most comprehensive entry-level project manager resume possible, you will give yourself the best chance of landing the job that will put you on the path to a rewarding career. Remember to utilize the resources offered by LiveCareer to help craft the ideal entry-level project manager resume.

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