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The unit supervisor is the professional in charge of overseeing individual workers to guarantee that work is being completed as efficiently as possible. They create schedules, encourage safe work habits, and evaluate company tasks. Unit supervisors are also closely involved in the hiring process by providing input and working with new hires to make sure they are up to speed on standard procedures. The first step in finding talented candidates is to create strong unit supervisor job descriptions.

Unit supervisors in the field of nursing should have excellent organizational and administrative skills. They should exhibit leadership and management abilities as well.

Because unit supervisors frequently interact with patients, communication and interpersonal skills, empathy, and compassion are also vital capabilities for them to have. An ability to work well with others is also necessary.

Unit Supervisor Job Description Template

Job Summary

Are you someone who is looking for a leadership role that could lead to later career advancement in a thriving organization? Our company is seeking individuals for the unit supervisor role within our production and manufacturing department. You may be right for this position if you are someone who strives to reach specific, measurable goals and can easily motivate your team of co-workers to put in their best effort. You are a stickler for doing things more efficiently while also reducing the amount of waste in your department. If you can solve problems logically and effectively and work with safety in mind, this may be the right type of job for you.

Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate company tasks for effectiveness and efficiency when work is being completed and make suggestions to help improve individual worker production.
  • Promote safe work habits throughout the working environment by evaluating accidents, observing working processes, training new employees in safety and enforcing regulations.
  • Schedule employees and determine hourly assignments each week by analyzing employee availability, strengths, and company goals or tasks.
  • Partner with management when hiring new employees for the unit by reviewing candidate credentials, sitting in on interviews and giving input to supervisors about potential new hires.
  • Mentor new or existing employees through their options in the organization or their ultimate career path by giving advice during different stages of employment.
  • Train new employees in routine responsibilities using various instructional methods and conduct new training classes for existing employees when needed.
  • Review employee performance in the department using a set of industry or organizational standards and work with employees who are not demonstrating satisfactory progress.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or an equivalency certificate
  • Excellent leadership skills and experience in a supervisory role
  • Top communication skills with speaking and writing
  • Skills working with Microsoft Office suite
  • Bachelor’s degree in management or another field
  • Understanding of all industry regulations, policies and procedures

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