Maintenance Manager CV Example

Searching for a job can be a tricky process, but a strong curriculum vitae maximizes your chances of being hired. Your CV is supposed to outline those of your experiences that have qualified you for the job you are applying for, as well as the skills you have developed over your career. One of the best ways to prepare yourself to write your CV is to review a sample. Take a look at the following maintenance manager CV example and writing guide for tips.

Tips for Writing Your
Maintenance Manager CV

  • Maintenance Manager Overview

    As you saw in this maintenance manager CV example, you should make it clear that you have an understanding of the position’s responsibilities. Employers are interested in experienced candidates, as it means their training investment will be minimized. It is most effective to include this information throughout your resume, in each of the sections. Maintenance managers are responsible for performing maintenance and overseeing the maintenance team. The type of maintenance required can vary quite a bit, from machines to vehicles to the building that a company is based in. For this reason it is important that you research what you will be performing maintenance on for each job opening and adjust your CV accordingly.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Maintenance Manager CV

    In addition to displaying your general knowledge of the position, your CV should also explain the skills that you have developed that will be relevant to the required tasks. The maintenance manager CV example shows you how you can include this information in more than just the skills section. To make your CV as strong as possible, the related skills should be included in every part of the document. Because the position of maintenance manager is a supervisor role, some of the most important skills you should emphasize are leadership and management. Your mechanical, repair, and troubleshooting skills should also be heavily emphasized. Do not forget to include secondary skills as well, such as communication, critical thinking, organization, decision-making, or attention to detail.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    In order to make your CV as strong as possible, you should take these simple writing tips into consideration, in addition to the maintenance manager CV example.

    • Start with a simple summary. It is only meant to be a hook that catches the attention of readers, so do not make it more than four to six lines long.
    • Include more complete information in your experience section. This is where you should go in depth and add in lots of relevant information about the skills you developed.
    • List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order. Additionally, responsibilities should be in past tense, except those from your current position, which should be in present tense.
    • Your CV can include more personal information than a resume. Just be sure not to bring up unprofessional details, such as political or religious views.

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