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The recommendation letter allows for a more in-depth assessment of an applicant’s job skills. The Director Recommendation Letter should provide context to help the Hiring Manager view the applicant in the job position. Offering specific examples can help the Hiring Manager gain a better understanding of how the applicant responds to real world problems.

Jamya Patrick

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Felicity Weeks,

When Mr. George Rocket asked me to write this Director Recommendation Letter, I was excited. Sometimes, you run across an employee who goes above and beyond anything you could ever imagine with his career. Mr. George Rocket is one in a million. He is a born leader, driven with a Type A personality.

I have worked with Mr. Rocket at many different corporations. We have seen our Automobile industry continue to expand. Mr. Rocket has seen the Just-in-Time manufacturing, robotic automation and outsourcing developments in our industry. I think he would be a great Director for your Blue Automobile Company.

With an Engineering background, Mr. Rocket understands the core elements of Physics. He has worked closely with our automobile designers to create the fastest vehicles on the planet. He understands what can and cannot be done with vehicle manufacturing. He is a cutting-edge personality who would be a great Director for your Blue Automobile Company.


Shelby Silver

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