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What is the difference between being asked for interviews and applying to job after job to no avail? The answer is having an impeccable resume, one that showcases your greatest accomplishments and professional skillsets. By putting in the time and effort and using this warehouse supervisor resume template for Word, you can craft an amazing resume. You can now better understand how to write the summary statement, skills, work history, and education sections of your document.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

The first step in marketing your professional capabilities to employers is to write a stunning summary statement. This section, located at the very top of your document, is typically the first part that hiring managers read. It may also be the only section they read if it is not impressive and relevant.

Use the warehouse supervisor resume template for Word to create a summary statement that will hook readers. Use three sentences or bullet points to concisely show why you are the best candidate for the position. Include the following:

  • Your professional title

  • A few important skillsets and areas of expertise

  • A pertinent personality trait or brief outline of experience

Consider these examples as you create your summary statement:

Example 1

Resourceful warehouse supervisor experienced in staff training and development. Able to supervise and assist with all warehouse procedures to ensure strict deadlines are met. Advanced knowledge in inventory control and cost reduction strategies.

Example 2

  • Warehouse supervisor with 12 years’ experience in leadership and business management

  • Expertise in safety codes and quality standards

  • Excellent time management and interpersonal communication skills

Example 3

Dedicated warehouse supervisor proficient in operations management, inventory control, and employee coaching. Able to build and maintain customer relationships. Record of increasing productivity and profits while reducing supply costs.

Example 4

  • Motivating warehouse supervisor with excellent reporting and communication skills

  • Practiced in shipping and receiving, inventory control, and budgeting

  • Passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction while maintaining a hazard-free work environment

Writing Your Skills Section

Once you have hooked readers with your superb summary statement, begin reeling them in with an impressive skills section. Because hiring managers skim through resumes at first, it is best to use bullet points and concise phrasing. However, capture and hold their attention by listing your most impressive skills first. Make sure every skill you list is relevant as you fill out the warehouse supervisor resume template for Word. Follow these tips:

  • Incorporate key skills in the job listing or other job descriptions within your industry

  • Do not exaggerate or lie, listing only the proficiencies you truly have

  • Keep your list general so you can go into detail in other sections of your resume

The skills listed below are commonly desired within your industry. Use whichever ones apply to you and the job at hand.

  • Business operations

  • Inventory management

  • Shipping and receiving processes

  • Employee training and development

  • Safety regulations

  • Leadership and interpersonal communication

  • Supplier and customer relations

Writing Your Work History Section

After gaining employers’ interest with the previous sections, convince them you are absolutely the best candidate for the job to which you applied by crafting a relevant and impressive work history section. This is where you display the past 10 to 15 years of your career, describing each position’s responsibilities and detailing your special achievements. Allow these tips to guide you:

  • Use action verbs and keywords from the job posting to make each line more noticeable

  • Try to note ways you benefited your previous employers

  • Make descriptions more specific with measuring tools such as numbers or percentages

Make your work history section the very best it can be by using the warehouse supervisor resume template for Word and these examples:

  • Prepared weekly reports for the company president concerning inventory numbers, productivity rates, safety concerns, and staff development

  • Trained, supervised, and assisted employees in stocking, loading, and unloading shipments and fulfilling customer orders

  • Reduced accidents and workers compensation claims by 40 percent with updated training in safety procedures

  • Increased customer satisfaction ratings by 15 percent with faster and more accurate order fulfillments

Writing Your Education Section

Positions as warehouse supervisors will necessitate certain degrees or levels of education. Use your education section to provide a succinct list of your academic background. Use the warehouse supervisor resume template for Word and the best practices below to create the final section of your resume.

  • Only mention high school if you did not attend any college

  • Include academic honors but exclude your GPA

  • Feel free to list relevant certifications, licenses, or professional development courses

For additional help, look to these examples:

Example 1

Bachelor of Science in Business Management – 2010

New York University, New York, NY

Courses included: operations management, human resource management

Graduated summa cum laude

Example 2

Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations Management – 2011

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Courses included: business finances, organizational behavior

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