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When you’re hoping to land a job in the government sector, you must do whatever you can to get your job application noticed. The first step to garnering attention is writing a highly effective resume. You can get help in doing this with the government resume template for Word. Then, you’ll be sure to impress any tough employer with a strong summary statement, an impressive skills section, a detailed work history, and an impactful listing of your educational achievements, like in the example image below.

Government Contracts Administrator Resume Template

Writing Your Summary Statement

Government resumes are most likely read by a computer at first, so it’s important to make sure you start with a clear summary statement with specific keywords. You’ll want to include keywords that are mentioned in the duties and responsibilities from the initial job posting. You can also include the job title you’ve most recently had in your work experience. Most summary statements are formatted in bullet points, like in the government resume template for Word. You can also write your summary statement in sentence format. Here are some suggestions:

Summary Statement Example 1:

  • Government public housing inspector with 18 years of experience

  • Knowledge of all required permits and regulations for residential zoning

  • Experience with detailed inspections and follow-ups for repeat offenders

Summary Statement Example 2:

Office manager with four years of administrative experience. Experience working with high-level employees and tight deadlines. Strength in managing a fast-paced work environment with six additional assistants

Summary Statement Example 3:

  • Circuit court clerk with more than 12 years of industry experience

  • Responsible for preparing all records related to criminal court cases

  • Solid understanding of legal documents for proceedings

Summary Statement Example 4:

  • Public relations manager with proven history of results

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to craft messages

  • Effective understanding of press releases that generate positive buzz

Writing Your Skills Section

Next, you need to devote some time to creating a top skills section for your resume. This section is crucial in getting the attention of the hiring manager, so be sure to put some thought into what you’re including. The government resume template for Word is a great tool to help you get started. Here are additional key points to consider:

  • Be sure to only include the most important skills that are specifically tailored to the job or this industry.

  • Start with the top skills for workers in the government sector and end with general qualities that many workers should have.

  • Keep your list short and concise by using a bulleted list format, which is much easier for a hiring manager to quickly peruse.

Here is a detailed list of government employee skills that may be helpful for your own resume:

  • Strong critical thinking ability

  • Understanding of important government regulatory information

  • Ability to solve challenging problems effectively

  • Strength with communicating in writing or when speaking

  • Commitment to excellence in public service

  • Excellent attention to detail

Writing Your Work History Section

Your next task in making your resume great is writing a work history. For this section, focus on presenting an informative list of relevant experiences that show why you’re perfect for the job. Use the government resume template for Word to get some example work history listings. Here are some additional best practices:

  • Paint a picture with clear action verbs.

  • List your work history with the most recent on top.

  • Be sure to include quantities when possible.

Here is what it should look like:

Public Housing Inspector at NYC Services / 2011-present / New York, NY

  • Inspected residential housing units throughout the city

  • Researched possible permit violations

  • Prepared reports for each inspection for submittal to superiors

Office Manager at Broward County School District / 2012-present / Broward, FL

  • Assisted more than 100 employees with leave documentation

  • Scheduled repair for office equipment

Circuit Court Clerk at Monroe County Courts / 2011-present / Monroe, AL

  • Documented court proceedings for criminal cases

  • Inputted information for routine court procedures

  • Prepared reports listing details about case outcomes

Public Relations Manager at Office of the Comptroller / 2001-present / Annapolis, MD

  • Wrote press releases regarding new initiatives

  • Partnered with local media to ensure accurate coverage

Writing Your Education Section

The last big part of your resume is your education section. A few of the best practices for this section are:

  • For most jobs in government, you should start with your most recent college degree. If you don’t have a college degree, begin with your highest level of education.

  • You can then include information regarding additional classes or certifications you have earned.

  • The last few things to include could be important clubs or activities from school.

Use the government resume template for Word to figure out how to create examples like these:

University of Virginia / BS Architecture / 1996

Coursework in blueprint reading and construction technology

Minor in Engineering

Verhoeven College / BA Public Relations / 2001

Minor in Journalism

Coursework in Business

Vice President of Alpha Kappa Alpha

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