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The backbone of any engineering discipline involves applying principles and methodologies to solve real-world problems. The backbone of writing a resume is no different; building a strong resume involves applying proper writing principles and methodologies to create a cohesive solution to your career problems. With our electrical engineering resume template for Word, you’ll be able to develop a summary, skills, work history, and education section more precisely crafted than the most detailed electrical schematic and give your job search the jolt it needs to electrify your career.

Electrical Engineer Example Resume

Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement should convey a strong, authoritative voice while clearly and confidently demonstrating the value you can bring to an employer. You have a number of tools in your arsenal as an electrical engineer; the main tool you’ll need as a job seeker, however, is our electrical engineering resume template for Word with examples of how to present your qualifications in a way that truly sells your brand as a candidate. Take a look at a few more pointers:

  • Emphasize your ability to deliver results and solve complex engineering challenges

  • Mix and match technical capabilities with soft skills and supplementary skills

  • Combine descriptive language with short sentences to create a powerful impact

Example 1

  • 13 years of experience with national power generation company

  • Experience in large-scale transformer design and development projects

  • Extensive field service expertise, including installing electrical equipment

Example 2

Technically accomplished electrical engineer bringing a five-year portfolio of experience in field service operations. Strong troubleshooter and problem-solver able to quickly diagnose systems and signal issues. Able to easily read and interpret blueprints, schematics, and wiring diagrams.

Example 3

  • Electrical engineer with nine years of experience leading electrical design teams

  • Partner with construction firms to supply electrical wiring needs for new construction

  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement and requirements management

Example 4

Seasoned electrical engineer with 10 years of experience managing circuit design, installation, and tune-up for a major facilities management company. Able to produce clear, comprehensive circuit wiring diagrams focused on efficiency. Skilled at working in industrial and facilities environments.

Writing Your Skills Section

Wondering where to include more detailed technical skills? The skills section is the perfect place. Many employers are looking for technical skills and capabilities specific to a particular role, and you can use the skills section to be sure your resume reflects those skills. You can even adapt it as needed per job application to get the right technical competencies front and center. While you can see an example in our electrical engineering resume template for Word, you can also try these pointers:

  • Create a master file of your technical skills, and draw 10-15 for each job application

  • Data mine target job descriptions for keywords to see what hiring companies are looking for

  • Try to use short descriptive phrases rather than full sentences

Take a look at these keyword skills essential to an electrical engineer:

  • Circuit design

  • Blueprints and schematics

  • Instrumentation and electrical measurements

  • Signal analysis

  • Embedded circuits

  • Transformer applications and mechanisms

Writing Your Work History Section

Get down to the real foundations of your work history section. This is the area where you not only talk about what you’re capable of but also show how you’ve applied those capabilities to measurable effect in the past – not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Refer to our electrical engineering resume template for Word for an example of how to properly format your work experience section, and be sure to incorporate the following tips when detailing your history:

  • Use action-oriented language by beginning each sentence with a strong active verb that replaces passive sentence structures

  • Begin with a clear process and structure in mind to detail your experience in a compelling fashion

  • Write your employment history in reverse chronological order, making sure each position is distinct and highlights different skills

Here’s an example of how to write action-oriented sentences describing your experience:

  • Interpret client requirements and building blueprints to create electrical wiring schematics for new building construction

  • Manage circuit design, testing, and verification to specific wiring needs

  • Liaise with construction contractors to schedule wiring installation

  • Coordinate with suppliers on electrical supply requirements

Writing Your Education Section

As an electrical engineer, you’ll undergo a great deal of specialized training and certifications on various systems and technologies. Highlight this education to your advantage by creating a concisely written education section that showcases your academic foundations, as shown in our electrical engineering resume template for Word. Try these other tips:

  • List your education with the highest level completed degree first

  • If you haven’t completed a degree, list your certifications in order of importance

  • Only list current certifications; remove expired ones

Example 1

Certification: Associate Systems Engineering Professional – International Council on Systems Engineering

Certification: Measurement and Verification in Training – Association of Energy Engineers

Example 2

Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering – 2014

South Seattle Community College – Seattle, WA

Certification: Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESD) Associate Engineer – National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc.

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