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Airlines look for just the right candidates, which is why the flight attendant resume template for Word is the perfect tool to help you apply. Every piece of information is presented in a professional, well-organized manner. You can highlight your qualifications and accomplishments to show why you would be an excellent flight attendant. The template provides busy potential employers with a good look at your skills, work history and education in easy-to-read sections preceded by a summary statement section.

Flight Attendant Example Resume

Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement will be the first opportunity recruiters will have to find out what you have to offer as a candidate for their job openings. It should provide an overview of your skills and illustrate why you would be the best choice for this position. You can use the flight attendant resume template for Word to help you create a summary statement that will make the reader want to learn more about you.

Feel free to use either bullet points or paragraph form here. Include the skills and abilities you possess that are a good match for the requirements the airline has set out in its posting for a flight attendant. Be sure to include the following:

  • Relevant past experience and job title

  • 2-3 skills that are specific to the position

  • Experience working with the public

Following are examples of well-written summary statements:

Example 1

Recent college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Practical experience working summers as an intern, assisting a resort social director. Friendly, resourceful and responsible.

Example 2

Travel agent with three years’ experience who has completed flight attendant certification. Fluent in both English and Spanish. Critical thinker and personable self-starter.

Example 3

Airline employee with experience as both ramp agent and personal service representative. Strong communication skills. Calm under pressure, and helpful in emergency situations.

Example 4

Airline ticket agent:

  • Two years’ experience

  • Bilingual

  • Efficient and personable

Writing Your Skills Section

The requirements for flight attendants are specialized to some degree, due to the nature of the work aboard an aircraft. The skills section in the flight attendant resume template for Word is designed to show that you have the qualifications airline recruiters are seeking. If you use bullet points in this section, your skills and abilities will stand out and a recruiter can review them quickly (remember how busy recruiters are). Here are some helpful tips:

  • Provide 6-8 skills that match the qualifications mentioned in the job posting

  • Begin your list with the most important skills

  • Qualifications should be general; details should be included in summary and work sections

Look over the following list for skills to include. The list identifies the top skills that are required for flight attendants:

  • Assist and care for others

  • Work as part of a team or independently when necessary

  • Perform general physical activities requiring use of arms and legs

  • Analyze and solve problems

  • Handle emergencies calmly and efficiently

  • Flexible, able to manage change

  • Attention to details when completing tasks

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section in the flight attendant resume template for Word is where you can provide a more thorough description of the points you included in the summary and skills sections. After you have hooked the reader with an overall look at your abilities, he or she will want to continue to this section for more information. Here are some tips to help you create a highly readable work history:

  • Begin with job title, company, location and length of time you worked there

  • Describe your responsibilities and achievements, using action verbs

  • Use five to eight bullet points per job description

  • Include metrics

  • Use keywords that appeared in the job posting

Here are some examples of skills and accomplishments you could use to complete the work history section:

  • Used company-approved principles and procedures to provide excellent customer service

  • Won employee of the month award for keeping large groups of customers calm in sudden power outage emergency

  • Performed office opening and closing procedures precisely as stipulated, thwarting one attempted burglary

  • Learned new travel software and trained team members on it

Writing Your Education Section

Interest in higher education is increasing with regard to job openings in the airline industry. Some flight attendants have bachelor’s degrees, and others have earned associate degrees or flight attendant certificates. Showing that you have had some level of training or hold a college degree will be important, and you can follow the tips in the flight attendant resume template for Word. Keep it simple but complete, following these tips:

  • Use chronological order with the most recent school or training facility first

  • Do not include a GPA unless you are a recent graduate

  • Include any relevant training, including online extension courses, certificates and seminars attended

Here are some examples for the education section:

Example 1:

Bachelor of Science in Sociology – 2014

University of California San Diego – La Jolla, CA

Courses included proseminar and sociological theory

Example 2:

Aviation and Transportation Certificate – 2016

Glendale Community College – Glendale, CA

Coursework included emphasis on flight attendant duties and first aid

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