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When your future is on the line, it is not enough to sit back and assume your accomplishments speak for themselves. If you want employers to get a clear, comprehensive picture of your skills and knowledge, you need to paint that picture for them with a strong resume. The following architect resume template for Word demonstrates some great techniques everyone can use. Review the writing guide for targeted advice on composing each section of your resume, including the summary statement, skills, work history, and education.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your resume’s summary statement should present a quick, attention-grabbing overview of what makes you a great applicant. Select a mix of important skills and achievements that represent the highlights of your career. Following the example of the applicant in the architect resume template for Word, include both specific technical knowledge and general abilities.

Keep your statement succinct and on-point. Mirroring terms from the job listing’s requirements and preferences helps emphasize your suitability for the position. Follow these essential tips for an effective statement:

  • Use a short paragraph or bullet points

  • Include relevant professional awards

  • Mention non-technical skills such as teamwork and communication

The following examples show a few effective approaches to crafting a summary statement:

Example 1

Proficient architect with 10 years’ experience with top firms specializing in urban high-rise design. Led team of architects throughout all stages of award-winning project; adept in use of cutting-edge design and blueprint software. Effective team leader and motivator.

Example 2

Recent graduate from Top University’s Master in Architecture program with 4.0 GPA. Completed internship with architectural firm, assisting architects with all stages of projects. Proficient with variety of design software, extremely quick learner with top work ethic.

Example 3

  • 3 years’ experience with established firm

  • Recipient of 2016 Young Architect award

  • In-depth design and engineering knowledge

Example 4

Senior architect at reputable firm with over 30 years’ experience. Highly proficient technically, with unique design vision. Adept at both team leadership and teamwork, expert communicator with wide experience of cross-functional collaboration.

Writing Your Skills Section

Your skills section presents a quick overview of your core qualifications. While you may possess a wide range, keep this list to about eight items with top relevance both to the particular employer and to the position in general. Use short bullet-pointed phrases and do not put a period at the end. The following advice can help you understand how to model your skills section after that in the architect resume template for Word:

  • Give prominence to skills listed as requirements in the job posting

  • Include important technical skills even if not included in the posting

  • Add relevant knowledge in fields such as construction and engineering

This list of in-demand architectural skills can help you get started selecting the ones that apply to you; also check the posting’s list of requirements:

  • Digital and physical modeling

  • AutoCAD

  • Materials and specs research

  • Conceptual design

  • Planning and blueprinting

  • Cost analysis and budgeting

  • Project management and team leadership

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section of your resume serves to give employers an idea of your previous responsibilities and accomplishments. A typical section, such as the one featured in our architect resume template for Word, includes between five and eight bullet points for each position. The following points can help you describe your prior work experience cohesively and effectively:

  • Avoid listing jobs from over 20 years in the past unless you have a compelling reason

  • Because your space is limited, curate your bullet points carefully

  • Present a mix of typical responsibilities that show the scope of your activities

  • Metrics can help you convey the impact of your contribution by providing specific figures for costs you saved, contracts you negotiated, or clients you attracted

The following examples of great architect work history entries show you how to put the above advice into practice:

  • Served as supervising architect on healthcare center construction project with multi-million dollar budget, ensuring timely and under-budget completion

  • Designed and drafted plans for development projects in compliance with zoning ordinances and other applicable regulations

  • Worked with junior architects, engineers, planners, and contractors to finalize and complete projects

  • Prepared design revisions based on changes in client demands or field conditions

Writing Your Education Section

Your education section should follow your work history. In addition to the formal education generally required for architect positions, include professional licenses. As shown in the architect resume template for Word, you should keep this section simple and basic while following these guidelines:

  • While you may list honors such as Dean’s List, do not include your GPA if you are not a new graduate

  • The more working experience you have, the less necessity there is to include university accomplishments

  • Like your work history, your education should follow a reverse chronological order

Example 1

Master of Arts in Architectural Design – 2010

University of Ohio – Athens, OH

Bachelor of Science in Engineering – 2008

University of Ohio – Athens, OH

Licensed Architect, State of Ohio

Example 2

Certificate in Architectural Design – 2001

State University of New York – Albany, NY

Master of Science in Materials Engineering – 1998

State University of New York – Albany, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design – 1996

State University of New York – Albany, NY

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