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As home delivery of online-bought goods becomes even more of a fixture of 21st-century life, package handlers serve an increasingly important role. Out of the more than four million U.S. hand laborers and material movers employed in 2019, a staggering 640,800 of them were package handlers.

To help you join this growing group of shipping and transportation workers, our package handler resume example shows you how to craft a resume designed to impress recruiters in this industry. Take a look at the example below, as well as how to make the most of LiveCareer’s other tools.


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What is a Package Handler ?

Package handlers pack, sort, assemble, scan and load packages of various sizes and weights, which are then delivered to customers. They help ensure packages safely make it to their proper destination. Package handlers may also be required to maintain records of the packages they move, as well as adhere to their employer’s particular standards for safely handling packages.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of the abovementioned 640,800 employed package handlers work mostly in California, largely in transportation and warehousing, with waste management and other industries trailing not far behind.

What Makes This a Great
Package Handler Resume Example?

An attention-grabbing, well-written and well-formatted resume makes a world of difference in helping you get noticed by recruiters. Our package handler resume example, written by certified resume writers, helps you come up with quality content to make your own resume more impactful.

Here’s how our package handler resume example helps you craft your own document:

  • Offers expertly written content: Our resume experts use their in-depth knowledge about what hiring managers seek to help you write an appealing resume. From “fragile item handling” or “sorted packages” in this example to their additional, customizable text suggestions offered by our Resume Builder, our certified writers are here to help you write a better resume.
  • Helps choose the right format: A resume’s format should be picked based on one’s level of experience. This example utilizes a combination resume format, best for mid-level candidates with a medium amount of experience. Skills-based functional formats work well for those with little-to-no experience, and chronological formats are good choices for those with many years of experience.
  • Shows appropriate resume templates: Your chosen industry, as well as the specific employer you want to work for, should influence the design of the resume template you choose. Whichever among our wide selection of templates best suits the culture of the organization you want to work for as a package handler, our builder has plenty of options.

3 Package Handler Professional Summary Examples

An attention-grabbing professional summary can help candidates make immediate, positive first impressions on recruiters. Our package handler resume example, as well as our Resume Builder’s customizable content suggestions, demonstrate how to incorporate industry-relevant phrases and qualifications to easily accomplish this.

Below are a few example summaries our builder might suggest:

  1. Package handler with three years of experience and a lifting capacity of 55 lbs. Extremely experienced with forklift operation and related safety procedures. Expert in properly labelling and sorting packages, as well as supervising their proper and careful handling by warehouse personnel.
  2. Highly experienced package handler and transportation professional with excellent organizational and communication skills. Familiar with developing plans to optimize warehouse floor efficiency and minimize productivity bottlenecks. Used software skills to assist corporate in managing massive databases across three large-scale warehouses.
  1. Package handler with seven years of experience. Recipient of “employee of the quarter” award for three consecutive quarters for sharply reducing rate of customer-reported damage upon delivery. Six Sigma-certified; experienced training new package handlers to safely operate forklifts, pallet jacks and hand trucks.

3 Package Handler Work Experience Examples

A well-written work experience section includes measurable figures that speak to your achievements in past roles. Our package handler resume example shows how to frame these impressive parts of your work history. You can also customize our Resume Builder’s text suggestions, or use them as-is.

Below are three examples from a package handler’s work experience section:

  1. Loaded and unloaded an average of over 300 packages per day.
  2. Trained team of six warehouse associates to properly catalogue packages using handheld scanners.
  3. Oversaw sorting of parcels to ensure they were correctly shipped to one of five distribution centers.

Top Skills for Your Package Handler Resume

The skills section on your resume tells employers exactly which of the talents called for in the job description you also possess. Our resume examples and Resume Builder are full of suggestions you can use when writing this section yourself.

Hard Skills

  • Basic conveyor belt maintenance
  • Fast-paced coordination
  • Forklift operation
  • Inventory management

Soft Skills

  • Team supervision
  • Listening
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills

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Package Handler FAQs

What are the qualifications required to become a package handler?

There are no formal qualifications required to become a package handler. Typically, this is an entry-level job. Many package handlers receive about a month of on-the-job training from their supervisor, when they learn about safety guidelines and more. You must have a minimum amount of physical strength and stamina to work as a package handler. You must also be coordinated, alert and careful while handling packages.

What is the work environment for package handlers?

The work of a package handler, often performed in warehouses and distribution centers, is physically demanding. They have to lift and move heavy packages from one point to another. This could require bending, kneeling or crouching while working, which can lead to injury in some cases. Most package handlers work full time, sometimes for more than eight hours per shift.

How do you write a resume for a package handler with no experience?

A package handler’s job does not require prior work experience. However, submitting a professional resume will boost your odds of landing almost any job. If you’re an entry-level candidate, you can use a functional format that focuses on your skills instead of experience. These skills may have been gained in school or from extracurricular activities. Relevant certifications, if any, should also be mentioned on your resume.