Forklift Operator Resume Examples

One of the most widely used industrial vehicles, more than 150,000 forklift trucks are purchased each year. Forklift operators must apply unique skills and knowledge to safely drive these complicated vehicles. You can rely on LiveCareer’s comprehensive forklift operator resume examples and step-by-step guidance to help you fill one of these roles. Check out the page below for a thorough look at what makes a great resume for this position.


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What is a Forklift Operator?

Forklift operators must abide by OSHA safety standards when driving this type of heavy truck. They work in warehouse settings, construction sites, factories, storage yards and other similar spaces, controlling forklifts to lift pallets of materials or other heavy objects. They set up items for transport so the forklift can pick things up smoothly and safely. Operators may perform routine maintenance on the vehicle, such as adding fuel, changing batteries and inspecting parts.

What Makes This a Great
Forklift Operator Resume Example?

A great job and career can be in your future if you make a strong enough impression with your resume. LiveCareer’s forklift operator resume examples can help you learn from top-notch content so you can stand out above the real-life competition. Here is what the examples offer job seekers:

  • Resume content crafted by experts: Our resume examples serve as ideal how-to guides for aspiring forklift operators. This mid-career applicant boasts “zero safety incidents” and “nearly 100% accuracy in order shipping and processing.” With such phrases and key terms selected by our professional resume writers, your odds of being called for an interview will skyrocket.
  • Professional format usage: Choice of resume format can make or break the odds of your application’s success. This job seeker uses the combination format, which allows them to show both concrete evidence of work experience and important industry skills, such as OSHA-trained and warehouse operations. It uses both chronological details and functional elements.
  • Industry-appropriate templates: LiveCareer’s library of templates help resumes for all industries make a stronger impression. This template uses whitespace effectively and a small hint of color in an easy-to-read design. Its basic yet eye-catching design gives this job seeker an edge over the competitors who might have chosen a style less appropriate for the industry.

3 Forklift Operator Professional Summary Examples

LiveCareer shows you how to write an attention-grabbing professional summary. Find guidance for creating compelling summaries with our forklift operator resume examples, as well as with our resume builder. Both of these tools result in wow-worthy paragraphs like these:

  1. Skilled forklift operator with eight years of experience in a warehouse setting. Committed to following all safety rules and procedures. Knowledge of forklift vehicle standard maintenance tasks.
  2. Detail-oriented forklift operator with experience moving materials and pallets on construction sites for the past 10 years. Able to work well in a team setting and collaborate effectively. Efficient problem-solver when working with heavy equipment.
  3. Dependable forklift operator with a background working in a high-volume factory moving 30 tons a day. Have sustained a 100% safety rating throughout job history. Experience with shipping and receiving, packing materials into pallets, documenting items and training new drivers.

3 Forklift Operator Work Experience Examples

Hiring managers value work experience sections since they most quickly indicate whether an applicant matches a role’s requirements. Our forklift operator resume examples offer sample phrases that impress employers. Using our resume builder is equally convenient, as it can generate specific responsibilities reflecting your personal metrics and details. Here are three sample job duties for a forklift operator:

  1. Loaded materials onto a forklift for moving items and restocking supplies in a busy warehouse-style retail store.
  2. Set up full pallets on a scale to ensure load limits were appropriate for the forklift truck.
  3. Assessed the forklift truck’s condition before each use by reviewing the fuel levels and battery.

Top Skills for Your Forklift Operator Resume

Recruiters expect to see certain key skills in a resume. Our forklift operator resume examples and our resume builder make this step simple with suggested capabilities for those in this field. Consider these eight forklift operator hard and soft skills to include on a resume:

Hard Skills

  • Forklift certification
  • Pallet jack skills
  • Tow motor proficiency
  • Reach truck experience

Soft Skills

  • Time management
  • Physical stamina
  • Organization
  • Ability to work independently

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Forklift Operator FAQs

What is the salary for a forklift operator?

Forklift operators made an average of $35,850 per year as of 2018. Some forklift operators may make more if they have certain additional credentials or experience. Forklift operators with outstanding safety records and excellent driving skills may also earn more money than their less-skilled or experienced peers.

What is the difference between a forklift driver and a forklift operator?

Some job descriptions use the terms forklift operator and forklift driver interchangeably. Generally, a forklift operator is mainly responsible for driving this type of vehicle. Certain forklift operator positions may also call for additional responsibilities, such as vehicle maintenance, lifting items into boxes or pallets, inventory control and packing items for shipping.

Where can I get a forklift license?

If you want to operate a forklift, research different certification options. There are classes in forklift driving offered through some truck driving schools and forklift vehicle dealers. A certification class usually requires classroom learning and a driving component. Individuals who want to get a certification for their resume should look for courses that have an endorsement from OSHA.