Truck Driver Resume Examples

Working as a truck driver provides many benefits that include good compensation and a strong sense of independence. According to O*Net, 42% of truck drivers report having a lot of freedom to make decisions.

If you want to get your ideal job as a truck driver, use LiveCareer’s resources. Our truck driver resume examples and Resume Builder make it easier to craft a compelling resume. Better yet, you can quickly customize your application to each truck driver opening.

On this page, you will learn more about LiveCareer. You will also find great examples of professional summaries, skill sections, work histories and other specific truck driving qualifications employers value.


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What is a Truck Driver?

Truck drivers transport goods between locations using ground vehicles, commonly in tractor-trailer arrangements. Their work involves driving long routes, sometimes spanning multiple states. They are also responsible for the safe transport of their cargo; this can include securing it properly. Truck drivers must log their work, relay progress to dispatchers and report any incidents on the road. They may work independently or for transportation firms.

According to O*Net, 56% of truck driver jobs require a high school diploma. It is a potentially rewarding and lucrative career for someone without a college education.

What Makes This a Great
Truck Driver Resume Example?

A career as a truck driver provides a stable and well-compensated way to earn a living. A strong resume makes it easier to get an interview with a trucking company and the right job as a driver. LiveCareer’s truck driver resume examples provide inspiration for writing your own. Here are three ways our examples can improve your resume-writing experience:

  • Text recommendations: We provide professionally written resume content for you to copy or adapt. It is easier to write an interview-worthy professional summary, skills section and work history when you have examples to use as inspiration. Take advantage of our resources to help you get the job. Or, use our builder, which will provide pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Resume format options: Your resume format affects which of your skills and experience hiring managers see first. This job seeker chose a chronological format, which emphasizes his impressive work history by placing it front and center with dates. Choose a functional or combination resume format if you are an entry-level or mid-career profession.
  • Template selection: The right resume template can help show you are a good fit for the position. In the example, the job seeker chose a template with a modern look but a traditional layout. It is a great choice for standing out as a truck driver applicant. Or, allow our Resume Builder to recommend other options for your resume.

3 Truck Driver Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is an opportunity to highlight your most notable trucking qualifications. This may include your years of experience, types of driving you have done previously or noteworthy achievements. LiveCareer’s truck driver resume examples include summaries you can use as-is or modify for your situation. Alternatively, use our Resume Builder to create your own. These are three professional summaries to consider:

  1. Hard-working and reliable truck driver with over seven years of experience driving over-the-road routes. Consistent track record of safe and timely deliveries, including routes spanning three or more states. Possesses a Class A Commercial Driver’s License.
  2. Enthusiastic truck driver who has received commercial driver’s license. Seeking to apply in-depth understanding of DOT regulations and CDL school knowledge to a professional setting. Dependable and detail-oriented professional who is an eager learner and team player.
  3. Knowledgeable truck driver who has driven heavy trucks in over 27 states. Excellent understanding of DOT regulations and requirements of modern logistics operations. Stellar safety record and skilled in inventory management and record keeping.

3 Truck Driver Work Experience Examples

Your work history can show your prior responsibilities and successes. It is a great way to stand out from other truck driver applicants. Study our truck driver resume examples for inspiration on how to fill out this critical section. Use them as-is or modify with metrics to suit your needs. Here are three examples of truck driver work experience bullet points:

  1. Loaded, transported and unloaded boxed goods exceeding 50,000 pounds.
  2. Planned and drove interstate routes encompassing as many as six states, ensuring consistent on-time delivery.
  3. Performed routine inspections of truck and other equipment to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Top Skills for Your Truck Driver Resume

Impress hiring managers with hard and soft truck driving skills. LiveCareer helps identify your most relevant and desirable abilities. Check out our truck driver resume examples and Resume Builder suggestions to find in-demand skills. You can also add your own to our builder. Here are a few examples of industry-specific skills for truck drivers:

Hard Skills

  • Class A truck operation
  • DOT safety inspections
  • Route planning
  • Inventory management

Soft Skills

  • Safety mindset
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Instruction comprehension

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Truck Driver FAQs

What are the duties of a truck driver?

The main duty of truck drivers is to safely operate their trucks and move freight between two locations, often between different cities and sometimes multiple states. They are also responsible for ensuring their equipment is well-kept and safe to use. They may need to inspect the cargo and check that it is properly secured. Truck drivers must be familiar with DOT regulations and obey the laws of the road.

What is the highest paid truck driving job?

The highest-paid industry for truck drivers in May 2019 was truck transportation. This includes long-haul, over-the-road drivers who are often the best compensated. The highest-earning 10% of truck drivers received more than $66,840. Owner-operator truck drivers (those who own their trucks) may also earn a share of the revenue from the route, potentially increasing earnings.

What are the pros and cons of being a truck driver?

Truck drivers earn relatively high entry-level wages, especially considering the educational requirements to start. It is also a relatively independent job with little micromanagement. Furthermore, truck drivers get to see the open road and explore the country as they drive. However, drivers may feel lonely, especially on long routes. They may be on the road for weeks at a time. This can mean less time with friends and family.