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Jessica Claire
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Quality Assurance Specialist/Quality Control with an impressive blend of technical welding expertise and people skills. Committed to providing quality and consistent technical support.
  • Knowledge of various welding processes, welding safety.
  • Knowledge of metallurgy weld ability for ferrous and non-ferrous base materials.
  • Life Member of the American Welding Society (AWS) 35 years
  • Reviewed, evaluated, and approved technical requirements for welding procedures.
  • Interpreted drawings, specifications and technical manuals. 

  • ISO 9000-2008 trained.
  • Welding Shipyard Superintendent of 150 welders.
  • Experience with repair and overhaul of commercial and naval vessels.
  • Knowledge of base metal weld ability characteristics and welding filler metal types.
I provided management and oversight of private sector maintenance within the US, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Detachments in Bahrain, Rota Spain with additional oversight in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE) Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
This entailed the development of various welding procedures using multiple welding processes and base materials:  The processes included; Thermal Spraying Coating using High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) for various components,  Titanium piping base material,  Main Propulsion Shaft repairs, Patrol Crafts (PC) Shaft repairs with HVOF, and Bronze Propeller repairs.  In Bahrain and the UAE, I provided oversight for PC Shafts Thermal Spray Coatings, for the fabrication/welding of a cradle to lift the USS CHINOOK out of the dry dock and placed it on a secure  area within the shipyard.  In Rota, Spain, I assisted with setting up  a private sector shipyard in developing and approving Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)  Standard welding procedure vice European Committee for Standardization (CEN) welding procedures.  
As MARMC command NAVSEA Representative and under the guidance of NAVSEA and Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock (NSWCC), I developed technical audit checklists to conduct Procedure Reviews (PR) and Product Verification Inspections (PVI) for each procedure and process.
02/2000 to 11/2016
Quality Assurance Specialist (Shipbuilding) GS-1910-12 Program and Audits Division (Code 132) Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center City, STATE,
I served as the lead technical expert in the specialized areas of welding within the Quality Assurance Department.  I was appointed by the Commanding Officer as the Command Welding Program Manager and was authorized as the NAVSEA technical representative to approve equipment, materials or procedures when specified in NAVSEA documents. This included oversight for all (MSRA/ABR/AIT) private sector welding procedures such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), American Welding Society (AWS), Coast Guard, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards meeting the requirements of NAVSEA Technical Publication S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248 (Tech Pub 248).  
I was responsible for implementing the Contract Administration Quality Assurance Program (CAQAP) in accordance with the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) Vol. VII, MARMCINST. 4355.2 (QA Manual), and NAVSEA Standards Items (SI), DOD Acquisition Quality Assurance Level II, and government contract clauses.  In the performance of my duties, I was required to have Department of Defense Secret clearance (my clearance status is current and remains in affect until 2020).  
I led and conducted the Welding Program elements that included Process audits, Procedure Review (PR), Procedure Evaluation (PE), Corrective Action (CA), Quality Data Evaluation (QDE), and Product Verification Inspection (PVI).
As the Welding Program Manager, I was responsible for dealing with on-site welding surveillance.  I reviewed and provided recommendations to technical work documents, such as Engineering Service Request (ESR) to Code 200.  I also provided assistance Code 200 in the adjudication of technical conformance and non-conformance issues by the use of Departure of Specifications (DFS).
I was the Command Welding System Matter Expert (SME) and reported and provided technical assistance to the Quality Assurance Director, Chief Engineer, Engineering/Technical Personnel, Project Managers, On-site QAS, NAVSEA, NSWCC, In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) and Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM).
I reviewed, evaluated, and approved various ship components welding Process Control Procedures (PCP) to technical requirements and work specification prior to use to ensure the development and delivery of the products were operated safely with reliability.
I witnessed contractor welding procedure qualification tests on-site to ensure they complied with the requirements of the essential elements as noted in Tech Pub 248.  After completion of the welding procedure qualification test (Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Non-destructive Testing (NDT) , they were forwarded to me for review and approval.  I conducted comprehensive reviews to ensure all specification requirements were met, i.e. base materials, compatibility of filler material to base material, joint design, preheat/interpass temperatures.   I also audited the welders to the ensure they met the qualification requirements that included eye exams, maintenance logs, and welders training records.
I assisted Code 131 Audit Branch Team during contractors Quality Management System (QMS) Audits.  I developed a checklist to evaluate the effectiveness of the contractors' welding program.  As a team member my objective was to conduct welding program audits.  During audits, I was responsible for evaluating the welding operator qualifications and maintenance records to ensure compliance with Tech Pub 248.  I verified that documented workmanship and visual inspection training grade were no less then 75 percent and training exams were approved by a Level III examiner.  I ensured that training records were logged and maintained to ensure each welders was re-tested every three years and the contractor conducted an audit of his program every two years.  I documented the results of the evaluation and submitted my findings in writing to the Lead auditor.
I maintained a log of reports on the transfer of welding and brazing personnel between the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA) and the American Maritime Modernization Association (AMMA).  
I have the ability and skills to read and interpret contract specifications, engineering drawings, prepare written reports, and make oral presentations.  
I have a thorough knowledge of skills in applying various methods and techniques for investigating, analyzing and effecting corrective action on complex quality assurance problems.
I liaison with the Quality Director, Chief Engineer, Program Managers, Commanding Officers, NAVSEA, NSWCC, other federal activities, and private industry.  The purpose of the contacts is to exchange factual data required for coordination, explanation, and interpretation of contract and agency requirements.
I have a thorough knowledge and skill required to use computers to develop plans, graphs, presentations, reports, and maintain matrixes as required to perform my duties.  
During 2005 through 2013, I spent extended periods of time in MARMC Detachments in Bahrain, and Dubai.  I was sent to these Detachments to provide contractor oversight, welding procedure reviews, process control, procedure reviews, technical assistance, specification reviews, and reviews of ESR's and DFS's.  Additionally, I provided support in the following areas: Providing ship alterations on four PC's home-ported in Bahrain that entailed welding and fabricating to extend the aft sections of the craft to accommodate the Combatant Craft Retrieval System (Zodiac retrieval craft).  In Dubai I assisted with a voyage repair on the USS LEYTE GULF which was to repair a weld crack in fuel oil (FO) tank and replaced 16" of longitudinal framing below the waterline with a cofferdam in place.  I was also assigned as part of the assessment team in Bahrain to conduct visual inspections of the damaged underwater hull on the USS NEW ORLEANS.  Additionally, I provided technical assistance to develop contractor welding procedures to MARMC Detachment Rota Spain. 
I provided assistance in the joint venture with NAVSEA, NSWCC, MARMC and BAE Systems in developing the Quality Assurance Requirements for Welding 5XXX Series Aluminum Structure for CG-47 Class.   I provided input to update NAVSEA S9CGO-BP-SRM-010/CG-47CL, Technical Manual for CG-47 Class, Superstructure Cracking repair.
I have a thorough knowledge of the following documents used for reviewing welding and process control procedures:   
  • NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010/278, Requirements for Fabrication Welding and Inspection, Casting Inspection and Repair for Machinery, Piping and Pressure Vessels.
  • MIL-STD-1689, Fabrication, Welding, and Inspection of Ships Structure
  • MIL-STD-1687, Thermal Spray Processes for Naval Ship Machinery Applications.
  • MIL-STD-2191, Repair, Welding, Weld Cladding, Straightening, and Cold Rolling of Main Propulsion Shafting. 
  • 0900-LP-001-7000, Fabrication and Inspection of Brazed Piping Systems
  • MIL-STD-22D Welded Joint Design
During this period of time,  I received the following Performance Award: 
  • 1 Quality Step Increase
  • 2 Time Off Awards
  • 3 Performance Awards
  • 8 On the Spot Cash Awards
  • 9 Special Act or Service Awards

05/1994 to 05/2000
Quality Assurance Specialist (Shipbuilding) GS-1910-11 SUPSHIP Portsmouth, Detachment Earl, Colts Neck, NJ (previously SUPSHIP Brooklyn. NY) City, STATE,
I was a Quality Assurance Specialist (Shipbuilding) in the Technical Support Department, Quality Assurance Division. 
I was responsible for evaluating and monitoring contractors inspection systems, welding, NDT, material control programs to ensure quality requirements and reliability of the delivered ships.
I was responsible for coordinating and maintaining elements of the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for the repair and conversion of ships and craft based on contractual requirements.
I reviewed, evaluated, and conducted on-site audits, inspections, and procedure evaluations of contractors to ensure contractors complied with  contract specifications.
I reviewed contract specifications to determine Process Control Procedure (PCP) submission requirements.  I evaluated PCP's for technical and contractual acceptability.  After my review, I provided written notification to the contractors detailing their acceptability/non-acceptability and all corrective action required.  I initiated further dialogue with the contractors as required to resolve qualitative or procedural errors.  I recommended  revisions to quality control procedures, manufacturing techniques, and/or inspection practices based on quality of data collected and my observations.  I reviewed/monitored Quality Deficiency Reports (QDR's) and evaluated the contractors' corrective action.  
I monitored the contractor's system for certifying and qualifying personnel, equipment, and procedures for special processes such as welding, brazing, flushing operations and MIC Level I controls.  I monitored and maintained  records of contractors non-destructive testing facilities and personnel qualifications.
I reviewed selected contractor purchase orders to determine if the requisite quality requirements were in compliance.  I designated purchase orders that met Government Source Inspection (GSI) criteria and prepared Quality Assurance Letter of Instruction.  I conducted performance receipt inspections at contractors' plants.  
I maintained records and logs for controlling contractor and ship project quality history files, correspondence, process control procedures, procedure reviews, procedure evaluations, status and schedule of internal audits, and invoice certifications.  I used computers to input data, review status, and generate records.
I participated in all quality assurance indoctrination and training programs for detachment inspectors and ship's force personnel.  I assisted in establishing course curriculums, delivering instruction, and documenting personnel certifications.   I liaison with ship's force Quality Assurance  inspectors as required.
I participated in pre-award, MSRA, ABR certification surveys and technical evaluations.  I attended bidders, post award, and post-arrival conferences. I provided technical assistance to all departments on quality assurance matters and represented the division at progress meetings and during technical discussions.
My position required I had a full range of quality assurance concepts, principles, and methodology related to ship repair.  Specific areas of knowledge required included:  MIL-Q-9858 Quality Program requirements, MIL-I-45208 Inspection Systems, contract clauses, ship specifications, ship repair standard items, contract drawings, and industrial processes.  I was responsible for this knowledge to ensure the contractors provided documentation and hardware that were in compliance with contract requirements.
I have a broad knowledge of the following industrial disciplines associated with the ship repair industry:  mechanical, hull, metal joining, special processes, piping, and coating systems.  
I was required to have skill in written and oral communications to effectively present the positions on areas of concern and to  provide guidance and direction, as required.  
I liaison on a regular basis with engineers, technicians, surveyors, project managers, officers within my organization, as well as external activities such as SIMA, NAVSEA, SPARWAR, NAVSSES, Naval Shipyards, DCASMA, SUPSHIPS, and officials private contractor's quality assurance, manufacturing, engineering, production, and administrative staffs.
During this period of time, I  recieved the following Perfomance Awards:   
  • 1 Quality Step Increase
  • 2 Performance Awards
  • 3 Time Off Awards
02/1987 to 06/1994
Ship Surveyor (Pipefitter) WD-4204-8 Supervisor Of Shipbuilding, Conversion And Repair, Brooklyn City, STATE,
As a Ship Surveyor (Piping), located within the Quality Assurance Department, Inspection and Progress Division, Code 300, I was required to have a broad background of experience with repair, overhaul and testing of ships piping systems, sub-assemblies, valves as used in Main, Auxiliary Steam systems, and hydraulic systems.
I was responsible to ensure various contractors complied with contract requirements for US Naval Ships and crafts undergoing overhaul, conversion, repair, alteration, construction, and activation/deactivation.  
I conducted ship checks and wrote specific and precise Negotiated Change Orders (NCR) for new work and prepared estimates for materials.
I reviewed procedures submitted by contractors to ensure compliance. 
I notified Supervisory Ship Surveyor of matters relating to non-conformance of contractors work and workmanship standards and made appropriate recommendations.
My specific duties included:
Upon completion, I inspected contractors work to ensure compliance with government practices. 
I provided Quality Control for processes and witnessed applicable tests to  ensure compliance with calibration of testing and measuring equipment. I provided final acceptance testing during dock and sea trials.  
I maintained records of inspections and increased and/or decreased surveillance inspections as data evaluation indicated.
I maintained a written log recording significant events on a daily basis to allow for analysis and claims avoidance.
I evaluated contractor reports requesting additional work requirements. I developed specification change records and Government estimates for change, if necessary.  I provided liaison with the Contracts Department, (Code 400) to identify and correct differences between the government  and the contractors estimates.   I responded to contractor regarding  specification change denials.
I provided Planning and Estimating Division with pertinent information regarding work items and specification deficiencies.
I attended weekly progress meetings and reported progress of specific job orders.  
I participated in facility capability surveys of commercial firms and made recommendations prior to issuance of Master Ship Repair Contract.   I assisted in pre-award surveys to determine if a proposals by contractors were capable of accomplishing specific job orders, if awarded.
My working environment at this facility involved regular and recurring visits to contractors shops, shipyards, drydocks, and aboard ships being constructed or repaired.  All visits to these locations required the use of appropriate protective clothing or gear such as safety glasses, shoes, ear protection, hard hat, and observance of appropriate safety precautions.  
During this period of time, I received the following Performance Awards:  
  • 1 Special Act/Service Award
  • 5 Performance Awards
  • A NAVSEA Letter of Appreciation for my participation in pre-award survey to evaluate contractors capabilities to accomplish work on USS SURIBACHI (AE-21) DPMF, USS CLIFTON SPRAGUE (FFG-16) DSRA, and USS NITRO (AE-23) DPMA on 29 August 1991.
  • A NAVSEA Letter of Appreciation for participation in pre-award survey to evaluate G. Marine Diesel Corp, to evaluate their ability to overhaul U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dredge WHEELER on October 13, 1991. 
  • A Letter of Appreciation from the Officer-in-Charge SUPSHIP (then) Bath Detachment New York for exceptional performance during the USS CLIFTION SPRAGUE (FFG-16) DSRA. Quote "The quick action you took reviewing PCP's, conducting procedure reviews, and assisting all surveyors verifying contractor qualifications for welding and NDT are commendable. Your efforts as the first QAS assigned to a project team were sparkling and helped stress the importance of this program."
03/1977 to 02/1987
Welder, Welding Forman, Welding Supervisor. Coastal Drydock & Repair Corporation, Brooklyn Navy Yard City, STATE,
I was a Welder, Forman, and Welding Supervisor for the Coastal Drydock & Repair Corp. MSRA Contractor located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The facility was comprised of six graving docks ranging from 343 feet to 1,093 feet, and 12 deep-water berths plus various buildings.
Two weeks after my discharge from the US Navy I was hired as a welder. Due to my Navy classification Codes HT-4955 (High Pressure Pipe Welder), and HT-4951 (Manual Fuel Gas Torch Brazer) I was assigned to the Pipe Shop. 
I worked on the conversion of the bottom blow piping systems on three AOE class vessels.  My duties included re-fabrication of the carbon steel bottom blow piping to monel by Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and welding the first nozzle of the 600 psi header with a consumable insert.  NDT was accomplished by Radiograph (X-Ray).  Additionally, I worked on other welding components that included piping systems on 600/1200 psi steam plants (Level-I and X-Ray).   I  welded repairs on the 600/1200 psi boiler headers, tube end on, both GTAW and the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).
I was promoted to Welding Forman and assigned to conduct welders procedure qualification test on various base materials;  i.e., stainless steel. copper nickel, bronze and High Strength Steels.  I begin a new welding process which was Plasma Cutting.  I cut openings on 24" stainless pipe to install branch connection for Navy floating drydock ballast piping. 
I was responsible for conducting welders performance qualification testing on new hires.   I was in charge of  assigning work to approximately 15 other shipboard pipe welders.  
I was then promoted to Welding Department Supervisor. The total Welding Department consisted of six Forman, 150 welders and 50 burners.  I instructed the Forman to assign welders and burners to various shops/ships as requested.  I liaison with other departments and trades during production meetings.  I provided oversight by daily walks on each vessel/shop.
During this period of time, I was promoted from Pipe Welder Forman to Welding Department Supervisor.
10/1972 to 03/1977
Hull Maintenance Technican; Firemen, Third Class and Second Class Petty Officer United States Navy (USS DIXIE AD-14) Destroyer Tender City, STATE,
I was training for a Hull Maintenance Technician (HT).  My training consisted of understanding ship safety; ship repair; woodworking; small boat repair and deck covering; tools and equipment; metallurgy; introduction to cutting and welding; oxyacetylene cutting and welding; brazing and braze welding; metal arc welding and cutting; nondestructive tests and inspection of welds; layout and fabrication; structural steel fabrication; shop mathematics; piping systems; and piping system repairs.


HT Phase I- Firefighting and NBC Warfare at NDCTC Naval Base, Philadelphia  (7 weeks)  
HT Phase II - Welding, sheet metal, woodworking, boat repair, steel repair and fabrication, and pipe repairs at SERSCOLCOM NAVTACEN San Diego (12 weeks)  
Fuel Gas Welder Class "C" school, I received my NEC 4951 (2 weeks)
I was assigned to the USS DIXIE (AD-14) Destroyer Tender commissioned in April 1940  At that time the USS DIXIE displayed the "First Navy Jack" and was the oldest active ship in the US Navy other then the USS CONSITITUTION.  The USS DIXIE was decommissioned in 1980.
Aboard the USS DIXIE I was an HTFN assigned to Shop 56 (Pipe Shop).   My duties were repairing Aux System, Low or High Pressure piping.  I cut out the section, then returned to the shop targeted and re-fabricated the system removed.  After being fitted I assisted the welder who would tack weld the component and remove it to the shop for welding and inspection. 
I was promoted to HT 3 and assigned as the Supply PO.  I was responsible for maintaining an inventory and ordering all types of fittings, valves, pipes associated with shipboard piping systems.  I broaden my knowledge of different types of steels, i.e.,  carbon, chrome moly, carbon moly, stainless steel, and cooper nickel.
I was sent to Class "C" 1 welding school for 18 weeks of training.  
After my training I was assigned to the Welding Shop.  I was responsible welding jobs in the shop and reinstalled aboard the ship, such as 600 psi steam header, mirror weld and learned Metallurgey, the stresses of the material while welding, heat treatment of Chrome Molly, and metal fatigue.
During my time as a Naval Hull Technician, I deployed on two Westpac's and performed repairs in Subic Bay, Philippines to the following ships:  USS ROBISON (DDG-12), USS WADDELL (DDG-24), USS DAVIDSON (DE1045) and USS HEPBURN (DE-1055).
During this period:
  • I was promoted to HT3 and HT2, Weld Shop Supervisor
  • I received an Honorable Discharge on April 5, 1977.
Expected in
: Quality Assurance, Production Management, Speciallt Technical, Industrial Safety and Acquistion
Navy Training Courses - ,
  • MARMC Annual Security Refresher
  • NAVSEA Cyber Security
  • CNRMC Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) Phase II
  • CAQAP & ISO Overview
  • Critical Coatings Training
  • Work Certification Process Training
  • Technical Writing & Grammar improvement
  • OSHA 7615 Maritime Safety (10 Hours)
  • NAVSEA Acquisition Fraud awareness Training
  • Work Item/Spec Review Training
  • DOD Acquisition Quality Assurance Level II
  • AWS Aluminum Welding Conference (Seattle Wash.)
  • Technical Authority Training
  • ASME Welding and Brazing (Welding Procedure Requirements)
  • AWS Shipbuilding Conference (Navy Ship Building)
  • ACQ 101 (DAU) Fundamentals of System Acquisition MGMT
  • Confined Space
  • Quality System Audits
  • Facilitator Workshop
  • ISO/9000 Training
  • Magazine Sprinkler System Operation and Inspection
  • Defense Contracts Management for technical Personnel
  • Surface Treatment of Metals
  • Field Administration of Master Agreement (MSR/ABR) Contracts
  • Navy Reserves Shop Qualification Improvement Program (RSQIP) - Piping Fabrication and Repair
  • NDT fundamental training (Portsmouth New Hampshire) for the various types of NDT Process Inspections; Visual (Level II), Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Radiograph, and Ultrasonic Inspection.
  • Lead Assessor of Quality Systems ISO 9000 with QS-9000 Training
  • Instructor Training 
Expected in 1971
High School Diploma: Plumbing
Ralph R. McKee Vocational and Technical High school - Staten Island, New York
McKee was designed to prepare students for the opportunities that could lead to employment in various academic and trades. The trades included; woodworking, automotive, sheet metal electrical installation and plumbing.
I completed fours years of on-the-job training related to Plumbing;
  • Blueprint and Plumbing Codes.
  • Assembling Potable water/gas piping systems and associated fittings using steel and brass.
  • Drain waste and vent systems using cast iron lead joints fittings.
  • Water heaters
  • Boiler installation and piping systems

I graduated from Ralph R. McKee Vocational and Technical High School in 1971 and was hired by a local plumbing company.


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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Navy Training Courses
  • Ralph R. McKee Vocational and Technical High school

Job Titles Held:

  • Quality Assurance Specialist (Shipbuilding) GS-1910-12 Program and Audits Division (Code 132)
  • Quality Assurance Specialist (Shipbuilding) GS-1910-11
  • Ship Surveyor (Pipefitter) WD-4204-8
  • Welder, Welding Forman, Welding Supervisor.
  • Hull Maintenance Technican; Firemen, Third Class and Second Class Petty Officer


  • High School Diploma

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