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Professional Summary
  • Thirty seven years’ experience in a high volume-manufacturing environment. Extremely motivated, driven, and customer oriented Manufacturing Processing Leader with more than 25 years’ experience and an established track record of achievements in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. Highly skilled, thorough, and effective in all phases of process and product development, quality, and manufacturing.
  • Extremely focused on identifying system deficiencies and achieving customer satisfaction along with presenting ideas on cost efficiency and reduction. Focused team player with strong verbal and interpersonal communications who thrives on challenging situations requiring an ability to learn new skills and train other team members. More than 8 years of experience following cGMP, GLP, GDP, FDA and ICH guidelines. Technical expertise in reviewing cleaning and process validation; experience of handling technology transfer, preparing annual product quality reports, conducting internal audits for cGMP compliance and vendor qualification activity for contract manufacturing. Reviewing and approving SOPs, protocols, technical documents and stability data and reports for cGMP compliance. Knowledge of industry specific application i.e. SAP and TrackWise; effective communicator with written and oral communication skill; able to troubleshoot, prioritize and solve problems in a timely manner and interact with individuals on all levels; experience of supervising a QA team and coordinating with the different functional group to perform day to day activities. Dynamic business leader with over 18 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Category Management, Advanced Analytics and Shopper Insights in the consumer packaged goods and grocery industry.
  • I am trained in safely cleaning, setting up, and operating Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment such as Glatts, pump skids, swecos, tanks, tri-blenders, blenders, comils, fitzmills, grals, Ohara drying ovens, and moisture analyzers. Hands-on experience with a variety of manufacturing equipments such as fluid bed, tablet press, tablet pan coater and mixers. Hands on experience with core solid dosage form processing techniques such as mixing, granulation, drying, compression, and coating. Experience on process development activities, practice their control parameters and perform process scale up using a systemic general approach for various processes.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the functional role of excipients and their effect on the processing and performance of drug product. Experience on preparing semisolid formulations such as gels and ointments. Experienced on preparing solid and liquid dosage forms including solutions and dispersions such as emulsions, microemulsions, and liposomes. Process/Production Support) with six years of experience in cell culture operations, bioreactor prep/sampling, and media prep. Able to execute daily activities with specific skills, including: good aseptic techniques, strong understanding of following cGMP guidelines, and knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools and PowerPoint. Recognized by peers for being collaborative, accountable, and dependable. Results-driven customer service and operations professional with experience in biotech, medical device, pharmaceutical, and health care industries.

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Work History
11/2020 to Current
Quality Assurance Associate Ani Pharmaceuticals Baudette, MN,
  • Responsible for the daily operations of the chemical processing department. Performed all environmental testing and monitoring to comply with all regulatory and permitting requirements. Assured adherence to all cGMP and FDA procedures and protocols. Created and implemented Standard Operating Procedures. Scheduled all processing personnel.
  • Processed batching compounds following all cGMP and FDA procedures. Monitored all documentation for processing including wet chemical analysis testing. Supervised warehouse operations including bulk chemical deliveries and the storage and shipping of hazardous and non- hazardous chemicals.Prepared quality documents that included site master file and validation master plan for EMA submission.
  • Co-ordination with QC lab for day to day testing and finish product release activities. Finished product sampling and pre-dispatch inspection before the shipment provided necessary technical information, documents to carry out day to day QA activities i.e. issuance of BRs. BPRs and BCRs to production personnel. Reviewed raw material and finished product specification with USP requirements.
03/2018 to 11/2020
Manufacturing Associate Abeona Therapeutics Inc. Cleveland, OH,
  • Performed and documented daily manufacturing operations in a cGMP environment that involved operation of process equipment, execution of validation protocols, revising cGMP documents; detailed-oriented with strong documentation skills.
  • Executed manufacturing processing steps and manufacturing support activities, monitored the process against the batch record, SLR and control system.
  • Experienced in basic biotechnology processing - major unit operations and microbial control concepts. Identified problems, analyzed situations, suggested solutions and made routine decisions based on experience.
  • Clearly communicated process information and process issues with co-workers and supervisors in a timely manner. Interfaced with internal/external customers; demonstrated excellent communication and customer service skills. Managed time with multiple projects/tasks.
  • Team Player with excellent interpersonal and computer skills; Great ability to build relationships and demonstrate leadership in a High Volume Manufacturing facility. Operated equipment and oversaw manufacturing processes in the Dissolving/Filtration Dept. and LSM Cell Culture.
  • Dispensed and tested samples for pH, viability, Total Cell Density, Viable Cell Density, conductivity, Glucose Concentration, osmoality, CNC testing, bioburden testing, and LAL.
  • Performed double checks, select and off-test powders, calculated and weighed batch ingredients. Reviewed, revised, and maintained SOPs. Experienced in using the following MACHINES / TOOLS / MATERIALS: Coulter counter, cedex counter, hemoceptometor, microscope, bio- hazardous cabinet/hood. YSI analyzer, BGA analyzer, pH meters, conductivity meters, osmometer, pipettes, hand tools, pumps, hoses, process control instrumentation meter, spectrophotometer, turbidity meter, Fork truck, filter housings, chemicals, steam, hot/cold WFI, air pressure, carts, autoclaves, computer consoles and keyboards, SOP'S, MSDS, BPR'S, & MRM's.
  • Unloaded rail cars, truck tankers, totes and 55 gallon drums into various tank farms. Followed all GMP, SOP, ISO and MSOEs. Blended over 300 different type batches into various size containers. Took all lab samples, made all labels, recorded all chemicals used in batches and made corrections when needed.
  • Performed chemical processing and batch mixing such as enzymatic treatment, alkali treatment, tendon prep, dispersion prep, and cross linking, to produce various collagen-based products. All processing was performed in compliance to GMP’s and SOP’s in a quality system with FDA compliance.
  • Consistently achieved 92% work order completion or exceeded daily output volumes required to meet necessary customer demand.
  • Change out chemicals to neutralize and sterilize parts needed to run a continuous process. Operating machinery such as Lancer and Getting machines that clean and Autoclaves that sterilize all equipment in the Core process. Routinely assemble cell culture kits to run in process and sterilized all equipment for the process according to SOPs.
  • Operate in cleanroom environment on a daily bases wearing the proper gowning for GMP’s. Used machinery such as mix tanks and lyos to prepare dispersions and produce medical suturable items used in the medical field.
06/2004 to 11/2017
QA Associate/Account Manager Johnson & Johnson City, STATE,
  • Support upstream and downstream manufacturing activities for production. Performed activities involved with cell culture expansion, media prep and buffer prep areas in order to prepare media and buffer for the production. Performed purification activities like filtration skid, chromatography skid. Performed activities involved in equipment prep areas. Performed automated and manual CIP/SIP of the buffer and media tanks. Performed depyrogination of various equipment by operating Depyro equipment. Operated equipment like parts washer, autoclave, media/buffer prep tanks per SOP. Operated sample testing equipment like pH meter, conductivity meter, osmometer and turbidity meter.
  • Coordinated preparation activities and align materials for the next day activities. Document manufacturing activities per cGMP in batch records. Performed manufacturing review of completed batch records for the release of batch. Draft and review manufacturing SOP. Experience using process and business management software including Delta V (HMI), SAP, LIMS, Maximo, Sentry, Track Wise, Atlas EDMS, Share-Point, and Microsoft Office Suite. Performed Standard Cell Culture And Aseptic processing techniques. Isolating of cells from Cartilage Biopsy. Supporting and maintaining Cell Culture. Seeding of cells into 3D Matrix and loading of Matrix Into a custom Bioreactor. Aseptic packaging of the final product. Maintain product segregation between patient specific lots for an Autologous Product. Preparing of aliquots for used in stages of the Cell Culture process. Monitoring and stocking manufacturing inventory of raw materials and aliquots. Reviewed SOPs and provided suggestions on revisions. Responsible for routine cleaning of equipment, shelving, benches and carts within the GMP environment. Performed daily monitoring of facility, equipment and process.
  • Performed and verified each Manufacturing Process And Qualification. Successfully executed an Aseptic Qualification of the process using TBS. Responsible for assemble, disassembly and cleaning of intricate custom Bioreactor. Cleaning and sterilizing reusable materials for use in the Manufacturing Process. Operate and monitor Abec bioreactors using Allen and Bradley Skid adhering cGMP.
  • Responsible for the aseptic processing of components and products using adhering cGMP by using the aseptic techniques, prepared the growth media and buffers to be used in cell culture. Performed CIP, SIP, and pressure test on Abec bioreactor. Responsible for the operation and preparation of manufacturing equipment for scale up used for cell culture process, which includes bioreactor and recovery processes. Generate and write Batch Production Records (BPR), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Support and assist manufacturing, process development, QA/QC, validation. Performed cell counts using Vi-cell and also perform the expansion of cell culture when required. Responsible sterile preparation of components; aseptic processing filtering and filling of pharmaceutical products; environmental monitoring of manufacturing facility. Prepped bioreactors and monitored critical process parameters. Assembled/operated filtration systems. Gathered and interpreted data via process and quality systems such as Delta V/SBOL/PI Trends. Monitored cultures in spinner flasks.
  • Work with scientists for the development for new / modified formulations for solid oral dosage forms in product development department. Conducting process development to facilitate development of immediate release and controlled release / sustained release dosage forms. Support daily formulation and clinical manufacturing activities, such as dispensing, solution preparation for wet granulations and film coating and encapsulation operations, as per batch records. Perform experiments and record detailed information / observations regarding process of product in laboratory notebook. Worked on Scale-up / Clinical batches in manufacturing area. Provided vital input for troubleshooting and new ideas for process and product development. Performed set- up, troubleshoot, routine maintenance and repair of blending / granulation equipments, compression machines, multi purpose fluid bed dryer / coater / granulator and encapsulation equipments. Performed in- process and finished product sampling for physical, chemical and stability testing. Perform physical testing and document in laboratory notebook and batch records. Maintain all DEA and non-DEA inventory.
  • Follow written and oral instruction with limited supervision. Support daily laboratory activities prescribed by development scientists of said action. Set-Up/Operation and Cleaning of Oral Solids Formulations development equipment. Extensive experience with laboratory oral solids pharmaceutical processing; including high shear granulation, hot-melt extrusion, milling, blending, tabletting/bi- layer, film coating, extrusion/spheronization, bead coating, encapsulation, etc. Proficient in dosage form physical evaluations; including bulk and tap density, friability, tablet hardness, tablet disintegration, and capsule evaluation, etc. Work closely with scientists to troubleshoot processing problems during development, particularly as related to tabletting and encapsulation phases. Provide oversight/insight during the experimental process scale-up into the clinical manufacturing area. Developed in-house feed mechanism for the laboratory hot melt extruder, enabling a project to proceed through the development phase and into the clinical phase. Developed solid relationships with vendors as needed to provide timely equipment/processing solutions. Teamed with EHS/Engineering personnel as needed to fabricate potent compound containment for laboratory processing. Work with scientists for the development of new/modified formulations within R&D Pilot plant. Set up and operate various pharmaceutical equipment - this include but not limited to : Fluid Beds (Glatt), Compression (KORSCH, FETTE, Globe Pharma), Milling(Fitzmill,Conmill), Coating (O'HARA, GLATT Mini ), Blending and Granulation (Gral), Compacting (Fitzpatrick).
  • Process characterization including bulk density, particle size analysis using ATM sonic shifter. Accurately dispense raw materials and prepare coating/drug solutions. Document in lab notebooks and batch records and maintain all entries as per GMP’s and SOP’s requirements. Maintain records and clean room environment to comply with regulatory requirments. (FDA and DEA ). Maintain all Pilot Plant equipment in the working order. Assist scientists in Bio equivalent studies and subsequent ANDA submissions. Adhere to all environmental, occupational, safety and health (OSHA) requirements. Performed and assisted other technicians with writing all new S.O.P. s. Support scientists daily with the improvements and process optimization. Reviewed all Critical Site Reports for accuracy and correctional data, editing GDP and GMP SOPS. Oversee the production floor on filling and labeling as well as compounding and production of batches and reviewing batch records, and looking for issues during production and assisting technicians in the cleanroom and making sure sterile processing is in accordance with FDA regulations. Reviewed and responsible for collecting and analyzing documents to be processed by quality assurance personnel as well as production personnel. Worked really close with operators and managers to determine any discrepancies in documents or product deviations to produce or come in contact with the batch. Analyzed deviations, investigations, and issue CAPAs for improvement by personnel or other personnel. Train employees or other team members on technical equipment of current SOPs or updated SOPs to make sure colleagues are GMP compliant due to Janssen’s status.
  • Attend and conduct training pertaining to batch or other tasks as needed. Combine all documents needed for batch and fabricate binders to organize all batches by production schedule. Also update CSR calendar of all batches coming into production and arrange all PMS reports. Review and analyzed all personnel in regards to EM trends and involvement in production of batches. Responsible for imputing data into several computer based applications, such as trackwise, LIMS, PMS and MIDAS. Also introduced to computer based programs such as SAP, and COMET. MES applications (PAS-X) Analysis of data from microbiology tests, checking for excursions or discrepancy within the test or other facilities. Managed pilot plant operations of processing equipment for the production of cosmetics. Prepared pre- formulated Batches utilizing various types of kettles, mixers, pumps, and Raw Materials to formulate, Lotions, creams, topical solutions, and gels, ointments, antibiotics, (ANDA & RX PRODUCTS, Generics). Inspect Raw Materials to ensure correct product codes using electronic scanners to verify weights used reflects batch requirements. Maintain accurate Batch Records. Knowledge and application of 21 CFR - Parts 210 & 211 (cGMP’s). Ensure Quality standards as per SOP’s, MSDS, DEA, OSHA, FDA, and DEP Reg’s. Processed batching compounds following all cGMP and FDA procedures. Monitored all documentation for processing including wet chemical analysis testing. Supervised warehouse operations including bulk chemical deliveries and the storage and shipping of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Performed CAR T-cell Immunotherapy patient processes in accordance with SOPs and batch records per a cGMP and GDP environment. Followed strict adherence to a fast paced clinical production schedule. Responsible for ensuring sterile clinical environment, adhering to rigorous safety and sanitation standards. Generated right first time documentation according to GDP, resulting in increased production time. Laboratory analysis by HPLC and Dissolution Instrumentation on stability samples. Maintain an accurate laboratory notebook which includes sample data for all tests performed.
  • Perform daily calibrations and routine maintenance on laboratory instrumentation and equipment according to current SOPs. Assist in various other duties that contribute to the organization and function of the laboratory. Serve as a technical trainer for other associates. Maintain a high level of awareness for GMP. Set-up topical formulations for formal and informal physical stability studies according to prescribed protocol. Maintained and monitored on-going stability samples to ensure that samples were available for physical stability evaluation. Physical tests performed were appearance, pH measurements, microscopic examinations, droplet size determination, viscosity measurements utilizing cone and coaxial viscometer, moisture determination, and color analysis. Performed SDS-PAGE (Coomassie blue and Silver), and IEF for the IND and BLA submission to the FDA and EU. Assist in the method validation testing. Supported the QM marketed product group for all release/stability test. Performed automated and manual HPLC dissolution tests and HPLC assay analysis on solid dosage forms to support the 1ND and NDA submission to the FDA.
  • Perform physical evaluation of stability samples such as moisture determination, particle size analysis, pH, APHA determination and disintegration. Cleaned buckets in the Compression Area of TAR, ESK, RST (Tylenol Tablets) in the Gel-Dipping Washroom. Documented cleaning in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) electronic batch record, Werum Software Systems PAS X Pharma, and other functions in a site under FDA Consent Decree. Worked in Rotor-Granulator Area in Sieving Room separating unwanted lumps for characterizing the particle size distribution of a sample. Active ingredients (Famotidina), related products (Pepcid Complete - stomach acid production inhibitor). Oversaw the delivery of Finished Granulation and Finished Coated Granulation Batch to the McNeil Lancaster facility, to complete the manufacturing process (compression and packaging) and ship the finished product. Cleaned, assembled and tested rotor granulator pumps. Worked on Direct Compression and Compression,o Chemical Weighing, Production line (BAU, SUD, CHEWABLE) granulations for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) electronic batch record, Werum Software Systems PAS X Pharma. o Prepared major and minor cleaning for equipment, bins, buckets and containers. Function as technical expert in the Encapsulation and Packaging Department; facilitate crew scheduling, production, planning, and production priorities; train new operators and guide work team operators. Interview, hire, train, and supervise all processing & packaging personnel; schedule production plans, maintenance, and quality testing;responsible for batch documentation, inventory control, production records, material cost reporting, and operating logs. Write Standard Operating Procedures (SOP'S), investigate deviations and take corrective action; Promote safety and quality assurance. Participate with Manufacturing Support in scale-up, process optimization, and equipment evaluations.
  • Responsible for encapsulation of the Tylenol line of products. Experienced in running the high-speed bottle line in the Packaging Department. Responsible for the processing, quality, sterilization, and set- up of equipment required for the manufacture of pharmaceutical OTC (over-the-counter) products. Prepare, analyze, and validate process steps with required FDA/cGMP documentation for all manufactured product. Consistently achieved 100% work order completion or exceeded daily output volumes required to meet necessary customer demand. Reduced process errors approximately 20% by ensuring the mixing and blending of both enteric and opadry coating solutions was completed accurately. Effectively controlled, monitored, and validated the precise coating of opadry, enteric and E- 5 solutions on the tablets and caplets using both Vectors and Accella coaters in a spray dry process.
  • Performed in-process testing including; LOD (Loss of Density), sizing, and dimensional damage. Used Statistical Process Controls to analyze trends and experienced in cGMP’s, Micro- swab testing, SOPs. Guaranteed a printing accuracy of 99% on Ackley hi-speed adjustable printing machine required for printing on all tablets, caplets and geltabs using water based and food grade ink. Troubleshoot data computerized processing equipment including pumps, mixers and printing and coating machines. Input data into SAP programs which monitored the flow of production. Responsible for the processing, quality, sterilization, capsulization, and set-up of equipment required for the manufacture of pancreas enzyme pharmaceuticals associated with Cystic Fibrosis. Prepare, analyze, and validate process steps with required FDA/cGMP documentation for all manufactured product. Routinely achieved all targeted manufacturing goals related to the weight, mixing, and blending processes. Maintained accuracy level of 100% with zero defects or rework. Also responsible for cGMP paperwork and the self-auditing of accuracy of the official FDA data recorded. Performed all manufacturing processes in state of the art “Bio Clean” facility using computerized monitoring /controlled equipment including; driacoaters, fluid bed granulators, and aeromatics. Also, responsible for periodic LOD weight variation and dimension tests and sizing and sifting operations.
  • Troubleshot all equipment in the process including; mixers, pumps, aeromatics, and driacoaters. Used SPC (Statistical Process Controls) to analyze trends and control process parameters using scada system. Reported results on a shift basis to Supervisor and provided analysis and guidance for resolving processing issues. Performed in-process inspection and final inspections, reconciled in-process documentation and batch records. Also packaged final product and conducted internal audits before sending to customer. Worked closely on a daily basis with Quality Control performing and analyzing micro- swab testing on all batch products. Followed SOP’s and utilize Record Retention database system to enter quality records into long term storage. Interface with Archive Service to resolve process issue. Catalog quality records per record retention schedule. Organize, file and box document for record retention archive, following approved standard operating procedures (SOP). Extensive experience in pharmaceutical and diagnostics manufacturing. In depth knowledge of FDA and OSHA regulations with a track record of ensuring that work was performed in accordance with external regulatory authorities and all SOP's and QSRs. Saved company $18 million by building new production areas. A resourceful problem solver with and an expertise in SAP. Responsible for the Quality Assurance review of cleaning records, granulation, compression, and packaging batch records for Imodium (treatment for diarrhea) and Pepcid (treatment for heartburn). Determined the Product Disposition / Usage Decision (UD) for the batches to indicate whether or not they are approved for packaging and shipment. Utilized the SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) computer program to record these dispositions of the commercial bathes.
  • Performed line clearances and retain inspections to ensure product quality during the manufacturing process. Responsible for coordinating the performance of the batch record review and the performance of the investigation so that they can be released for shipment in an efficient and timely manner. • Managed analysis of POS and shipment trends for J&J’s 4th largest OTC Drug customer ($145MM shipments). Competitive tracking and promotional analysis for the Zyrtec Launch, influenced Rite Aid’s PL pricing and development of new Zyrtec promotional vehicles. Partnered with internal OTC Sales Strategy for shopper insights to develop the 1st in market Zyrtec Loyalty Reward program. Developed a Women’s Wellness marketing platform including sales forecast, ROI projections, and display. Designed and Implemented test of an Oral Care “Aisle of the Future” with regimen “Brush, Floss, Rinse” messaging to increase basket size and drive incremental sales. Supervision and control of production activities and in process Quality checks at shop floor of Tablets, Capsules, ointment and dry syrup in accordance with cGMP norms. Handling and operating of IPQC instruments like D.T. apparatus, Analytical balance, Friability apparatus (ROCHE), Leak test apparatus, Hardness tester (MONSANTO, PFYZER, CAMPBELL etc).
  • Man power handling, target achievements and allocation of daily work to manpower. Having JD ORACLE (systems application & processing of data management) knowledge related to production. Daily Planning, Production, Handling and Arrangement of material. To complete production schedule as per planning with quality and optimum utilization of resources. Maintain proper communication with other ancillary department like QA, QC, Engineering, Store and warehouses etc. Proper handling and maintaining of Primary & Secondary Packing materials. Online documentation like BMRs, BPRs & log cards. Proper training on SOP (standard operating procedures) and cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) guideline to manpower like machine operator & Subordinates to obtaining required skill and perform their duties. To ensure and maintain % yield & productivity as per standards & to work actively for further enhancing the yield and productivity. Preparation of daily production report, OPMD (output per man per day) report and Monthly WIP (Work in Process) report. To involve in validation of product and introduction of new formulation through technology transfer. Handling of production related deviations and change control. Handling of Training records.
  • Areas of Strength: Handling of Change control. Handling of Deviation, incident and Investigations. Equipment Qualification, Compression of tablets (D and B tooling ), 43,55,45, & 61 Station (CADMACH) SpecialPTK 43 station, tablet in tablet compression machine, filling of capsules(semi automatic hand filling ) etc. Compression of tablets 75 & 81 Station (ELIZA PRESS) Ointment (manufacturing, tube filling, packing.) Dry syrup (filling, labeling and packing) Coating (enteric, film and sugar coating) of tablets. Primary packing (ALU-ALU BLISTER RAPID PACK 2MP, SATELLITE ENGINEERING STRIP MACHINE, ELEMACH BLISTER, RAPID PACK BLISTER) Handling of JD oracle related work.
  • Responsible for customer service, product distribution, vendor management, and supply chain. Developed improvements in inventory monitoring resulting in cost savings. Manage quote to product delivery process for customers world-wide. Collaborate with international suppliers, customers, and sales representatives to promote successful business relationships, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales. Developed SOPs to ensure consistency and increase efficiency. Worked closely with Sales, Finance, Marketing, Quality, and Regulatory to ensure customer satisfaction. Developed and monitored metrics to prevent back order situations and delayed shipments. Met or exceeded all metrics.
  • Improved customer relationships after previous staff turnover. Built strong customer relationships. Exceeded the needs of customers to ensure customer delight. Successfully launched skin care product line. Implemented Salesforce CRM to streamline operations. Developed department SOPs to improve efficiencies. Collaborated with Quality and Regulatory to ensure compliance. Ensured good communication between all departments was maintained to ensure that quality products are delivered to the customer (Sales, Logistics, Quality, etc.). Assumed full accountability in promoting and advertising pharmaceutical products. Proactively took part in lectures, while also conducted physician visitations in offices and hospitals. Cultivated strong and productive relationships with key decision makers. Solely handled the daily business operations and advanced effectual promotional offers. Ensured the delivery of quality customer service by addressing customer necessities. Keenly monitored competition by collecting marketplace information on pricing and merchandising techniques. Successfully sold pain management (Duragesic), GERD (Aciphex), Alzheimer’s (Reminyl), schizophrenia(Risperdal) pharmaceuticals to pain management, psychiatric, GI, and geriatric specialists within hospital settings across eastern Pennsylvania and New York. Leveraged expert product knowledge to develop speakers and thought leaders into product/company champions on a regional and national basis.
  • Consistently distinguished self as a resource and business consultant to the customer by proactively providing helpful collateral such as clinical reprints. Achieved consistent sales growth as proven by national and regional rankings. Better positioned and differentiated products in the market in regards to safety and efficacy, by applying a solutions-selling approach to win changes in hospital protocols and prescribing algorithms. Built credibility and trust with physicians by consulting with them on extreme treatment challenges to attain improved patient outcomes. Enhanced business opportunities by forging and maintaining a network of internal and external specialists to share best practices, protocols, and algorithms. Developed and implemented a budgetary control system using Excel spreadsheets that effectively optimized ROI. Facilitated more accurate sales analysis and trending by assisting with the implementation of a new computer software system that tracked sales activities with physicians. Educate physicians (orthopedists, neurologists, internal medicine/primary care, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, podiatrists, cosmetic surgeons etc.), on private label products/services and new delivery systems. Identify pharmacy needs and emphasized product benefits for enhancing patient care to facilitate sales.
  • Personally opened over 50 accounts by actively prospecting for new customers, effectively prioritizing leads, and working with existing accounts to expand business and obtain referrals. Ensure a persistent and positive business relationship with accounts leveraging product expertise and exceptional territory management initiatives. Utilized extensive medical knowledge to identify potential opportunities within existing client accounts resulting in increasing utilization and revenues. Maximize penetration opportunities by providing promotional items and product solutions. Use consultative selling techniques to identify solutions to meet customer needs. Deliver clinically-supported sales presentations, negotiated transactions and provide ongoing client support vital to optimizing customer satisfaction and retention. Keep clients informed of current product developments, new products in the market, and serve as a continual resource. Increased average monthly sales volume each month by continuously strengthening business relations. Received monthly bonus awards for exceeding sales quotas. Ranked in the top 25% of the sales and customer care representatives in the company.
Expected in 05/2008
Bachelor Of Business Administration: Accounting And Business Management
Thomas Edison State University - Trenton, NJ
  • Minored in Chemistry

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  • Bachelor Of Business Administration

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