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(555) 432-1000,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Design and Analysis of Structures, Systems and Components of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs).

Resolution of Regulatory Issues at NPPs

Materials related Issues Resolution

Pressure Retaining Vessels aging monitoring

Welding and NDE

PWR and BWR Design and Maintenance Issue Resolution

Configuration Management

Corrective Action Program

  • Unescorted Access to Nuclear Plants
  • Support of Nuclear Plant Start-Up efforts
  • Support Nuclear Plant Outage Efforts
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Construction Management Nuclear Plants
  • Plant Decommissioning
  • Nuclear Spent Fuel Pool Reraking
  • Technical Support for Several Outage at Different Plants in the US
  • Construction Superintendent at the Clinton Power Station responsible for subcontractors (Midway and Lundeen)
  • NRC Inspection of Decommissioning Plants in the North East of US
  • Inspected ISFSI Dry Storage at different Plants Region I
  • Material Issues Resolution for different Licensees
University of Louisville Louisville, KY Expected in 1977 Bachelor of Science : Applied Science Civil Structural Engineering - GPA :

Applied Science Civil Structural Engineering

University of Louisville Louisville, KY Expected in 1979 Master of Engineering : Structural Engineering - GPA :

Structural Dynamics / Mechanics of Vibrations) University of Louisville

2006 - Harvard University Extension a course on Economics & Engineers impact on Society.

Illinois State University Normal , IL Expected in 1987 Marketing Management / Business Development : Economics - GPA :
USNRC Training King of Prussia, PA Expected in 1990 USNRC Engineering Inspector Certified via. Oral Examination in front of a qualifying board Several Industry Sponsored Containment Structures Design and Inspection Courses and Seminars NRC Systems Training: NRC TTC - BWR Technology (106B) NRC TTC - PWR Technology (106P) NRC TTC - Westinghouse Technology (304) NRC TTC - Westinghouse Simulation (624) NRC TTC - GE Advanced Technology (904) : Plant Design and Systems - GPA :

Additional Training and Certifications:

•American Welding Institute – United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Welding Technology and Codes.

•Hellier Associates, Inc., --Nondestructive Testing

•American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Professional Development – Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Plant Piping Systems

•American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Professional Development – ASME B31.1 Power Piping Design and Fabrication

•American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Professional Development – Section XI Nuclear Components

•American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Professional Development – Section III, Div. 1 Requirements for Design & Manufacture of Nuclear Power Plant Components

•Vantage Training Service Corp. – Containment Inservice Inspection and Testing

•USNRC Engineering Inspector Certified via. Oral Examination in front of a qualifying board

•Several Industry Sponsored Containment Structures Design and Inspection Courses and Seminars

NRC Systems Training:

•NRC TTC - BWR Technology (106B)

•NRC TTC – PWR Technology (106P)

•NRC TTC – Westinghouse Technology (304)

•NRC TTC – Westinghouse Simulation (624)

•NRC TTC – GE Advanced Technology (904)

Gcp Applied Technologies - Nuclear Principle Engineer
Zellwood, FL, 10/2013 - 10/2014
  • At the present time, upon coming back from South Korea after successfully completion of a contract on 11/07/2013 with Hyundai Engineering, Mr. Carrasco came to work in the USA for PSEG as a Principal Engineer responsible for the material issues affecting the structural integrity of three reactor (Salem Generating Station Units 1&2 and Hope Creek Generating Station), specifically, providing technical support for issues affecting the PSEG Repair and Replacement Program (ASME Section XI) and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspections.
  • Currently, he is preparing a survey for the renewal of PSEG NR and R stamps.
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants - Advising Director
Fort Worth, TX, 10/2012 - 10/2013
  • As Director Advising the Plant design, Piping and Nuclear Groups on international projects throughout the world focusing on two X 500MW Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant for Vietnam Electric, Olkaria, Units I and IV Geothermal Power Plant for Kenya Electric Generating Co. Ltd.
  • Specifically, for these projects Mr. Carrasco performed detailed reviews of the piping stress analysis and reports.
  • He provided value added comments and observations regarding the inclusion of building seismic relative displacement for Mong Duong 1 project.
  • Incorporation of the soil settlement due to the weight of the Cooling Water System Piping, This is being treated as a soil structure interaction issue and it will be handling by the Civil Structural Group.
  • Mr. Carrasco is providing advice to the Punta de Tigre Gas Turbine in Uruguay for the selection of buried piping material, assisted in the issuance of the piping P&IDs and reviewed documentation related to gas turbine projects in the republic of Iraq (Taza and Rumalia).
  • Mr. Carrasco also provided with training on issues affecting pipe design and material related issues.
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants - Engineering Specialist
Irvine, CA, 04/2005 - 10/2013
  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Station GGNS-1 EPU outage
  • Mr. Carrasco performed the following tasks: Prior to be deployed to the GGNS, Mr.Carrasco, at the Shaw Power Group, Moorestown Office, performed a calculation of the beam girder for the Turbine building to demonstrate that the beams were not over stressed as previously indicated. The loads involved were the handling of the Low Pressure Feed Water heaters installed during the EPU outage. For these efforts, Mr. Carrasco used GT-STRUDL computer program.
  • Once at the GGNS site, Mr. Carrasco performed design engineering reactive to the needs of the craft and the field engineering needs in terms of mitigating radiation exposure while craft is performing their work, these efforts involved quick calculations to improvise temporary structure to hang lead blankets.
  • Perform structural design activities involving scaffolding for the purpose of reaching areas to accomplish field activities inside the power block, quick calculations to size members for the given loads.
  • Facilitate approvals of temporary rigging aids such as lifting lug, for example, for the Turbine Building at Elevation 113 walls have three opening portals that will be used for the LPFWH replacement activities, for this purpose,
  • Mr. Carrasco designed the lifting plates / lugs and size the hit bolts to remove the three plates per openings nine total to be moved to accommodate the FW Heaters installation.
  • Provide a feasible solution for the temporary shielding inside condenser, for this purpose, an analysis was performed to size the proposed W-Beam or a Channel C-Beam capable to of supporting the load of the hanging lead blankets.
  • Performed reviews of technical structural issues associated with rigging and handling of loads associated with the steam dryer efforts.
  • Along these lines, provided reviews and consultation to the field engineers on issues affecting the new Barnhart strong-back rigging devise.
  • For the same ECN, Prepared engineering change notice (ECN) for Radiation Shielding for the Fuel Pool Heat Exchangers 1G41B005A and 1G41B005B,changed to add bulb angles (BL) (channel with uneven legs) to be welded to the structural Tube Steel (TS) sections of the proposed frame.
  • Prepared an ECN associated to Radiation Shielding for the Fuel Pool Heat Exchangers and it will add a bulb angles (BL) to be welded to the structural Tube Steel (TS) sections of a proposed frame.
  • As a Lead Responsible Engineer for installation of the new Main Transformers Replacement Fire Protection System prepared several ECNs to address issues affecting this installation, interfaced with construction management, vendors and other stake holders in the relocation of supports, Fire Protection System for the newly installed main transformers water supply suction line flanges that lacked of joint surface level He resolved by installing a ring wedge to achieve levelness, As a Lead Responsible Engineer for the Standby Service Water - Ultimate Heat Sink, prepared several ECNs to address issues affecting the authorization for the use of 6" core bore to prevent hitting rebar instead of using 8" diameter core bore for the underground/water piping replacement.
  • Guidance for the installation of a temporary beam to be moved above a duct bank and for the duct bank to be rigged up enough to relieve the tension of the cables going to a junction box.
  • As a Lead Structural Engineer responsible for the structural steel to support the activities affecting the installation of a of high temperature aluminum bus conductors suspended by insulators and surrounded by an aluminum enclosure for mechanical protection, containment of internal cooling air, and safety and associated drain piping.
  • At the Centennial CO Office Prior to this GGNPS engagement, as a responsible Lead Mechanical Engineer,
  • Mr. Carrasco worked on the J.W. Turk Coal Fired Project dust emission modification at the Centennial Office; the Power Plant is located in Hempstead County, Arkansas.
  • This plant will be a new nominal 600 MW ultra supercritical pulverized coal steam-electric power.
  • Prior to this assignment,
  • Mr. Carrasco was on a rotational assignment at the Charlotte Office performing licensing basis screening for the V.C.
  • Summer Units 2&3 nuclear plants being build in South Carolina.
  • For this task he reviewed drawings and specifications to ensure that the plant configuration is maintained and does not differ from plant specific design bases.
  • He completed this assignment ahead of schedule and within budget.
  • Prior to this engagement, Mr. Carrasco was assigned to the Shaw Power Group Centennial, CO Office.
  • He was actively engaged in preparing design licensing document for several Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations (ISFSIs) and providing regulatory consultant services to clarify specifics on licensing compliance.
  • The sites involved in these efforts are: Comanche Peak, Waterford, and DC Cook Nuclear Power Plants.
  • In the past, with the USNRC, Mr. Carrasco was responsible for the QA of the fabrication of Canisters, Casks, and transfer cask, performing detail source inspections at the fabrication site (Rainor).
  • He was a part of the Westinghouse / Shaw - AP1000 Inspection, Testing, Analysis, and Acceptance Criteria (ITAAC) Team.
  • He is assisting the Charlotte office in developing performance and documentation plans (PDPs) for these ITAACs
  • KEPCO South Korea While working at the Shaw Power Group, Mr. Carrasco was assigned to Korea Power Engineering Company (KOPEC) in the Republic of South Korea (ROK), where he successfully completed five year of value added service.
  • At KOPEC, Mr.Carrasco was actively engaged in providing design guidance and quality assurance on the following projects: Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 & 2 (SKN 1&2), Shin-Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant Units 1&2 (SWN 1&2).
  • For the SKN 1&2 he successfully completed the independent design verification of the piping stress and pipe supports design for the safety injection subsystem along with other fifteen subsystems, he was also instrumental in the design optimization program for pipe stress analysis - ASME Section III Class 2&3 and B31.1 power piping.
  • This activity included the intensive reviews of input and output of the PIPISYS computer analysis used to examine present practice involving a revised thermal expansion, dead weight, seismic and fluid transient loads and their combinations.
  • Mr. Carrasco was instrumental on the purchasing of flexi- shafts valve controls manipulators for the compound building, he provided with value added consult for on the quality assurance of the purchasing.
  • Also for the SKN 1&2 start-up activities, Mr.
  • Carrasco as quality assurance monitor for activities affecting the piping functional test in the area of vibration monitoring.
  • For the SWN 1&2, Mr.
  • Carrasco served as consultant for issues affecting the construction in the areas of welding and associated code interpretations.
  • Aside from his duties, Mr.
  • Carrasco was also involved in resolution of issues for operating Korean plants, such as, Ulchin Units 1&2 Nuclear Power Plant Steam Generator Replacement and the review of the fatigue analysis for reactor coolant piping system for the Kori Unit 1.
  • Mr. Carrasco also provided direction and guidance on resolution of issues related to Korean Optimized Power Reactor OPR-1000, APR1400.
  • At the end of his Korean assignment, He was advising the KOPEC Advanced Power Reactor group by identifying difference in key design parameters for EPR and AP-1400, his findings were summarized in a tabular format.
  • At the request of KOPEC, Mr. Carrasco provided value added training seminars to KOPEC managers and engineers on issues affecting Configuration Management and Design Bases Reconstitution, Steam Generator (S/G) Inspection and Replacement Activities in the USA including BOP systems, Simulation Workshop on Power Piping B31.1 and a seminar on the newly Proposed Design Curves for Fatigue (ASME Section III), vibration monitoring in startup activities, understanding of TMI Accident and the aftermath.
  • These presentations were attended by Senior Managers and Engineers (to full conference room capacity) who complemented Mr. Carrasco on the technical excellence of the presentations.
Sargent And Lundy Engineers At The Wilmington Office - Structural Engineer
City, STATE, 2005 - 04/2005
  • Prior to coming to KOPEC, ROK; Mr. Carrasco, for the second time in his profession, worked at Sargent and Lundy Engineers, this time as a associate project engineer for the Wilmington office assigned to Exelon Projects with an unescorted access to all Exelon facilities.
  • Mr. Carrasco among several design modifications, he led projects at the Peach Bottom Atomic Nuclear Plant in Delta PA.
  • Specifically, design changes and modification of existing structures, systems and components, including plant security upgrade modifications.
Framatome ANP - Structural Consultant
City, STATE, 09/2004 - 2005
  • Prepared and reviewed calculations for important activities related to the steam generator replacement project for the Arkansas Unit 1 Nuclear Power Plant.
  • These calculations are the Haul Path for the loaded transporter, outside lifting system (OLS) restraint cable; OLS design review of the Castellated Gantry Beam, dynamic analysis for the transporter.
FENOC - Perry Nuclear Power Plant - Structural Engineer
City, STATE, 11/2003 - 05/2004
  • Prepared design calculation to evaluate the installation of a seal inflated pressure switches for the airlocks of the containment building.
  • Calculate natural frequency of an oil sample drain valve of the oil reservoir on the RCIC Turbine.
  • Calculate the stresses for a design change that replaces the existing hard pipe between the EHC tubing header and the Main Control Valves (CV) with flex tubing.
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Nuclear Reactor Engineer
City, STATE, 05/1988 - 2003
  • Mr. Carrasco was hired by the USNRC Region - I, King of Prussia to performed inspections related to design and maintenance issues affecting the Mark-I Containment Torus at the Nine Mile Point Unit 1 where he assisted the licensee on focusing on specific potential modifications as well as specific loads in their load combination of this analysis.
  • He was also responsible for the closing of Generic Letter GL 79-14 and 79-02 related to pipe stress analysis and base plates.
  • His experience includes independent design verification and assessment of licensee's snubber reduction programs resulting from the finer application of pipe stress analysis techniques using finite element approach.
  • He also reviewed and introduced value added recommendations for the analysis of high energy fluid piping to assess the adequacy of the pipe whip restraints.
  • In addition to his Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) experience, he has unique expertise and experience in Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) reactor inspections and fatigue analysis associated with reactor vessel and internals structural assessments.
  • Mr. Carrasco conducted several Quality Assurance inspections and audits to review the licensee implementation of Commercial-Grade Dedication process.
  • During these inspections, Mr. Carrasco identified several areas of concern (e.g., lack of engineering justification during CGD process, he also made value added observations in their implementation of empirical mean to perform dedication process.
  • During his inspection, Mr. Carrasco used extensible NRC Inspection Procedure (IP) 38703) "Commercial Grade Dedication," and IP 43004, "Inspection of Commercial-Grade Dedication Programs." During his appointment at the NRC,
  • Mr. Carrasco performed several Vendor Audits inspection to determine the adequacy of the spent fuel canister fabrication at the vendor facilities (e.g., Ranor Metals facility in Westminster Mass.
  • and another vendor located in York PA) His Quality Assurance skill are based on efforts related to ISFSI efforts in the areas of Multi- Purpose Canister (MPC) fabrication and other spent fuel components..
  • During his work as a NRC regulator he was responsible for the review and acceptance/rejection of justification for continuing operation (JCO)/ operability assessments and their associated fracture mechanic calculations.
  • These assessments also were prepared to disposition ISI indications characterized as crack / flaws on nozzles welds for pressure retaining vessels and tanks.
  • Throughout the years of nuclear experience, he developed a unique experience in assessing analysis that involves crack initiation, and crack propagation.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (active)

Problem Resolution, Trouble Shooting, Root Cause Analysis, Project Budget Implication, Business Development, Code Related Work (Pressure Retaining Items), Cable Trays Supports, Mechanical Piping Stress and Support Design, Design Package Preparations & Associated Calculations, Configuration Management, Consultant to Korean Nuclear Program, Consultant for Domestic Nuclear Plants, Resolution and Closing of Opened NRC items, Rigging and Handling of Heavy Loads, Steam Generator Replacement, Reactor Pressure Vessel (PWR & BWR) Material Related Issues, Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI), Design Modifications (Associated 50.59), Non-Nuclear Plants Experience Piping and Components, New Designs and Expansion/ Optimization of existing, Coal Fired Plants, Gas Turbines and Geothermal Plants. QA and QC for Power Plants. Seminars/ Training to Engineers on Plant Design and Piping Issues. Pipe Rack Design for (Petro/Chem) Process Plants, BWR Torus Design and Maintenance Issues, Welding and NED including material issues resolution.

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School Attended
  • University of Louisville
  • University of Louisville
  • Illinois State University
  • USNRC Training
Job Titles Held:
  • Nuclear Principle Engineer
  • Advising Director
  • Engineering Specialist
  • Structural Engineer
  • Structural Consultant
  • Structural Engineer
  • Nuclear Reactor Engineer
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Engineering
  • Marketing Management / Business Development
  • USNRC Engineering Inspector Certified via. Oral Examination in front of a qualifying board Several Industry Sponsored Containment Structures Design and Inspection Courses and Seminars NRC Systems Training: NRC TTC - BWR Technology (106B) NRC TTC - PWR Technology (106P) NRC TTC - Westinghouse Technology (304) NRC TTC - Westinghouse Simulation (624) NRC TTC - GE Advanced Technology (904)