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Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,

Organized Material Handler skilled in safely and efficiently moving materials in high-volume warehouse environments. Strong knowledge of inventory management and shipping and receiving procedures. Ambitious and hardworking years of industry experience.

Productive Warehouse professional bringing 8 year background in material handling, inspections and shipping and receiving. Focused on cost reduction and continual process improvement. Comfortable lifting up to 50 pounds and effectively operating forklifts and pallet jacks.

Industrious with 8 years of experience. Bringing strong understanding of warehouse practices and to contribute value to team.

Hardworking material handler with 8 years of experience working closely with other staff and leaders to move goods efficiently. Alert when transporting heavy loads hazardous materials. Team-player quick to communicate issues and work with others to resolve.

Efficient adept in inventory management and warehouse safety. Pursuing an opportunity to apply a resourceful nature and commitment to continuous improvement.

Effective Material Handler displaying excellent leadership skills and an unfailing work ethic. Highly adept in all areas of warehouse operations, including shipping and receiving documentation. Organized and motivated employee eager to apply time management and organizational skills in various environments. Seeking entry-level opportunities to expand skills while facilitating company growth. Skilled Inventory Associate proficient in maintaining optimal material levels. Adept at keeping stock organized and ready for use. Proactive in analyzing changing conditions to stay on top of dynamic demands. Energetic Inventory Specialist eager to support team objectives and contribute to business success. Open and clear communicator specializing in merchandising, tagging and display set-up. Resourceful Inventory Specialist driven to maximize customer engagement and sales revenues. Organized team player adept at multitasking on complex assignments in challenging, fast-paced environments. Proficient in adhering to company policies and procedures while pricing merchandising to achieve business objectives. Successful at performing audits on sales, refunds and disbursements with accuracy. Methodical and focused professional skilled in performing price tag replacements and updates. Responsible stock and order management professional attentive to details. Highly accurate in recordkeeping, transportation and customer service areas. Identifies and resolves problems without delay to maintain order. Expert with digital recordkeeping. Detail-driven Order Filler with experience working for several large marketing companies. Looking for similar position where attention to detail, exemplary packing skills and inventory tracking knowledge will be put to good use. Adept at stocking and arranging merchandise in high-volume grocery establishments. Positive and outgoing team professional with team-player mentality. Competent stock professional adept at managing grocery products with speed and skill. Familiar with using hand trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts. Excellent multitasking, organizational and listening abilities. Safety-minded Picker with experience working in busy warehouse environments. Unafraid of hard work, hot or cold conditions or heavy lifting. Punctual and responsible with great quality control and order review skills.

  • Warehouse Management
  • Process management
  • Materials handling and transport
  • Inventory reporting
  • Certified forklift operator
  • Material handling
  • Production deadline management
  • Inventory organization
  • Product verification
  • Freight labeling
  • Wrapping and boxing
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Forklift certified
02/2022 to 05/2022 Forklift Driver Consolidated Container Company Llc | Lebanon, IN,
  • Transported, loaded, unloaded and stacked materials.
  • Moved goods between warehouse locations according to shipment and storage needs.
  • Picked orders from storage, wrapped and staged for shipments.
  • Unloaded incoming items from trucks and rail cars and transported materials to staging area.
  • Used loaders, hand trucks, forklifts and cranes.
  • Used dock trucks forklift to load trailers at warehouse.
  • Moved levers and controls that operate lifting devices to load, unload, transport and stack material
  • Loaded items to maximize work efficiency.
  • Tied and secured loads to prevent shifting or damage to items.
  • Collaborated in team environment to maintain high levels of productivity.
  • Documented movements using computer tracking systems.
  • Tracked materials moved for stocking purposes and to complete logs for management.
  • Conducted regular inspection of forklift to support safe operation.
  • Maximized team efficiency by using equipment to move materials.
  • Replenished stock locations to support outbound shipping operations.
  • Performed cycle counts to investigate and resolve inventory discrepancies.
  • Released materials in to hoppers to minimize waste.
  • Maneuvered forklift over and around loaded pallets, boxes and other materials.
  • Maintained current forklift training and certification as required by company policies.
  • Transported material to correct locations and documented inventory changes.
  • Inspected lifts before use to prevent damage to goods.
  • Reported safety and quality issues to management.
  • Consistently met deadlines for loading trailers to meet departure deadlines.
  • Drove industrial vehicles and equipment to transport goods and materials, load and unload designated trailers and route trucks.
  • Examined empty pallets for damage and moved pallets to proper storage areas.
  • Picked up warehouse debris and deposited waste into appropriate piles and stacked baled trash.
  • Divided and sorted product shipments received using account information and shipping labels.
  • Noted and recorded receipt of materials on drivers' paperwork.
  • Estimated weights, heights and centers of balance to make precise placements.
  • Weighed materials to record weights on tags, labels and production schedules.
  • Documented tally sheets, slot changes and other paperwork to maintain appropriate records and reports.
07/2021 to 02/2022 Milk Picker /Inventory Associate C&S Family Of Companies | Dallas, TX,
  • Performed inventory counts and ordered materials.
  • Received, checked-in and stocked merchandise throughout store, helped maintain store inventory levels and assisted with orderliness and cleanliness of sales floor and stock room.
  • Tracked inventory usage, documented discrepancies and maintained overall count.
  • Prepared inventory for shipment by attaching tags and labels.
  • Tracked inventory and conducted cycle counts to maintain accurate records.
  • Oversaw shipping and receiving of inventory and supplies.
  • Managed weekly inventory and supply tracking, noting items requiring reorder.
  • Performed scheduled inventory counts and supply audits.
  • Coordinated inventory, stocking and ordering.
  • Ran analytics, producing forecasts to determine inventory needs.
  • Oversaw item packaging, preparing for transport and minimizing damage.
  • Maintained records tracking adjustments, pallet audits and inventory errors.
  • Streamlined operations, supervising inventory cycle counting processes and providing accounting and reporting oversight.
  • Utilized tracking systems to verify cargo routes and delivery dates.
  • Trained newly hired employees on appropriate methods for performing audits and cycle counts.
  • Entered information into system to update status reports.
  • Facilitated security tag placement and updates to minimize product loss.
  • Coordinated inventory requirements and vendor procurement details to minimize discrepancies.
  • Outlined production commitments and product timetables using sales forecast information and consumer trends.
  • Implemented purchasing program to keep up with changing customer demands.
  • Fulfilled orders quickly to accomplish challenging daily objectives.
  • Picked up heavy objects using proper lifting techniques to avoid personal injuries.
  • Selected products and items from shelves and pallets for customer orders.
  • Operated warehouse equipment with caution and according to manufacturer instructions to reduce risk of accidents and malfunctions.
  • Picked products from designated locations using various tools and transferred to appropriate areas for further processing.
  • Limited damage to products and orders by using care when choosing items.
  • Labeled boxes and placed in outbound collection areas.
  • Cleaned and organized aisles, work stations and floors to promote operational productivity.
  • Packaged fragile items with protective padding to prevent damages during shipments.
  • Completed shipping paperwork, attached appropriate labels and scanned barcodes for tracking.
  • Weighed and measured products and materials to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Confirmed items picked for orders by keying codes into system.
  • Mentored newly hired employees on warehouse safety procedures and demonstrated proper operation of tools to avoid mishaps.
  • Operated handheld scanners to track merchandise throughout fulfillment process.
  • Pulled merchandise to fulfill orders to specification.
  • Accepted, processed and filled orders quickly and accurately.
  • Organized and stored items in warehouse using pallet jacks and hand trucks.
  • Promoted workplace safety and smooth production by keeping workspaces clean, organized and free of hazards.
04/2016 to 03/2021 Material Handler At Home Stores Llc | Roseville, MI,
  • Implemented plans for storage and arrangement of stock to determine warehouse configuration, setup, movement, rearrangement and traffic flow.
  • Communicated with teammates and supervisors about potential hazards and other issues to resolve together.
  • Counted inventory stock each [Timeframe] and reported totals to [Job title] for auditing.
  • Responded to job-related inquiries from supervisor quickly and professionally and provided updates on anticipated task completion times.
  • Transported material to correct locations and documented inventory changes.
  • Operated forklifts and pallet jacks to move, pick or put away products.
  • Unloaded cargo with mechanized equipment to enable receipt of pre-ordered inventory.
  • Cleared aisles, swept floors and reorganized inventory to keep warehouse neat and remove obstacles.
  • Cleaned and removed debris from shipping and receiving sections to prevent accidents and keep areas clear.
  • Operated equipment with focus on safety and efficiency.
  • Tracked movements with hand-held scanners and daily production sheets to keep records accurate.
  • Alerted purchasing team of shortages or damaged goods identified when unloading trucks.
  • Moved inventory items using forklift equipment safely to prevent accidents and mishaps.
  • Loaded completed orders on pallets according to delivery numbers.
  • Sorted cargo for accurate shipment to target locations, preventing unnecessary delays and promoting productivity.
  • Observed inventory allocation to maintain material needs and production deadlines.
  • Palletized boxes to increase movement and shipment efficiency.
  • Utilized forklift to move inventory items.
  • Tracked parcel movement using hand-held scanners and daily production sheets to keep records accurate.
  • Unloaded cargo from trucks with mechanized equipment.
  • Disposed of debris and hazardous materials properly to avoid contamination.
  • Logged unit quantities and entered data into inventory database.
  • Developed and maintained strong working knowledge of products and handling requirements.
  • Loaded, unloaded, moved, stacked and staged product after pinpointing most effective material handling equipment for specific tasks.
  • Mastered inventory standards, warehousing and stocking procedures, radio frequency technology and order picking and tracking.
  • Completed material handling documentation tasks via radio frequency, scanning where possible and avoiding manual keying.
  • Minimized number of material moves and reduced backtracking and length of moves, resulting in optimum equipment and personnel deployment.
  • Inspected and performed regular maintenance on material handling equipment used in warehouse and reported repair needs.
09/2013 to 03/2016 Stocker Company Name | City, State,
  • Organized stockroom by keeping products in correct locations, helping to maintain accurate inventory counts and free-flowing aisleways.
  • Received incoming product deliveries and relocated to storage shelves, coolers or bins.
  • Palletized merchandise for easy movement to sales floor locations.
  • Removed debris from aisles to avoid blocking customers or adding any safety concerns.
  • Greeted customers and retrieved products requested.
  • Checked shelves to determine adequate stock levels.
  • Managed vendor relationships to support supply chain and maintain product quality.
  • Stocked and rotated products, supplies and paper goods.
  • Identified defective, incorrect or missing merchandise and promptly reported issues to supervisor.
  • Counted and stocked different types of merchandise to comply with inventory control tag requirements.
  • Moved and rebuilt shelves, racks and displays to increase visibility of merchandise.
  • Lifted materials of varied weights on regular basis.
  • Received incoming product deliveries and relocated to storage shelves, coolers, or bins.
  • Followed proper stock rotation procedures to minimize obsolescence and remove out of date items from sales floor.
  • Assisted customers by locating items and loading heavy purchases in vehicles.
  • Greeted customers and retrieved requested products to drive satisfaction.
  • Faced products on shelves and displays to meet company policies.
  • Stocked shelves with new merchandise and checked for outdated or damaged items.
  • Updated products with new pricing or temporary promotion signs to increase sales.
  • Arranged product on shelves following merchandising guidelines.
  • Stocked merchandise by UPC codes and read labels to match.
  • Broke down and discarded empty packaging and boxes after stocking products.
  • Maintained merchandise presentation by stocking and rotating merchandise.
  • Received and stocked merchandise and organized and maintained backroom by following company safety, cleaning and operating procedures.
  • Inspected items received for damage or other issues.
  • Processing freight and preparing backroom for incoming freight.
  • Unloaded goods using hand trucks or other equipment to receive merchandise.
  • Stocked pallets throughout shift to keep warehouse clean, maintained and organized.
  • Arranged and organized merchandise and supplies and identified shrink and damages to maintain work environment.
  • Used accurate and efficient storage procedures to shelve new merchandise and returned items.
  • Acknowledged customers, identified needs and assisted with purchasing decisions to deliver exceptional service.
  • Attached price labels to products and updated sales floor signs.
  • Moved items from central storage room to shelves for customer purchase.
  • Prepared products by adding tags and readying pallets for restocking.
  • Moved items to designated warehouse areas.
  • Maintained product line stock and inventory.
  • Carried out duties within fast-paced retail environment, providing organized stocking methods and plans.
  • Reviewed stocking plans and put merchandise in correct locations.
  • Monitored work areas for cleanliness and functionality and removed obstacles for safety.
  • Assessed floor displays to restock merchandise.
  • Greeted customers and courteously responded to inquiries.
  • Cared for livestock and monitored health and living spaces.
  • Assisted customers with product, promotion and policy information.
  • Maintained clear aisles during restocking to avoid hazards and promote guest convenience.
  • Operated ranch equipment for animal care and transport or field irrigation.
  • Operated tracking scanners to update and maintain accurate inventory information.
  • Organized storage of articles in bins, floor, shelves and assigned areas according to product categories.
  • Assisted coworkers with special projects to learn new tasks while gaining additional responsibilities.
08/2014 to 10/2014 Reset Merchandiser Company Name | City, State,
  • Adjusted shelves, bins, racks and temporary displays to match provided plans.
  • Built and installed fixtures to match schematic designs.
  • Reshelved product with speed and efficiency to minimize disturbance to store operations.
  • Applied skills to complete new store builds, full store resets and specific department updates.
  • Organized storage of articles in bins, floor, shelves and assigned areas according to product categories.
  • Updated signage to reflect current prices and help promote target merchandise.
  • Maintained clear aisles during restocking to avoid hazards and promote guest convenience.
  • Bent, lifted, opened, and moved [Type] products weighing up to [Number] pounds.
  • Readied merchandise for sales floor by marking items with identifying codes and accurate pricing.
  • Communicated effectively with members of public in often crowded and noisy environments.
  • Completed daily cycle counts and monthly audits of specified segments to keep inventory current and accurate.
  • Carried out duties within fast-paced retail environment, providing organized stocking methods and plans.
  • Used [Type] and [Type] equipment to pull items from stock and add to store shelves and bins.
  • Operated forklift to elevate or place merchandise in appropriate areas.
  • Operated office equipment and technology, including [Type], [Type] and [Type].
  • Facilitated business goals by [Action] and [Action] to drive results throughout store team.
  • Pleasantly helped customers by finding requested items, boosting store revenues and improving retention rates.
  • Assisted customers based on currently available product, promotional and policy information.
  • Organized engaging front-facing displays to capture customer interest and drive revenue growth.
  • Placed prices and descriptive signage to enhance displays and promote items.
  • Created retail displays to highlight particular products and drive sales according to corporate strategy.
  • Built effective partner store relationships to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Configured and arranged up-to-date advertising and marketing displays, creatively placed merchandise on counters or tables to promote visibility and sales.
  • Established and maintained proper high-traffic displays, resulting in increased sales.
Education and Training
Expected in 05/2012 High School Diploma | Sidney Lanier High, Montgomery , AL GPA:

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Resume Overview

School Attended
  • Sidney Lanier High
Job Titles Held:
  • Forklift Driver
  • Milk Picker /Inventory Associate
  • Material Handler
  • Stocker
  • Reset Merchandiser
  • High School Diploma