Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,

Objective: An interesting position with a growing company

Diligent Retail Associate skillful in connecting with people and promoting products. Open and positive communicator with calm and level-headed approach to managing routine needs and meeting special challenges. Experienced in maintaining stock, setting up promotions and merchandising items.

  • Windows
  • Teambuilding
  • Safety-conscious
  • Decision-making
  • Task delegation
  • Strong organization skills
  • Results-driven
  • Attentive to detail
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Confident and positive attitude
  • Concise time management
  • Quality-conscious
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Safety protocol knowledge
  • Loss prevention
  • Merchandising
  • All types of sales
05/2016 to 07/2016 Floor Associate The Furniture Mart | Sioux City, IA,
  • At Target I was in charge of taking merchandise from the loading dock to the shelves.
  • Engaged positively with each customer, providing professional and polite support for sales and service needs.
  • Maintained current store, product and promotional knowledge to drive consistent sales.
  • Worked with off-site locations to find desired items for customers.
  • Kept calm and applied strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts.
  • Welcomed customers, offered to help locate items and suggested merchandise without being intrusive or pushy.
  • Arranged merchandise for display to highlight new styles, attract customers and enhance sales.
  • Measured, marked and cut carpeting to size with carpet knife.
05/2012 to 05/2013 Barista Restoration Hardware | Las Vegas, NV,
  • At Cibo I was in charge of taking and making peoples coffee.
  • Prepared and served hot and cold beverages such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees and teas.
  • Described menu items to customers and suggested products based on stated preferences.
  • Supported store manager with recruiting, interviewing and hiring baristas.
  • Addressed and resolved customer concerns to maintain brand loyalty.
  • Monitored cafe for seating availability, safety and wellbeing of guests.
  • Decreased food and utensil waste by waste separation and recycling.
  • Designed new recipes and adhered to recipe and presentation standards for specialty coffee drinks.
  • Developed knowledge of teas, including growing practices and flavor profiles.
  • Maintained calm demeanor during high-volume periods and special events.
  • Created complex, hand-crafted beverages based upon customer preferences.
  • Increased special item sales by creating daily menus with changing specials.
  • Operated cash register, collected payments and provided accurate change.
  • Memorized official and off-menu coffee and tea preparations.
  • Weighed, ground and packed coffee per customer orders.
  • Developed creative and appealing latte art techniques and instructed coworkers in method.
  • Hosted coffee and tea tastings to showcase seasonal items and boost sales opportunities.
  • Maintained highest standards of conduct and service to support company reputation.
  • Managed inventory by establishing and adjusting ordering parameters, accurate forecasting and monitoring waste.
  • Enhanced use of recycling and compost programs to reduce trash waste and improve green footprint.
  • Greeted guests with pleasant smile and superior customer service.
  • Received and accurately processed customer payments.
  • Trained entire staff of baristas in new smoothie program offerings and procedures.
  • Designed and printed menus, recipes and promotions and offers.
  • Managed morning rush of customers daily with efficient, levelheaded customer service.
  • Checked temperatures of freezers, refrigerators and heating equipment.
  • Merchandised display cases and promoted prepared foods.
  • Managed [Number] team members, including scheduling, training and conflict resolution.
  • Passed state inspections by following health, safety and sanitation guidelines.
  • Educated customers on beverage menu items and provided samples of daily brews.
  • Performed minor maintenance and repairs on equipment and handled troubleshooting tasks to keep coffee machines operational.
01/2011 to 05/2012 Waiter Vacasa | Brinnon, WA,

Trained new employees to perform duties by showing how to take a customes order, put the order into the computer,and then bring them there order

  • At Applebees I was a waiter.
  • Completed opening and closing checklists to facilitate smooth restaurant operations.
  • Maintained knowledge of menu items, garnishes, ingredients and preparation methods to assist guests with menu selection.
  • Checked on guests to verify satisfaction with meals and suggested additional items to increase restaurant sales.
  • Washed buffet, restaurant and banquet items, including silverware, dishes, cooking utensils, equipment and displays.
  • Minimized customer wait times by taking and filling large volume of orders each day.
  • Confirmed customers' ages for alcohol service and discontinued service to intoxicated guests.
  • Arranged place settings with fresh tablecloths, tableware and flowers to create appealing tables.
  • Calculated charges, issued table checks and collected payments from customers.
  • Met or exceeded sales targets on consistent basis with proactive promotional strategies and dessert mentions.
  • Served plated dinners, oversaw buffet-style dinners and passed hors d'oeuvres for parties.
  • Plated food and assessed plate presentation to maintain highest standard of food quality.
  • Addressed concerns or complaints quickly to improve service and escalated more advanced issues to management for resolution.
  • Stocked server areas with supplies before, during and after shifts.
  • Handled food safely and kept spaces clean to protect customers from foodborne illness and maintain proper sanitation.
  • Maximized beverage sales by suggesting appropriate food and drink pairings to suit unique customer preferences.
  • Updated customers on menu changes and new food and beverage offerings to maintain quality service relationships.
  • Communicated with kitchen staff frequently to stay up-to-date on supply availability and potential customer wait times.
  • Provided items requested by customers, including sauces and drink refills.
  • Communicated effectively with patrons to establish preferences and dietary restrictions and make food and beverage recommendations.
  • Checked with guests to get feedback on food served, resolve issues, bring additional items and refill beverages.
  • Greeted newly seated guests quickly and efficiently.
  • Carefully transferred orders from kitchen and bar areas to tables and cleared plates as patrons finished food and beverage items.
  • Circulated within assigned areas to assess and address customer needs, effectively prioritizing tasks during peak hours.
  • Prepared both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as specified by patrons, consistently delivering to tables or bar without spillage.
  • Explained menu options to guests, offered suggestions and took orders for food and beverages.
  • Monitored customer movements and quickly cleared empty tables for future customers.
  • Led team in carrying out day-to-day tasks with customer service program in mind.
  • Presented patrons with menus and specials promptly after seating, following up to address questions before taking orders.
  • Processed customers' payments and provided receipts.
  • Operated and maintained cleaning equipment and tools, including dishwasher, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing station and trash compactor.
  • Improved quality of service 25% by working closely with wait staff and meeting customer expectations.
  • Prepared salads, appetizers and garnishes to assist kitchen staff.
  • Cleaned dishes with detergent, rinsing and sanitizing chemicals.
  • Prepared and served cold, hot beverages to guests.
  • Sent orders to kitchen staff by computer.
  • Reviewed identification for patrons before serving alcoholic drinks.
  • Entered customer food orders into computer system.
  • Requested photo identification from patrons ordering alcoholic beverages to verify legal age of consumption.
  • Maintained polite and professional demeanor to patrons to encourage inquiries and order placements.
10/2010 to 01/2011 Office Cleaner Cleanpower | Elkhorn, WI,
  • Handled and stored hazardous chemicals safely to prevent injury or illness.
  • Checked inventory for required supplies and made lists for needed cleaning products.
  • Vacuumed floors and dusted furniture to maintain organized, professional appearance at all times.
  • Dusted ledges, countertops, files, office equipment, desks and walls.
  • Operated carpet extractors and floor buffers while adhering to all corporate safety measures.
  • Completed in-depth restroom cleanings, including partitions, decoration, toilets, urinals, sinks, counters, and mirrors.
  • Supported special business events by setting up, arranging and removing decorations, furniture and supplies.
  • Moved heavy furniture, equipment and supplies with hand trucks.
  • Organized custodial closets to easily find equipment and supplies.
  • Washed exterior and interior windows and trim, spot cleaning daily and washing entire surfaces, using ladders to access elevated windows.
  • Handled, mixed and stored chemical cleaners in compliance with safety requirements and standard operating procedures.
  • Implemented innovative cleaning step-savers, reducing average cleaning time per room from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Adhered to safety processes for manual and electric cleaning equipment to minimize risk.
  • Pulled chewing gum from undersides of tables, desks, chairs and various other fixtures, discarding gum and sanitizing area.
  • Followed company uniform, performance and security policies with every job.
  • Performed deep cleaning duties such as floor buffing, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning and wall washing on monthly basis.
  • Identified major repair and maintenance needs and notified management of concerns.
  • Used digital timekeeping system to document hours worked each day.
  • Reduced cleaning time significantly while maintaining company quality standards.
  • Wiped down various surfaces with approved cleaning products to prevent growth of bacteria and viruses.
  • Monitored supply levels and requested new items to maintain ability to complete daily cleaning tasks.
  • Cleared snow, leaves, trash and debris from steps, walkways and areas around building entrances and exits, maintaining cleanliness and appearance of premises.
  • Kept business entrances clean, tidy and professional in appearance.
  • Assembled basic furniture and supplies for office.
  • Addressed minor maintenance issues such as clogged toilets and burned out light bulbs, reporting more serious conditions to supervisors for attention from maintenance technicians.
  • Responded promptly to requests to clean and sanitize areas after accidents.
  • Completed routine maintenance checks, notifying management of any needed repairs.
  • Notified management of structural issues and major repairs.
  • Dusted interior furniture, exhibit cases, pictures and frames, chairs, trim and light fixtures, using long handles and ladders to clear cobwebs from high places.
  • Assessed functionality of cleaning equipment and performed repairs when needed.
  • Maintained inventory of cleaning supplies and documented items requiring reorder.
  • Trained 1 new employees to meet all quality and efficiency goals, boosting customer satisfaction rating 100%.
  • Sorted and disposed of trash and recycling materials to keep common areas clean and organized.
06/2005 to 12/2005 Cashier Ripley's Believe It Or Not! | Gatlinburg, TN,
  • Helped customers find specific products, answered questions and offered product advice.
  • Processed all sales transactions promptly to prevent long customer wait times.
  • Increased sales by suggesting specific complementary items to customers.
  • Assisted other cashiers with completing end-of-day counts and securing funds to prevent loss or theft.
  • Trained new team members in cash register operation, stock procedures and customer service.
  • Observed company return policy when processing refunds by inspecting merchandise for wear or damage.
  • Learned roles of other departments to provide coverage and keep store operational.
  • Worked closely with front-end staff to assist customers.
  • Wiped down counters and conveyor belt to remove debris and maintain cleanliness.
  • Inventoried stock and placed new orders to keep supplies within optimal levels for expected demands.
  • Received payments for products and issued receipts.
  • Answered customer quests, provided store information and escorted to desired store areas.
  • Verified customer identification for alcohol or tobacco purchases.
  • Wrapped items and bagged purchases properly to prevent merchandise breakage.
  • Assisted customers with account updates, new service additions and promotional offers.
  • Devised promotional plans to target and move excess stock, high-profit items and soon-to-expire merchandise for easy sale.
  • Promoted specific item options to drive sales and achieve add-on purchases.
  • Maximized sales potential by preparing, storing, rotating and merchandising products at point-of-sale.
  • Oversaw work of cashiers to identify strengths and weaknesses in customer service, payment processing or merchandising plans and maximize performance.
  • Inspected items for damage and obtained replacements for customers.
  • Assisted with purchases, locating items and signing up for rewards programs.
  • Operated cash register, collected payments and provided accurate change.
  • Assisted with purchases, locating items and signing up for rewards programs.
  • Resolved customer complaints and escalated worsening concerns for remediation.
  • Maintained professional store appearance by inspecting checkout areas and directing team members in cleaning, trash removal and other actions.
  • Completed daily recovery tasks to keep areas clean and neat for maximum productivity.
  • Processed transactions per day with exceptional accuracy.
  • Assisted Loss Prevention with completing end-of-day counts and securing funds to prevent loss or theft.
  • Scanned customer purchases and supported transactions to streamline sales process.
  • Maintained high productivity by processing cash, credit, debit and voucher program payments for customers.
  • Processed 5,000 transactions per day with exceptional accuracy.
07/2002 to 06/2005 Loss Prevention Officer Truelieve | Quincy, FL,
  • Responded calmly and effectively to emergency conditions, including safety hazards and threats to life or property.
  • Monitored and supervised customer's activities in store to detect signs of attempted theft.
  • Supported theft prosecution by appearing in court hearings to provide eyewitness testimony, offering honest and comprehensive account of events.
  • Prepared and reviewed paperwork associated with audits, shortage control programs, apprehensions and disposition.
  • Calculated response to detected theft attempts on basis of age and behavior of suspected perpetrator, erring on side of caution to insulate company from liability.
  • Served as team lead for safety and loss prevention operations, teaching fellow employees various methods to prevent theft.
  • Assisted with internal investigations into personnel theft or fraud by employees and customers.
  • Liaised with mall security teams to alert force to suspicious shoppers or locate perpetrators which succeeded in leaving store with stolen merchandise.
  • Implemented both individual and group training for executive and loss prevention personnel.
  • Documented evidence of attempted theft and recovered merchandise for use in loss prevention report generation.
  • Notified security of suspected theft, including descriptions of individuals and items stolen to help control store losses.
  • Identified client needs and worked closely with risk management personnel to ascertain appropriate solutions.
  • Rolled out successful loss control strategies by building trust and cultivating partnerships with customers.
  • Juggled multiple projects and tasks to ensure high quality and timely delivery.
  • Collaborated with others to discuss new work opportunities.
  • Initiated new training procedures for internal staff and clients, improving functionality and alleviating redundancy.
  • Gathered loss control data and compiled information into reports for submission to appropriate customers.
12/2006 to 09/2010 Taxi Cab Driver Johnson Brothers | Clearwater, FL,
  • Followed safety rules to keep clean driving record with no accidents or incidents.
  • Maintained vehicle in clean and safe manner to maximize passenger satisfaction.
  • Kept vehicle serviced according to schedule.
  • Received belongings from passengers and safely and securely stowed items and luggage.
  • Used At&t mobile service to schedule rides.
  • Determined pickup assignments and shift schedule by checking in with dispatch service.
  • Notified customers of delays, decreasing calls to support.
  • Achieved consistently high customer scores due to exceptional service.
  • Offered assistance to disabled passengers and stowed wheelchairs and other equipment correctly.
  • Monitored profitable locations, including nightlife, tourist and business spots, to take advantage of business opportunities.
  • Cleaned vehicle regularly to maintain professional appearance.
  • Managed records by tracking mileage, maintenance and expenses with ledger
  • Appeared at designated appointments according to schedule.
  • Presented clean and sanitized vehicle to customers for utmost satisfaction.
  • Handled as many as 10 assignments per hour by planning efficient routes.
  • Offered riders information about local attractions and restaurants.
  • Applied mathematical skills to determine fares and change.
  • Supervised driver teams, created shift schedules and maintained reservation calendar.
  • Upheld high standards of professionalism and discretion when working with high-value clients.
  • Maximized passenger satisfaction by maintaining vehicles in safe and clean operating condition.
  • Hired new drivers, set and maintained performance standards and drove customer satisfaction initiatives.
  • Implemented marketing and other strategic plans to generate new business.
  • Updated personal logs and business tracking documents accurately and according to schedule requirements.
  • Responded to specific locations at designated times to handle customer reservations.
  • Conferred frequently with dispatch to meet delivery schedule targets and incorporate late adjustments.
12/2005 to 07/2006 Customer Service Representative City Wide Facility Solutions | Cleveland, OH,
  • Set up and activated customer accounts.
  • Informed customers about billing procedures, processed payments and provided payment option setup assistance.
  • Assessed customer needs and upsold products and services to maximize sales.
  • Remained constantly aware of customer activity to ensure safe and secure shopping environment.
  • Recommended improvements to products and services to mitigate complaints.
  • Fielded customer complaints and queries, fast-tracking them for problem resolution.
  • Assisted customers in making payments on accounts and setting up payment plans.
  • Supported operational improvements and resolution of problems to deliver top-notch customer service.
  • Asked probing questions to determine service needs and accurately input information into electronic systems.
  • Documented conversations with customers to track requests, problems and solutions.
  • Assessed customer account information to determine current issues and potential solutions.
  • Cultivated impactful relationships with customers and drove business development by delivering product knowledge.
  • Exceeded company productivity standards on consistent basis.
  • Upheld privacy and security requirements established by Ftc regulatory agencies.
  • Consulted with customers to determine best methods to resolve service and billing issues.
  • Secured client retention by driving service and product benefits, features and recommendations around clients' needs.
  • Escalated customer concerns, store issues and inventory requirements to supervisors.
  • Built client rapport while accurately processing repair documentation and troubleshooting technical discrepancies through completion.
  • Answered 880+ inbound calls per day and directed to individuals or departments.
  • Executed on-time and under-budget project management on complex issues while updating customers on technician availability.
  • Made outbound calls to obtain account information.
  • Interviewed customers regarding service issues and reported feedback to management team.
  • Reviewed account and service histories to identify trends and issues.
  • Upheld strict quality control policies and procedures during customer interactions.
  • Reduced process gaps while training new hires on products, software, operational best practices and store protocols.
  • Strengthened traceability by developing organization systems for client contracts, records, reports and agendas.
  • Delivered service and support to each customer, paving way for future business opportunities.
  • Provided outstanding service to new and long-standing customers by attending closely to concerns and developing solutions.
  • Answered customer questions and addressed concerns, resulting 25% reduction in complaint calls.
  • Relayed productive customer feedback to marketing teams.
  • Confirmed delivery of orders and troubleshot missed delivery dates, shortages and overages.
  • Educated customers on special pricing opportunities and company offerings.
  • De-escalated problematic customer concerns, maintaining calm, friendly demeanor.
  • Trained new employees on procedures and policies to maximize team performance.
  • Worked with management to develop customer service improvement initiatives.
07/2006 to 12/2006 Sales Associate The Solana East Cobb | Marietta, GA,
  • Arranged new merchandise with signage and appealing displays to encourage customer sales and move overstock items.
  • Built trusting relationships with customers by making personal connections.
  • Maintained knowledge of current promotions, exchange guidelines, payment policies and security practices.
  • Retained product, service and company policy knowledge to serve as resource for both coworkers.
  • Acted as initial contact in addressing customer concerns.
  • Met merchandise processing standards and maintained organized and accessible work area.
  • Recorded and resolved daily transactions to promote revenue generation and customer satisfaction.
  • Answered incoming telephone calls to provide store, products and services information
  • Offered product and service consultations and employed upselling techniques.
  • Facilitated timely product launches and delivered exceptional customer service to enable account retention and growth.
  • Acted as point of contact for internal and external customers across departments.
  • Processed orders through company system and coordinated product deliveries.
  • Sold various products by explaining unique features and educating customers on proper application.
  • Negotiated and closed deals with minimal oversight.
  • Mentored team members in mastering sales techniques to consistently exceed our goals.
  • Coached team members on security risks and loss prevention to aid in mitigating store theft.
  • Worked with fellow sales team members to achieve group targets.
  • Coordinated activities with other departments to ensure quality customer service.
  • Assisted teammates with sales-processing tasks to meet daily sales goals.
  • Built and maintained relationships with peers and upper management to drive team success.
05/2013 to 03/2015 Caregiver Hilda Rose Pruett | City, STATE,
  • Monitored vital signs and medication use, documenting variances and concerning responses.
  • Improved patient outlook and daily living through compassionate care.
  • Prepared food and helped patients eat to support healthy nutrition.
  • Observed patients for changes in physical, emotional, mental or behavioral condition and injuries.
  • Assisted with meal planning to meet nutritional plans.
  • Laundered clothing and bedding to prevent infection.
  • Examined and addressed lacerations, contusions and physical symptoms to assess and prioritize need for further attention.
  • Directed patients in passive and active ROM exercises to maintain musculoskeletal functions and increase strength.
  • Drove clients to shop for groceries, attend doctor appointments and run errands.
  • Reported concerns to nurse supervisor to promote optimal care.
  • Developed patient care plans with doctors and registered nurses.
  • Maintained clean and well-organized environment for client happiness and safety.
  • Created safe and positive living situation for clients by communicating with the family and other staff about any concerns or challenges.
  • Followed care plan and directions to administer medications.
  • Checked mail, shopped for groceries and handled bill payments.
  • Recorded client status progress and challenges in logbooks and reports.
  • Communicated client project requirements to vendors and contractors to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Cared for wounds by changing bandages, dressings and binders to promote healing.
  • Built strong and trusting rapport with clients and loved ones.
  • Aided with mobility and independence for disabled individuals and continually monitored safety.
  • Assisted my patients with transferring, closely monitoring conditions and safety.
  • Assisted patients with bladder and bowel needs by helping to restroom, and cleaning.
  • Collected and recorded patients' blood pressure, pulse and respirations (TPRs) to evaluate and note basic health status.
  • Assisted patients with allocating small expenses to prepare and assess budgetary needs.
  • Worked with patients and families to design meal, rehabilitation and other plans for long-term success.
  • Authored and maintained household office and operations manuals to define staff expectations, confidentiality requirements and household and office procedures.
  • Changed bed linens, made bed and laundered soiled linens to keep patients' bed clean.
  • Traveled with patients to take notes and dictation at appointments.
  • Liaised between doctors and patients about care plans, progress and changing health conditions.
  • Monitored health and well-being of each client, including any significant health changes.
Education and Training
Expected in 2015 A.A | Chemeketa Community College, Salem, GPA:
Expected in 2002 Diploma | Red Bluff High School, Red Bluff, Ca GPA:

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School Attended

  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Red Bluff High School

Job Titles Held:

  • Floor Associate
  • Barista
  • Waiter
  • Office Cleaner
  • Cashier
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Taxi Cab Driver
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Associate
  • Caregiver


  • A.A
  • Diploma

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