Quality Assurance Resume Example

Does your resume pass inspection? Becuase quality control inspectors examine products and materials for defects or deviations from specifications in a variety of industries you can't forget to note that you pay attention to details. Start by listing all previous job in quality assurance, describing the duties and responsibilities of each role. Next, highlight your skill set to showcase things like equipment recalibrations, operational improvements, and reporting. Finally, if you are a certified SQF inspector, include that on your resume. For more ideas, see our quality assurance resume example.

Quality Assurance Advice 

Looking for a career in quality assurance? Take the first step by creating a winning resume. The resume examples below can help you get started. Choose from multiple designs and use the pre-written text as a starting point for building your quality assurance resume. Don't wait any longer to get on the path toward the job you want. Click on any of these resume examples now.

Resume Tips for Quality Assurance 

Finding jobs as a quality assurance and the rest of Palm Beach County is a lot like finding jobs elsewhere: you need a plan that reflects the local industries. Since those are primarily based in the hospitality and retail industries, job seekers in other fields should research how their field interacts with those dominant industries to get a better idea of the available opportunities for them.
1. Start with research. No matter what you’re looking for, jobs as a quality assurance will be easier to identify if you know details about local companies and employers.
2. Expand your professional network by joining some organizations locally. This lets people get to know you informally before they see you for an interview if you do it right, and at the very least it gets you leads.
3. Plan your commute to fit your resources. If you know quality assurance is the place to be looking because that is your transportation reach, then your plan needs to incorporate more specific local research.
4. Work on establishing an online presence with a couple of different social networking platforms, and groom it to reflect who you are professionally as well as personally. This helps you make and maintain contacts from the earlier steps.
5. Keep your skills up to date by engaging in training and professional development workshops. Not only does it help with networking, it can also open up new opportunities by growing your base of marketable skills.

Quality Assurance Job Seeking Tips 

Solid resume presentation skills are a must for job seekers in any market, and there is no exception when it comes to jobs as a quality assurance. Follow these steps to make sure your resume is up to expectations:
1. Shape the objective so that it gives an employer a specific glimpse into your future with the company and the benefits it will bring.
2. Use the sharpest, most active language possible to deliver clear descriptions of your accomplishments.
3. Set the order of information for each employer, so that it presents what they value most first.
4. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of using buzzwords, they are vague and they make your resume blend in to the pack.
5. Remember to proofread everything. Each mistake stands out, and resumes are competitive items, so you need yours to reflect the highest possible standards.

Related Resumes:

Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

Company: ScribeAmerica
Date Range: 11/2013 to Current

Responsible for managing and ensuring the highest quality of ED scribe performance through employee evaluations, monthly medical chart reviews, and continuing education.

Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

Company: CnStaffing, Inc
Date Range: Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Set up and maintained applicants' information in online credentialing databases and system.
In conjunction with Human Resources (HR) maintained compliance with Agencies, HIPAA, OSHA and client's contracts with documentation standards for verification of employee credentialing and re-credentialing requirements and documentation.
Created forms, spreadsheets and processes to improve the program.
Generated reports and call lists from various databases.
Trained staff on areas of Microsoft Suite and database reports.

Quality Assurance RN Resume

Company: Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
Date Range: 06/2012 to Current

Developed and assisted with the implementation of policies and procedures for the quality assurance and improvement function of facility which improved compliance with accrediting agencies and regulatory bodies.
Actively participated in unit-based Quality Assurance Program.
Collected, analyzed and disseminated medical and process data for review and identification of trends.
Utilized multiple systems and tools to effectively evaluate documentation based on quality guidelines and established performance standards.
Participated in the development of instructional material to ensure proper administration of benefits, services and procedures.

Quality Assurance Supervisor Resume

Company: US Navy
Date Range: November 2013 to Current

Managed the Quality Assurance program for the 16 member maintenance organization in technical accuracy to support plant recertification following repairs, thus ensuring two nuclear power plants completed maintenance periods ahead of schedule which allowed training quotas of junior nuclear operators to be met.
Trained and supervised the organization's Quality Assurance Inspectors, Cleanliness Inspectors, Craftsmen, and other personnel in the performance of QA duties.

Director of Quality Assurance Resume

Company: Wright Foods
Date Range: December 2012 to Current

Reporting to the Director of Operations, I direct a staff of a Quality Manager, SQF Coordinator, a Research Tech, a QA Warehouse Tech and 8 QA Lab techs.
I also provide direction to our internal sanitation crew.
Since coming on board in December, I have built solid quality Food Safety / HACCP programs and provided clear leadership and structure to a company that was severely in need.
There has been a rapid change in quality culture as indicated by a recent SQF Desk Audit that yielded only 4 minor non conformances.
Preparations for a certification audit in mid August are in process and on schedule.

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