Transportation Packaging Engineer Resume Examples

Whether working in e-commerce or for brick and mortar stores, packaging engineers enjoy lucrative careers driven by their impressive creative and technical skills. Utilizing their broad understanding of a company’s supply chain, manufacturing processes and more, packing engineers play a very important role in designing efficient and appealing packaging across many industries.

As of 2018, the average annual wage for professionals in packaging science stood at $91,225. If you’re interested in pursuing one of these roles, our packaging engineer resume example can be your roadmap to building a resume sure to grab the attention of hiring managers.


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What is a Packaging Engineer ?

The principal role of a packaging engineer is to design the final packaging for products before they’re shipped to consumers or retailers. In other words, they make products and their packaging appear appealing and intuitive to those who ultimately buy them.

This work also needs to account for minute design details so machines can easily print upon, open, close, fold, glue or transport this packaging. Ideally, well-designed packages can contribute to the popularity of a brand or a product. According to the Economic Research Institute, a bachelor’s degree was the highest level of education achieved for an overwhelming 73% of packaging engineers.

What Makes This a Great
Packaging Engineer Resume Example?

Our packaging engineer resume example was created by certified resume writers to show what hiring managers seek in an ideal candidate. They can help you constructively showcase your skills and experience to get your foot in the door.

Here’s what makes our packaging engineer resume example an asset to your resume writing:

  • Recruiter-approved writing: Our resume writers know what it takes to appeal to employers in any industry, so our examples can serve as roadmaps for weaving recruiter-sought terms into your resume’s writing. Above, “Cadence APD and SIP tools” and “quality control” demonstrate how to do this, and you can borrow more pre-written, customizable text from our Resume Builder too.
  • Strategic format choice: The resume example above wisely uses a combination resume format to emphasize the candidate’s skills and draw attention away from gaps in their work history. Entry-level job seekers can use a similar tactic with a skills-based functional format, and industry veterans can put their lengthy experience on full display with a chronological format.
  • Appropriate template selection: Your main priority in picking a resume template should be settling on a design that meshes well with the workplace to which you apply. Whether your future employer is best suited by one of our creative, modern or traditional templates, our builder boasts a wide range of options for any packaging engineer’s resume.

3 Packaging Engineer Professional Summary Examples

Professional summaries should introduce you to recruiters in a way that grabs and keeps their attention. Our resume examples can assist you to craft a solid summary that encapsulates your relevant qualifications, and our Resume Builder’s pre-written suggestions can offer extra assistance.

Here are three more professional summary examples to consider for your resume:

  1. Dedicated packaging engineer with over a decade of experience. Extremely knowledgeable about current FDA packaging guidelines and designing for efficient manufacturing. Experienced iterating on food package designs via computer software for three major grocery store chains.
  2. Award-winning packaging engineer known for creative and successful retail packaging designs. Adept at designing efficient, eye-catching containers and wrapping that reduce revenue loss while protecting products. Recipient of three 2019 package design awards for work with industry-leading apparel company.
  3. Seasoned packaging engineer with rich experience creating functional, cost-effective packaging designs for seven top-selling personal health products. Similarly well-versed in developing innovative designs for thermoformed packaging and labels. Exemplary knowledge of packaging best practices with assembly lines.

3 Packaging Engineer Work Experience Examples

Instead of only a list of past job duties, your work experience section should paint a detailed picture of your professional achievements. Use our examples as a starting point or customize our Resume Builder’s pre-written content with metrics specific to your own successes.

Here are three examples to consider for a packaging engineer’s work experience section:

  1. Developed packaging design specifications for 12 food and beverage products including canned food goods, energy drinks and more.
  2. Designed environmentally friendly medication packaging for solid and liquid supplements for conglomerate of four national pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Modified packaging designs for ten products within two months to ensure adherence with FDA regulations.

Top Skills for Your Packaging Engineer Resume

Recruiters will search for specific skills on your resume before deciding whether or not to shortlist you for an interview. Our packaging engineer resume example provides a sample list of hard and soft skills sought by employers, and our builder offers additional suggestions too.

Hard Skills

  • CAD prototyping
  • Project management
  • FDA standards knowledge
  • Technical troubleshooting

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Attention to detail

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Packaging Engineer FAQs

What educational qualifications are required to become a packaging engineer?

Candidates applying to be a packaging engineer should have at least a bachelor’s degree in packaging science or a related field, like food science or logistics. Success in high school courses like physics, biology and mathematics is also recommended for those wanting to pursue this career. Licensure is usually required for industrial engineers, but not required for packaging engineers.

What are some key skills a packaging engineer must have?

Packaging engineers must have good critical-thinking and mathematical skills. They should have the ability to multitask and handle multiple projects with ease. Good interpersonal skills are also required so that they can work well with other engineers on the team. Sound knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) software, scripting languages, signal generators, and microcontrollers may also be needed for these roles.

Can I apply for a packaging engineer job role as an entry-level candidate?

Yes, many companies prefer to employ entry-level candidates as junior packaging engineers who work under the supervision of senior packaging engineers. However, many larger companies may require candidates to have a minimum amount of work experience as a packaging engineer, or in a related field such as packaging design, sourcing, distribution or project management.