Flight Attendant Resume Examples

Flight attendants fill the essential role of making sure aircraft passengers are comfortable and that their safety is ensured. The first and last points of contact for travelers, they play a very important role and are vital parts of any airline.

As of 2019, there were 121,900 flight attendants working in the United States. To land a job as a flight attendant, it’s important to write a resume that highlights your skills and experience in a compelling way. That’s why our flight attendant resume example was written by resume experts as a guide to crafting each critical section of your resume.


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What is a Flight Attendant ?

Flight attendants ensure the comfort of passengers during air travel by serving food and refreshments, communicating safety information and taking care of any other in-flight needs. They demonstrate the use of emergency equipment and are equipped to provide emergency medical care to passengers. Also known as stewards or air hosts, they’re knowledgeable of airport and aircraft security, ticketing procedures and other technical aspects of airline operation.

Flight attendants need to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. While ensuring many different tasks are carried out smoothly, their primary skills include communication, customer service, radio use and more.

What Makes This a Great
Flight Attendant Resume Example?

Our team of certified resume writers build our resume examples to demonstrate what catches a recruiter’s attention. Our flight attendant resume example lays out the precise type of content that will encourage a call from a hiring manager at an airline.

Here are some advantages our examples can offer any job seeker’s resume-writing:

  • Displaying expert-level writing: Our resume examples are crafted to include industry-specific terminology, such as “preflight safety checks” and “seat availability” in this resume, to help you learn how to show you’re familiar with your field. Additionally, our Resume Builder offers pre-written suggestions also written by our experts for those who want extra guidance.
  • Help choosing the best format: Picking the right resume format is important to making the most of your qualifications. The candidate in this example uses a combination format to emphasize their skills and moderate amount of experience in equal measure. Later in their career, they might switch to a chronological format to show off their many years of experience.
  • Picking the right template: It’s a smart move to line up the look of your resume with the branding or company culture of your future employer. When applying for a flight attendant role, pick a resume template with a design that suits the specific airline, whether that means using a traditional, modern or creative style.


3 Flight Attendant Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary sits at the top of your resume, so it needs to immediately capture a recruiter’s attention. Following a flight attendant resume example as a guide (or using and customizing our Resume Builder’s suggestions), can help you know how to write this section in a way that’s sure to impress.

Here are three summary examples our resume experts could recommend:

  1. Flight attendant with six years of experience on domestic and international flights. Adept in maintaining hospitable environments, and ensuring passenger safety and comfort. Proficient in promoting smooth functioning within cabin and serving as liaison between pilots, crew and passengers. Winner of “Best Customer Service” award for three consecutive years.
  2. Skilled flight attendant with excellent communication skills and over four years of experience working with fast-paced international cabin crews. Have more than 6,000 hours of international flight experience on Airbuses and Boeings. Regularly manage and coach entry-level cabin crew members.
  3. Responsible flight attendant with five years of experience maintaining high standards for in-flight service and safety. Experienced handling and resolving four in-flight medical emergencies. Adept at complying with federal and company policy, as well as communicating regulations and training procedures to entry-level staff.

3 Flight Attendant Work Experience Examples

Our resume examples show how to use your work experience section to highlight the ways your skills led to previous successes. Use our flight attendant resume example as inspiration or take advantage of our Resume Builder’s pre-written text, which you can customize with your own measurable achievements.

Here are three examples from work experience sections for more inspiration:

  1. Awarded two “Courage and Spirit” awards for outstanding response in emergency scenarios during tenure with XYZ Airways.
  2. Administered high-quality customer service training to three groups of entry-level cabin crew members, improving future customer service ratings by 35%.
  3. Teamed with crew members to meet passenger needs while employing anxiety-reduction strategies to ease travelers’ stress.

Top Skills for Your Flight Attendant Resume

Your skills section should tell recruiters how your abilities perfectly fit the position they’re looking to fill. Our flight attendant resume example and Resume Builder give you a better idea of what talents hiring managers want in applicants.

Below are lists of the kinds of hard and soft skills that belong on your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Passenger, crew and aircraft safety
  • Emergency procedure protocol
  • Plane evacuation protocols
  • Food and beverage service

Soft Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Empathy and listening skills
  • Inventory control

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Flight Attendant FAQs

What should I expect in a flight attendant interview?

Dress professionally for the interview. Interviewers of flight attendant applicants value personal presentation, experience in customer service, communication skills, and that a candidate’s overall personality suits working long shifts on flights. You might be asked to participate in a group exercise or to be evaluated on your communication and presentation skills. Usually, airline interviews make for a busy day for candidates and may require several hours.

What does a flight attendant’s schedule look like?

Flights attendants mostly work between nine and 20 days per month, depending on their airline or specific job title. This is not a standard office job, but one where you might work very long shifts on flights, then be off from work for days at a time. Keep in mind that flight schedules may vary wildly thanks to a host of external factors as well.

What kind of salary do flight attendants get?

The salaries for flight attendants differ from airline to airline. Airlines might assign salaries along scales based on qualification level, experience and additional skills offered. Flight attendants may also receive extra pay for time spent away from home to cover meals, accommodation, transportation and other expenses. Flight attendants can earn anywhere from $29,720 to $80,940 per year, depending on hours worked, one’s level of seniority and more.