Day Care Assistant Resume Examples

If you enjoy working with children and are looking for an employment opportunity that allows you to work part-time, a position as a daycare assistant may be for you. Our resume examples can demonstrate precisely how to create a resume that includes the skills and traits highly desired in the childcare industry. We’ll take the guesswork out of the resume creation process and let you develop a personalized resume for each job application you want to submit.


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What Is a Daycare Assistant?

Daycare assistants provide support to teachers and other daycare workers in childcare facilities. They typically work with infants, toddlers, and young school-age children. Daycare assistants are responsible for attending to the needs of children, including providing meals, dressing them, changing diapers, supervising them during play, and reporting activities to caregivers. Daycare assistants require a nurturing personality and some degree of early childhood development knowledge. This role does not require specific training, but daycare assistants usually need a high school diploma or its equivalent.

What Makes This a Great
Daycare Assistant Resume Example?

The main role of a daycare assistant is caring for young children, so your resume should present your childcare experience and highlight a caring, patient disposition. Our daycare assistant resume examples can show you how to properly format and customize your resume. Here’s how:

  • Offer professional, pre-written content: Use our resume examples as inspiration when writing the critical components of your resume, including the professional summary, skills section, and work history. This example effectively uses our expert resume writers’ pre-written content such as “cooked meals while supervising and helping with homework” to clearly convey past duties.
  • Recommend the best formats: The job seeker using this example resume chose the combination format. It’s particularly effective here because it makes their relevant skills, including leadership and supervision, pop. Use our examples to discern the best format for your own document. Choose between functional, chronological, or combination.
  • Provide template options: The job seeker above chose to present his experience with a traditional resume template. It’s effective because it’s appropriate for the childcare industry. Our builder can help you choose a template for your daycare assistant resume that fits both the childcare field and the position you’re after.


3 Daycare Assistant Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary is an important section of any resume. It’s located at the top of the document and encapsulates your most impressive skills and experience. Use our daycare assistant resume examples as guidance when writing your own professional summary, or utilize our builder to create a customized paragraph in minutes. Here are three examples of professional summaries for a daycare assistant resume:

  1. Dependable daycare assistant with experience caring for children from infancy to age 6. Strong leadership skills and ability to guide children through learning games and daily activities, including playtime and mealtime. Adept at caring for children and infants with special needs.
  2. Entry-level daycare assistant with two years of babysitting and nannying experience. Strong background caring for infants, including feeding, burping, bathing, dressing, and entertaining. Active CPR certification and extensive knowledge of child safety and nutrition.
  3. Nurturing daycare assistant with over five years of experience caring for children in schools and daycare facilities. Extensive knowledge of childhood nutrition with a background in preparing healthy meals for children. Team player who enjoys collaborating with others to plan age-appropriate educational activities for children.

3 Daycare Assistant Work Experience Section Examples

The work experience section of your resume should list your previous positions, including the responsibilities held and the skills acquired. It should be direct and succinct but clearly outline your most relevant duties and accomplishments. Use our daycare assistant resume examples for guidance in writing your own work experience section. You can use our builder’s pre-written content as-is or personalize it using your own metrics.

  1. Collaborated with the head teacher to plan and implement activities to promote the educational and social development of children.
  2. Prepared healthy meals and snacks for 20+ children daily while taking dietary restrictions into consideration.
  3. Observed children’s performance and behavior in a variety of settings.


Top Skills for Your Daycare Assistant Resume

Many daycare facilities and schools use applicant tracking software (ATS) to screen resumes to identify the most qualified job seekers. Use our resume examples and builder to optimize your resume with keywords and phrases hiring managers want to see.

Here are some hard and soft skills that might enhance your daycare assistant resume:

Hard Skills

  • Child nutrition
  • Storytelling
  • Childhood allergy knowledge
  • Early childhood education

Soft Skills

  • Patient
  • Team player
  • Nurturing personality
  • Leadership skills

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Daycare Assistant FAQs

What do you do as a daycare assistant?

Daycare assistants support the main teacher or head daycare worker in caring for and supervising children. Specific duties come from the head daycare worker and include creating and leading educational activities, preparing snacks, disciplining children, and reporting child progress to parents. Some daycare assistants may be responsible for caring for children of a specific age, such as infants.

How much does a daycare assistant make an hour?

Your salary as a daycare assistant will depend on many factors, including your experience level, location, and education. In 2019, the median pay for a childcare assistant was $11.65 per hour. This hourly wage comes to a yearly salary of $24,230. Wages typically increase as daycare assistants gain more experience and education.

What skills should you put on a resume for childcare?

If you are seeking a childcare position, your resume should clearly articulate certain hard and soft skills. Soft skills you may want to add to your resume include patience and collaboration. Hard skills should show that you have knowledge or training specifically required for caring for little ones, such as those abilities that relate to children’s health, safety, and nutritional concerns.