Artist Resume Examples

An artist makes paintings, drawings, sculptures and other creative projects. They use their skill and imagination to create works of art for display in exhibitions, private homes or for commercial use. Artists may also work for private clients on a contract basis to create specific pieces of art, such as portraits.

Artists usually have a bachelor’s degree or other training related to their art and they improve their skills through constant practice. It is vital to create a strong resume to grab the attention of employers and clients. Our artist resume example page will demonstrate how to emphasize your strongest skills to land the job you want.


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What is a Artist?

An artist is someone who paints, draws or creates installations using various materials like paints, wood, ceramics, metal, stone and paper. They strive to communicate their ideas through their thought-provoking or beautiful art. Their creativity cannot be confined to a particular skill as their job profile includes a variety of skill sets from artistry to hands-on experience with equipment, from educational background to flare for innovation. Their expertise is needed across various sectors like advertising, entertainment, fashion, gaming, tattoos, digital arts and more.

What Makes This a Great
Artist Resume Example?

Study our artist resume example, written by a certified resume writer, to learn how to build a strong resume. Here’s how our examples can help:

  • Professionally-written content: With the correct usage of words and keywords, you can tailor your resume for a specific industry. Our artist resume example is written by certified resume writers who stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and are well aware of employers’ requirements and approach, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Choosing the right format: To get recruiters’ attention, you should craft your resume using the right format that highlights your skills, education and work experience appropriately. The above resume uses a chronological format that works well for artists with extensive experience. For less experienced artists, you can use either the functional or the combination format.
  • Selecting an appropriate template: Build a stand-out resume with an impressive layout that showcases your creative abilities. Using a visually appealing resume template is ideal for an artist’s resume. For more conservative roles, we have more traditional templates to choose from in our builder.

3 Artist Professional Summary Examples

Our artist resume example, crafted by certified professional resume writers, helps you build a resume that will get you noticed. Here are three professional summaries that will inspire you to write your own or use as it is:

  1. Visual artist with five years of experience with a diversified portfolio that includes various abstract sculptures to be displayed in local exhibitions, styling realistic portraits for online websites and art installations.
  2. Results-oriented graphic artist experienced in creating animated videos and high-quality motion graphics for websites and films. Adept at designing 3D assets, and handling cameras and various graphic software programs.
  3. Innovative artist with more than seven years of hands-on experience in concept creation, creative design projects and visual conceptualization. Strong ability to build brand awareness through creative means and identify opportunities to strengthen the company’s prospects.

3 Artist Work Experience Examples

Our artist resume example provides relevant information defining your skills, education and experience. Our professional resume templates will help you write your artistry in crisp, eye-catching bullet points. Draw inspiration from the following three examples to help you write your work experience in an industry-standard format:

  1. Create abstract paintings to be displayed in corporate establishments and hotels.
  2. Developed and implemented new methods to speed up the motion graphics for videos resulting in reduced expenses for the studio.
  3. Create innovative advertising content and conceptualize logo designs and animations to promote brand awareness and increase profitability.

Top Skills for Your Artist Resume

Our artist Resume Examples with industry-writing specific tips allow you to stay abreast of the latest trends. Below are some skills that recruiters want to see in artists:

Hard Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Orientation and balance
  • Gradations of tone
  • Unreal Engine

Soft Skills

  • Patience
  • Work ethics
  • Team Leadership
  • Dependability

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Artist FAQs

How do I write a resume for an artist with no experience?

An artist with no work experience should focus on skills and achievements; include academic achievements or competitions you may have participated in, internships or assistant work. You should highlight your skills and create a portfolio of work done on projects or freelancing.

How do I include work experience in an artist’s resume?

Study our resumes to understand how to highlight your achievements on a resume. Apart from your training and work experience, mention your customer list and the positive reviews and critical appreciations you’ve received. If you have data that corroborates your accomplishments, do mention them.

How long should an artist resume be?

Ideally, an artist resume should be one-page long. However, if you have a vast work history, your resume could extend to two pages. The most important aspect is to use the correct template and format and include all your accomplishments, work experience, qualifications, and training and skills.