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Project coordinators are detail-oriented professionals that look after the managerial and administrative aspects of an architecture project. They are a part of the project management team and collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure a streamlined construction schedule. The United States has the largest construction market worldwide, with expenditures of over one trillion dollars, which means that openings for project coordinators will become more and more competitive. Our project coordinator resume example, written by our team of certified resume writers, shows you how to draft a resume that makes a positive first impression on recruiters.


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What Is a Project Coordinator?

In architecture, project coordinators are a part of the project management team and ensure project completion as per pre-determined timelines by regularly collaborating and coordinating with the designers, clients and architects. They work under the guidance of a project manager. They generally work onsite and handle the routine operations like vendor negotiations, obtaining work permits, contract documentation, worker management, materials QC, inventory management, preparing reports, and regularly communicating with clients.

Project coordinators  should understand design schematics and read blueprints of the layout to ensure correct construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, project coordinators are required to have a high school diploma to get an entry-level job.

What Makes This a Great
Project Coordinator Resume Example?

Our project coordinator resume example will intrigue recruiters to read further. Written by certified resume writers, it draws the attention of recruiters with relevant pre-written content.

Here’s how our examples can help you as you craft your project coordinator resume:

  • Professionally-written content: Project coordinators are responsible for executing large-scale construction projects by collaborating with several stakeholders. To land the role you want, you need a resume that is able to articulate this unique skill set. Our project coordinator resume example shows you how to accomplish this. Written by our team of certified resume writers, our example shows you what a strong resume looks like. If you need more help, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest pre-written content and keywords for every section of your resume.
  • Helps you choose a resume format: There are three main resume formats: chronological, combination and functional. Which format you choose depends on your level of experience. The resume example above has used the combination format, which is perfect for a mid-career professional who wants to emphasize both a strong work history and a solid skill set.
  • Shows industry-appropriate resume templates: The resume template you choose should match the tone of the field you hope to enter. Architecture is a creative field, which means that project coordinators have the option of using a variety of resume designs. The example above is colorful and shows the applicant’s personality. For more modern or traditional designs, check out our library of resume templates.

3 Project Coordinator Professional Summaries Examples

A compelling professional summary is an essential element of a successful resume. This critical section should give recruiters a clear picture of your area of expertise and skills. Our resume example shows you how to write a professional summary that will get you noticed.

Below are three examples to consider for your project coordinator resume:

  1. Disciplined project coordinator with seven years of experience in residential architecture. Contributed to the successful completion of 12 projects in 2018-2019, including a 20-acre self-sustaining township in the state. Expertise in document preparation, civil regulations, and proficiency in project management software like Teamwork and JIRA. Excellent communication and organization skills.
  2. Project coordinator with nine years of experience in commercial construction and green architecture. Experience in negotiating supply contracts, preparing design blueprints, and proactively managing client requirements. Proficiency in working with advanced project management tools and Intuit QuickBooks. Strong organizational skills and a dedicated team player.
  3. Detail-oriented project coordinator with four years of work experience. Oversaw four boutique hotel construction projects in 2019. Expertise in cost analysis, budget monitoring, and handling operational deadlocks. Proficiency in JIRA, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

3 Project Coordinator Work Experience Section Examples

A compelling work experience section can help guarantee that you’ll be invited to interview for the job your want. Study our project coordinator resume example to see what a strong work experience section looks like, or use our builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions that can be personalized with your metrics.

Here are three examples of work experience section bullet points you might consider for your resume:

  1. Prepare and document design layouts and blueprints for up to 35 client presentations per year.
  2. Trained a team of 12 employees on JIRA best practices.
  3. Created an automated dashboard for real-time project monitoring and sending live updates to all key project personnel, which decreased delays in workflow by 15%.


Top Skills for Your Project Coordinator Resume

The skills section on your resume is crucial as it demonstrates your capabilities for the job. Our certified resume writers know which skills are most sought-after by recruiters and incorporate these into our project coordinator resume example. Here are some skills to consider for your project coordinator resume:

Hard Skills

  • Documentation
  • Conflict management
  • Asana, AutoCAD
  • Project monitoring

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Team player

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Project Coordinator FAQs

Do project coordinators need work experience?

Coordinating any project requires some knowledge of and experience in that field. It is not sufficient to only have a diploma to get a project coordinator’s job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many employers prefer candidates to have prior experience in the architecture field. It can be in the form of an internship experience or working as a clerk too. The basic requirement is for you to know the processes and work involved.

What does a day in the life of a project coordinator look like?

Project coordinators should be comfortable with long hours of fieldwork as their work may involve a lot of onsite time. On a regular day, they monitor the routine progress reports, quality check construction materials, handle the invoices and billings, coordinate with designers and engineers, and share progress reports with clients and team members. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the project smoothly progresses on the set timeline. Also, it is their job to work on and resolve problems and delays in the workflow as quickly as possible.

What is the next step for a project coordinator?

Project coordinators can sharpen their skill set by working in the field for some years and learning the ropes for successfully managing a project. The natural path of progression is to become a project manager. To succeed in getting that job, they can become a certified project manager and hone their communication and organizational skills. Technical skills cannot be ignored for getting selected, and they should train themselves to use leading project management software.