Format Tips: Writing A Teacher Resume Summary Statement

Writing a teacher resume summary statement may be new to you if it has been a while since you have updated your resume. It has largely replaced the resume objective statement that used to be at the top of a resume.

A resume summary statement is composed of a few sentences designed to help your potential employer determine what kind of employee you will be. When seeking a job as a teacher, it could be just the thing to let those involved in the hiring process know that you will be an excellent addition to their school.

What to Include

When writing a resume summary statement, include your experience and highlight those skills and qualities you excel in that set you apart from your competition. Take this opportunity to help your potential employer see why you will be the best person to teach at their school.

Be specific in mentioning the most important points that will further you toward the position you are seeking, and make sure to use keywords that immediately catch the eye.

How to Format

Your resume summary statement should be between four and six lines and should be in paragraph form. As you are writing a resume summary statement, create quality sentences or phrases that omit pronouns and place emphasis on the best you have to offer. Be sure to not repeat too closely the wording that is located in other sections of your resume.

Tips for Writing

If you are having a difficult time deciding what to include when writing a resume summary statement, start with putting yourself in your potential employer’s place. The person who will be hiring you will most likely be a principal who will be looking for a dedicated teacher that can contribute positively to the team that has already been assembled at the school. Use this space to show you are that person. Listing skills such as working well with grade level or department team members or a research-supported, energetic teaching style are examples of qualities that would stand out to the principal.

Next, think about the life experiences you have had and your work history. Which responsibilities exemplify that you have developed and perfected the skills that would make you the best candidate to fill the position? Specific prior experience such as working with special needs students or serving as staff adviser to the student leadership club would show you to be a well-rounded educator.

Once you have decided on the experiences skills and qualities that you want to highlight, get to work on your sales pitch. This is where you can impress upon your future employer the strengths you will bring to the job.

Examples of a Teacher Resume Summary Statement

Here are two examples of a teacher resume summary statement to help get you thinking about what to include:

  1. Teacher with 10 years’ experience providing an innovative, stimulating learning environment for children. Proven success increasing standardized test scores in high-risk classrooms. Teacher of the Year recipient.
  2. Educator with team leadership experience in a high school setting. Creative, energetic teaching style. Excellent classroom discipline with experience teaching classroom discipline workshops to team members.

As you are writing a resume summary statement, you may want to check out the tips at LiveCareer; they can provide help with writing a perfect resume summary statement and developing a quality resume in general.

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