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by Randall Hansen   Career Advice Expert 

Knowing how to to respond to an S-A-R-geared question (Situation – Action – Result) in an interview is incredibly important. These types of questions are common in job interviews. Below is a behavioral-based interview question, with guidance on how to use the S-A-R method to respond.

Behavioral job interview question:

“Some people consider themselves to be “big picture people” and others are detail oriented. Which are you? Given an example that illustrates your preference.”

Using the S-A-R approach to answer the behavioral interview question:

Job seeker analysis:
This interview question appears straightforward — its goal is to know whether a candidate is an idea person who thinks global solutions or someone who is a master at drawing up detailed plans. In this case — hiring for an executive vice-president position — the job seeker believes the employer is looking for someone with both sets of skills — and he/she wants to relate an experience that showcases both.

Here is how the question was answered using the S-A-R approach.

  • Situation:
    I was hired as marketing director at a floundering start-up with expectations to turn operations — sales and revenues — around.
  • Action:
    Once I was hired I took a few weeks to study all aspects of the business and to sit down and talk with all the key players. I also conducted some primary research of our consumers while they were on the site. After the initial analysis I made some immediate tweaks to solve some of the major issues I found that detracted from sales. Once that patch was in place I took the analysis much deeper into the core of the site and buying decision — and deep into the websites of our key competitors.
  • Result:
    Over the course of six months, I increased the customer conversion rate by 20-fold to slightly more than 20 percent — and the numbers continue to improve.

This is just one example of using the S-A-R approach to answer behavioral-based interview questions. Below are a few more resources to check out for additional guidance:

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