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A warehouse associate is an essential position for a company that receives or delivers shipments. This job’s focus is on accurately and efficiently pulling items for shipment, packing them appropriately and updating a computer database once work has been completed. Warehouse associates routinely scan products in the warehouse and ensure all items are properly placed or put away. This position is also responsible for helping keep the warehouse clean and orderly.

Your warehouse associate job description should place importance on several key attributes for the potential new hire. Attention to detail is a top skill you should seek from a candidate. Additionally, organization skills are a must for someone who applies for this job.

You also want to seek someone who has a strong record of stellar attendance from previous jobs and a proven history of strong productivity. Experience working in a warehouse is also a plus.

Warehouse Associate Job Description Template

Job Summary

If you are looking for an opportunity to put your data entry and detail-oriented organizational skills to use, then this warehouse associate job opportunity is just the thing for you. As a warehouse associate, you are responsible for pulling and preparing orders for shipment, as well as managing the data entry necessary to completing each order’s paperwork. You are also responsible for helping to keep the warehouse space neat and orderly. This may involve moving inventory and helping with team reorganization efforts. It may also involve more routine cleaning and maintenance duties, as determined by the needs of the day and assigned by your supervisor or team leader.

Job Responsibilities

  • Pull and prepare orders for shipment, delivering the proper paperwork, packaging, and quantity for each order to the required destination in shipping and receiving.
  • Perform data entry, merchandise scan-ins, and other required quality assurance steps that confirm the contents of each order while tracking inventory for the company.
  • Receive, verify, stage, and stock incoming material, either independently or as part of a team depending on order size and daily staffing needs.
  • Assist with counter sales and delivery as appropriate and as needed.
  • Ensure the warehouse area is cleaned, organized, and that all safety procedures are being followed at all times by yourself and your team mates.
  • Inspect and maintain warehouse equipment including pallet jacks, floor lifts, and basic tools. Report any malfunctions, insufficiencies, or necessary repairs through the relevant channels.
  • Provide dependable, shift-long coverage of the warehouse facilities to ensure order fulfillment operates as efficiently as possible for the duration of the warehouse associate’s shift.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Dependable daily attendance and work output
  • Strong organizational work
  • Detail-oriented outlook toward tasks
  • Some prior warehouse and logistics experience
  • Materials handling certifications relevant to the products in stock
  • Experience with warehouse equipment, including forklifts, pallet jacks, and computer-based inventory systems

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