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An engaging cover letter can make the difference between catching an employer’s attention and getting lost among a sea of candidates. For insight into developing a document that effectively sells your unique capabilities and experience, review our landscaping cover letter example and additional do’s and don’ts.

  • Do use numbers. See how our example applicant includes the specific number of crew members he manages. This detail gives greater context to his experience and broadens his appeal as a potential employee.
  • Don’t introduce yourself by name. Because your information is clearly listed on the resume, starting the cover letter with your name is redundant. Maximize the impact of your letter by getting straight to the point.
  • Do review other cover letters for inspiration. If the blank page seems intimidating, reading through an example letter like ours may spark an idea that helps you get started.
  • Don’t let the rules overwhelm you. Though it is important to follow certain guidelines, crafting a winning cover letter is more about standing out than adhering to every rule you’ve learned. Set yourself apart by capturing your personal style and incorporating your professional story.

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If you enjoy helping improve both public and private spaces and have an eye for design, consider a job in the landscaping field. The cover letters below highlight the skills and experience that employers are looking for in a landscaping professional. Use these cover letter examples for reference when writing your own cover letter, and be confident that you’re putting your best foot forward in the job search. Click on any of the examples below to get started!

Landscaper And Crew Leader Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Tips for

If you need to find jobs as a Landscaping Professional, or any other part of the country, your success will depend on your willingness to take the right actions. By creating a plan, and understanding the local economy, you can greatly increase your chances of landing a job. Here are some simple, yet effective tips for finding jobs as a Landscaping Professional.

  • Many people forget to utilize their personal network during periods of unemployment. Your family members and acquaintances may be able to inform you about positions available at their workplaces.

  • Finding a job can be nearly impossible without a plan. This is why it is important to have a strategy for locating and applying to jobs, before you begin your search.

  • A poorly written cover letter can easily dash your chances of getting hired. By remembering to update and perfect your cover letter, you can boost your chances of being called in for an interview.

  • After becoming unemployed, it is normal to feel frustrated and anxious, but by keeping a positive attitude, you can stop these emotions from sabotaging your efforts.

  • Companies are increasingly turning to the internet in order to find new talent and employees. By enhancing your social media presence, you can greatly increase your chances of getting noticed by a myriad of companies and organizations.

Landscaper And Crew Leader Cover Letter Example

Landscaping Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to finding jobs as a Landscaping, your cover letter can make a world of difference. Regardless of where you live, or what industry you work in, an exceptional cover letter will make your job search easier. Try following the tips below the next time you have to write a cover letter.

  • Always include your personal contact information somewhere near the top of your cover letter. This is highly important, and if an employer can’t contact you, he or she will simply select another applicant.

  • Don’t discuss your reasons for leaving your previous job. If an employer wants this information, he or she will request it during the interview.

  • Writing a cover letter from scratch will show employers that you possess creativity and individuality.

  • Avoid using boring or bland expressions such as “responsible for” or “required to. ” These expressions will only make you seem robotic and uninterested. Try using more emotionally-driven language instead.

  • It is unwise to lie or embellish on your cover letter. This is the fastest way to ensure that you don’t get the job that you want, and the majority of companies require managers to perform a thorough background check on candidates during the hiring process.

Landscaper And Crew Leader Cover Letter Template

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