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A companion of the resume, a cover letter is, at its best, an explanation as to why your skills and experience are the best for the open position, but at its worst, a reason not to look at your resume. Since the cover letter is an important piece of the total job application, take a look at our network systems manager cover letter example and related writing tips.

  • Do place an emphasis in your cover letter on what positive impact you can make on the company.
  • Don’t pump up your cover letter with filler; this missive is meant to be short and to the point.
  • Do have a friend or family member proofread your letter for the impression it gives, as well as checking on spelling and grammar.
  • Don’t worry about saying great things about your skills and past job assignments. You are promoting yourself, not bragging.
  • Do customize each cover letter that you send out.
  • Don’t overemphasize your education in the letter; focus on your skills and experience.

Network Systems Manager Advice

Use the network systems manager cover letter examples below to help create your own cover letter faster and more effectively. Network systems managers are in charge of administering and operating networked systems for organizations. Reference these cover letter examples when building your cover letter, and put yourself in a better position to get hired faster. Click on any of the cover letters to get started today.

Network Systems Manager Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Tips for
Network Systems Manager

When looking for jobs as a Network Systems Manager or anywhere else in the country, you need a strong strategy to succeed. These tips will point you towards the best methods for finding employment anywhere.

  • Know your tools. Depending on the companies, new jobs can be posted in a variety of places. Along with basic job searches, look for job banks, job fairs and newspaper ads both off- and online.

  • Think outside the box. Your past education or work experience need not limit where you apply. Consider your skillset and what other careers they might support, such as a different position in the same field, or a similar position in a new industry.

  • Practice your “elevator pitch. ” A two-minute introduction to your professional self, describing your experience and goals, is a crucial element of networking on the fly at conferences, job fairs and elsewhere.

  • Check out career centers. A local career center has additional resources to offer, and an employment counselor can point your search in new directions.

  • Keep a positive attitude. A can-do spirit doesn’t just look good to potential employers; it also will help keep you motivated and moving forward through any challenges that arise.

Network Systems Manager Cover Letter Sample

Network Systems Manager Job Seeking Tips

As is the case anywhere, a standout cover letter is key to finding jobs as a Network Systems Manager. By following these basic do’s and don’ts, you can be sure your cover letter passes muster in any industry or career path.

  • Do include contact information. Though limited information is acceptable to avoid identity theft, always be sure you have at least one phone number and email address to reach you by, along with your city and state.

  • Don’t start with an objective. A statement of objective is pointless when any employer already knows your aim is to get hired. Instead, open your cover letter with a summary introducing your most salient professional qualities.

  • Do use bullet points. In addition to giving your cover letter a more professional appearance, bullet pointed lists are easier to read, ensuring that all of your important aptitudes are noted.

  • Don’t distract with superfluous information. Describing unrelated hobbies or your part-time high school job can draw attention away from the more significant details of your career.

  • Do edit carefully. As your cover letter is a sample of the work you can do, the impact of even insignificant mistakes is magnified. Always proofread for grammar and spelling before submitting your cover letter anywhere.

Network Systems Manager Cover Letter Example

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