Writing A Process Controls Engineer Recommendation Letter

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Like with most writing assignments, completing a high quality recommendation letter largely comes down to being able to project an authoritative and reliable voice. Employers are judging you, the writer, as much as the person you’re writing about in the process controls engineer recommendation letter. Communicating in an efficient and concise way–while being as informative as possible–is the most important step to success.

Jameson Gould

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Nathan Haldrom for the position of process controls engineer at your company. Nathan managed process controls at my manufacturing business for nearly ten years, and consistently displayed a technical knowledge and work ethic that was impressive, and that was critical for our success. A good person as well as a good employee, Nathan will be a good fit wherever he goes.

Nathan was responsible for monitoring and managing control systems by calibrating, installing, or completing maintenance on instrument control systems using electronic microprocessors. He monitored performance, verified installation and conducted routine troubleshooting and diagnostics. Nathan was a very independent worker, and knew what to do without being asked, always doing an excellent job.

Nathan had the technical acumen to handle any control system issue that we had, and often could resolve problems quickly and efficiently. His diligence, energy, and consistency as an employee also made him a standout, so I recommend him very highly.


Marquise Johnson

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