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A resume is your key to really showcasing who you are as a worker and everything you have to offer. That is why it is so important to ensure it does the very best job of representing your abilities. Our special education teacher resume template for Word and section-by-section writing guide, as seen below, includes some essential tools that you can use to create your own resume. It covers summary statements as well as the skills, work history and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

A summary statement is the very first thing that people see when they read your resume. As shown in our special education teacher resume template for Word, you can choose to write your statement in three sentences or three bullet points, but it should never get longer than that. Make yourself particularly marketable by using the keywords and skills included in the job description in your summary statement. Don’t forget to include your title, two or three of your most important skills and any accomplishments.

Example 1

Special education teacher with 15 years of experience working with special needs students of all ages and abilities. Adept at modifying and adapting education curriculum to foster student success. Specialize in integrating assistive technology into classroom settings.

Example 2

Special educator with extensive experience working with preschool-aged children with various special needs. Specialize in working with children on the autism spectrum and providing an engaging atmosphere with focused learning techniques according to individual needs. Foster social and emotional growth at every opportunity.

Example 3

  • Dedicated special education teacher and child advocate with a focus on identifying and meeting the needs of special education students

  • Specialize in interpreting assessment results and implementing focused action plans for individual students

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and behavior management

Example 4

  • Accomplished special educator certified in elementary, special and reading education

  • Emphasis in creating a goal-oriented atmosphere for student learning

  • Skilled in adapting best teaching materials for classrooms with different needs

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume is a place you can really stand out to hiring managers. It is a short list of your relevant skills that should show your ability to succeed in your new position. Learn what to include and how to showcase it with these tips as well as the example shown in our special education teacher resume template for Word:

  • Pack your skills section with phrases and keywords straight from the job description

  • Always ensure everything you include is relevant to the job for which you are applying

  • Format it in six to eight bullet points, with short phrases and no periods

If you are struggling with knowing which skills to include, choose those that are relevant to you from this list:

  • Highly organized

  • Rapid adaptation to individual learning styles

  • Intuitive communication

  • Love & Logic certified

  • IEP assessment and implementation

  • Development of multi-sensory and other individualized curricula

Writing Your Work History Section

A work history section is a great way to delve a little deeper and show how you got the aptitudes found in your skills section. It should include all relevant positions that you have held in the past 15-20 years. Consider the following best practices when creating your resume, which are demonstrated in our special education teacher resume template for Word:

  • List your most current position first and then include the rest in reverse chronological order

  • Always include start and end dates for each position

  • List your experience using bullet points

Read on for some examples of entries that you can refer to when constructing your own special education teacher work history section:

  • Teach and mentor students in small groups, as a class and one-on-one

  • Manage IEP files to maintain compliance with state and federal special education law

  • Create and implement individualized behavioral programs and education plans, including IEPs and 504s.

  • Referred children to appropriate services for early childhood evaluation and services

Writing Your Education Section

Your education section should be easy to read and extremely concise. For those with more education or who are seeking higher positions in the district, it is essential to demonstrate the base of all your knowledge, i.e., your education. Consider implementing these best practices, shown in our special education teacher resume template for Word, when you draft your own resume:

  • Include all relevant professional development, seminars and other training courses and their dates

  • Do not include your high school information or your GPA for high school or college, unless you are a very recent graduate

  • Include your highest level of education, which is usually the most recent, first, and work backwards from there

Example 1

Master of Arts in Special Education: Early Childhood Education – 2004

University of California, Berkely, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Special Education

University of Seattle, Seattle, WA

State Certification: Elementary Education, Special education

Example 2

Bachelor of Arts in Special Education: Secondary Education – 2014

University of Oregon, Portland, OR

Oregon State Teaching License

Oregon State Special Education Credential

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