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Many applicants for lecturer positions are doctoral candidates or recent graduates seeking teaching experience. While a more extensive curriculum vitae, or CV, is often required for tenure-track academic employment, some lecturer positions are more casual with regard to including publications or conferences. Our lecturer resume template for Word is a useful starting point, as are these four steps featuring best practices and helpful samples for writing each section of your resume from a summary statement to the skills, work history, and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement on a resume is a written version of a brief elevator pitch in which you bring up your most suitable qualifications for a lecturer position. It is generally a good idea to keep this section short and skimmable by emphasizing no more than three aspects of your experience and skills. Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Format the summary statement as a series of phrases or a bullet-point list
  • Write “years of experience ” or “years’ experience,” not “years experience”
  • Avoid using third-person perspective

Check out our lecturer resume template for Word to see a summary statement in context, as well as the following sample statements:

Example 1

  • Current doctoral candidate in biology, completing research and dissertation on immune tolerance
  • Two years of teaching experience with high lecturer reviews
  • Capable of teaching students basic materials and incorporating cutting-edge information

Example 2

Experienced lecturer with three years of experience. Taught composition courses at three colleges and universities. Top percentile of instructors based on student course evaluations.

Example 3

  • Recent Ph.D. in Geology with a focus in geochemistry
  • Four years of teaching experience as instructor of record in introductory courses
  • Capable of leading lectures and lab sections.

Example 4

Current doctoral student in mathematics. Two years of teaching and five years of one-on-one tutoring experience. Excel at explaining concepts and working with students to ensure retention.

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is a great place to reveal what you know and can bring to a lecturer position. Depending on your field of academic focus and the courses that you are applying to teach, you may want to include a mixture of specialized hard skills and broader soft skills that describe your character, teaching philosophy, or work ethic. Try to describe each skill succinctly using a few words or a short phrase without a period at the end. Examine the sample skills section on our lecturer resume template for Word and follow a few basic tips:

  • Format your skills section as a list with bullet points
  • Include exact keywords from the job description
  • Keep the skills most relevant to the lecturer position near the top of the list

A few skills that could be useful for a lecturer include the following:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Preparing activities, readings, and examinations
  • Teaching
  • Grading
  • Incentivizing learning
  • Mentoring students

Writing Your Work History Section

You should include all of your past employment in the work experience section. These positions might include teaching assistant gigs, courses taught as instructor of record, or employment in a different field prior to postgraduate training. Organize the work history section of your resume in reverse chronological order, starting with your current or most recent position and continuing backward in time through previous positions. See the sample work history section on our lecturer resume template for Word in addition to the following pointers and sample section entries.

  • Include your particular roles, the names and locations of your employers or institutions, and the start and end dates of your employment for each position
  • Start a bullet-point list after each set of job details and set forth your responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Begin each line with a strong action verb in the present tense for your current job and the past tense for all previous positions

Here is an example work history section for a lecturer:

  • Taught two 20-student sections of introductory mathematics
  • Held four office hours per week to guide and tutor students
  • Exceeded university average instructor rating of 4.1, reaching 4.6 consistently
  • Co-taught a summer course on creative nonfiction writing

Writing Your Education Section

The education section of your resume may be more relevant than your work history for a lecturer position. Some positions may require that you hold a doctoral or master’s degree in order to teach. Reference the sample education section on our lecturer resume template for Word in addition to the following best practices and examples:

  • Start with your most recent degree or highest level of education and move backward through earlier degrees
  • Do not include details about your high school diploma if a position requires postgraduate education
  • Make sure that you explain any abbreviations that are not commonly known

Example 1

Doctor of Philosophy in History – anticipated May 2018

University of Oklahoma – Norman, OK

Master of Arts in European History – 2013

University of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Example 2

Master of Science in Biology – 2017

University of California – Riverside, CA

Bachelor of Science in Biology – 2015

San Diego State University – San Diego, CA

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