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Whether you’re a new teacher just starting your career or a seasoned veteran with years of classroom experience, your resume needs to help you stand out. Use this writing guide, and customize our English teacher resume template for Word to create an impressive professional document that will get you noticed even by the busiest hiring committee or principal. Here’s a section-by-section guide to creating a summary statement and the vitally important sections for your skills, work experience and education.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is the first thing a potential employer will see, so it needs to be good. Since it also needs to be brief, crafting a good professional summary can be a challenge. The effort pays off, however, when you can show at a glance that you are the right candidate for the job being advertised. Use our English teacher resume template for Word and these additional tips to create your professional summary:

  • Mention any specific skills referenced in the job posting

  • Include your current professional title

  • Reference any personal traits that would make you a good fit

Here are a few example summaries for English teachers:

Example 1

Lead English teacher with 20 years’ experience. Dedicated to mentoring both students and junior colleagues, with extensive experience designing meaningful assessment measures. Record of improving student engagement with low-stakes creative writing assignments across the curriculum.

Example 2

English and world literature teacher with long record of success in full inclusion classes, meeting the needs of both gifted and learning support populations. Background in designing college readiness programs for rising seniors. Broad experience teaching English to second language learners.

Example 3

Seasoned middle school English teacher experienced in implementing Common Core standards. Talent for identifying and reaching students at risk for underachievement. Tactful and organized with strong mediation skills.

Example 4

English teacher:

  • Experienced curriculum developer at local and state levels

  • Adept at implementing new technology to increase efficiency

  • Record of increasing extracurricular participation in poetry and theatre clubs

Writing Your Skills Section

Your skills section is your chance to show the hiring committee or principal that you have what it takes to do the job the school is trying to fill. Use clear, concise bullet points to showcase the skills you have that match the desired candidate traits outlined in the job posting. With our English teacher resume template for Word and the following tips, you can help busy readers review your essential professional attributes quickly.

  • Use any specific skills or keywords mentioned in the job listing

  • List your skills using short phrases without ending punctuation

  • Include any interpersonal or personality traits that make you stand out

Here are a few top skills for English teachers.

  • Tactfully manage group behavior

  • Adapt learning material to interests and abilities of diverse student populations

  • Efficiently collect, organize, track and analyze data

  • Knowledge of instructional software such as Blackboard

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Mastery of English grammar, spelling and rules of composition

Writing Your Work History Section

In your work history section, you should provide specific information about your accomplishments during your previous career. Where the preceding sections of your resume were framed to quickly summarize key skills and your overall qualifications for the job, your experience section is where you put the details to work for you. Frame your work experience as a snapshot of problems you solved and measurable goals you achieved so this section doesn’t read like a generic job description. Showcase your achievements by following these tips and using our English teacher resume template for Word.

  • Organize your work history to reflect your increasing responsibility over time

  • Aim for five to eight bullet points for each entry

  • Include dates and locations of employment along with the job title and school

  • Use quantifiable metrics to show accomplishments

  • Include relevant volunteer work or student teaching experience if you are new to the job market

Here are some sample English teacher work history entries:

  • Increased student achievement on Arkansas Graduation Exam by 15 percent over one year

  • Prepared lesson plans and conducted at least 10 lessons per week

  • Led seven-member team in redesigning language arts curriculum

  • Collaborated with colleagues to create after-school tutoring program

Writing Your Education Section

The education required for English teachers may vary depending on the grade level of the students, but since most English teaching positions require a college degree, there’s no need to mention high school on your resume. You should include any professional development courses or continuing education as well. Customize your education section with our English teacher resume template for Word and the following tips to showcase your credentials and training.

  • List education and credentials in reverse chronological order

  • Mention any coursework relevant to the job, but don’t list every course you ever took

  • If you are currently pursuing an additional degree, write “in progress” or give the anticipated graduation date

Here are a few example education sections for English teachers:

Example 1:

Master of Arts in English – 2013

Washington University, Tacoma, WA

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education – 2011

Washington University, Tacoma, WA

Example 2:

Master of Science in Educational Technology and Instruction – in progress

Boston University, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science in English Education – 2014

University of Arkham, Salem, MA

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